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If we interpret Christ’s words that “this generation” would not pass away until he returned, meaning when the second coming would occur, and that “this generation” was defined by the very first sign, which was a world war (“kingdom vs. kingdom, nation vs. nation), then one interpretation is that Christ’s second coming would occur prior to 1994.

There is no conflict with that interpretation when it comes to Bible chronology in relation to the “7 times” prophecy. This is the prophecy interpreted by Jehovah’s witnesses to introduce a period of 2520 years from the time of the fall of Jerusalem until the second coming. JWs have concluded the most reliable date for the fall of Jerusalem was 607 BCE and so they date the second coming in 1914. Secular records point to 587 BCE as year 18 of Nebuchadnezzar II which points to 1934 as the date of the second coming when that prophecy is applied to 587 BCE. However, the Bible indicates that Christ would not arrive until after the “great tribulatoin” occurs nor until the State of Israel was set up. “Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days….the sign of the son of man would appear.” That great tribulation, of course, was the Holocaust, followed by the Jews coming out of exile on November 30, 1947. So dating the fall of Jerusalem in either 607 BCE or 587 BCE wouldn’t work anyway.

Matthew says he is “near at the doors” when the fig tree starts to grow tender. Generally, the fig tree is thought to be symbolic of the State of Israel. So the “sign of the son of man” was to appear AFTER the tribulation and after the State of Israel is set up and thus after 1948. But as far as Bible chronology is concerned, the secularists are full of lies anyway. The Persians added extra years to the Persian Period and it became the official history. They added 30 extra years to the reigns of Darius I and Artaxerxes II and tried to claim a separate 21-year rule for Xerxes who was the same king as Artaxerxes I. So that is an extra 81 years of fake history right there that was never removed by the Jews or the Catholics from the timeline. So the true date for the 1st of Cyrus follows Bible prophecy for the “70 weeks” and occurs in 455 BCE. In that case, the 70 years of exile begins 70 years earlier in 525 BCE, which is the year of the last deportation in year 23 of Nebuchadnezzar II. Based on that, the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar II would date the fall of Jerusalem in 529 BCE. If that is to be taken as the true original date for the fall of Jerusalem, then the second coming would occur in 1992:

2520 – 607 = 1913 + 1 = 1914
2520 – 529 = 1991 + 1 = 1992

Of course, 1992 is still earlier than 1994, when the 80-year regeneration from 1914-1994 runs out.

What is also wrong about how JWs look at the last generation is that they think Armageddon is supposed to come within that generation of 1914-1994, rather than just the second coming. Armageddon does not occur when the second coming occurs, but sometime afterward. So part of the confusion is claiming the second coming occurred in 1914 and so it makes a generation of events negligible as far as the second coming, and thus tend to point to when Christ comes to bring about Armageddon. So when Armageddon didn’t arrive, they keep extending the generation the best way they can. When in reality, Christ returned in 1992 to fulfill the prophecy about the second coming occurring before 1994.

At any rate, as complicated as it is, the Bible’s prophecy about the “last generation” is true when correctly understood, which is not the area of reality for JWs at this time.