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Frank Conger
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The walls of Jericho (the Watchtower) are about to come tumbling down and the faithful trapped inside their lawlessness will flee to true salvation. Yes, Jericho was the first city that was conquered when the Israelites entered into the promised land and the judgment of today will start with the Watchtower which e-watchman has been saying since his beginning as the prophet of judgment to the Watchtower.

It is true that the Watchtower was used by Jehovah God to gather the remaining ones of the Bride of Christ on earth and they did that. But, somewhere along the line imposter’s who entered into her perverted that mission and the sin was committed with the U.N. that has never been faced up to by the Watchtower. They have been rejected by God like Judaism was at Christ’s sacrifice and now they are to be destroyed as the Temple in Jerusalem was in 70 C.E. .

This will not be done by men but by Christ himself through his Bride who will bring destruction upon the Watchtower and provide them escape to safety. This is especially true for the remaining ones of that Bride still trapped in the Watchtower. But they will recognize the voice of Jesus (his bride, his flesh, so constructively him) and will come out and according to Revelation they “follow him wherever he goes”.

Listen for his voice. If you are indeed one of his sheep you will know what to do when you hear it.

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