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And for a another viewpoint, an occurrence from my own life. When still active in congregation life, occasionally a need was made known and one would just be overcome, almost compelled to do what one could to help. As an inactive JW, I hadn’t experienced that for some years, I think because I’d become indifferent to “worldly” people. Recently a co-worker I don’t know all that well is relating to myself and others how he had left his wallet in the car and it was broken into emptied of $X. Now this guy has eight kids, works two full time jobs and handyman’s on the side to keep all his kids fed. And he is just devastated because the $X was the money he had managed to put aside for his kid’s Christmas. When alone with him, I asked what I could do to help and he asks if I have any work he can do around my place. At this point, I’m practically bawling, inside anyway. It didn’t even matter how disgusted I am by Christmas, I just HAD to make this man whole again. I can’t explain it. It felt like MY life depended on it. Several such circumstances have presented themselves over that past year and the pull to fill the need has literally been irresistible.

I’m NOT feeling so compelled to support the activities I see the WT engaged in. There is no amount of “good” work they could be doing that would make me ignore the wholesale criminal injustice they are perpetuating on the most vulnerable in their care. Now if they were to actually accept responsibility for the child abuse cover-up and compensate the victims by giving every dollar they control to the settlement, I would be the first to reopen my wallet. As it seems clear that Jehovah is, for the time being, ignoring the WT just as he ignores the rest of Christendom, I am following His lead. As the true owner of any/all resources I happen to be in possession of, Jehovah is welcome to transfer them from my account to the WT any time he wishes. Until then, I’m filling need when and where I see need and my conscience has never been clearer

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