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Frank CongerFrank Conger
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Hi SongofHannah:

I doubt that Jehovah views the Watchtower as his people since the organization as a whole is an unrepentant sinner against Jehovah. They have never shown any repentance that I could see since they committed the grievous errors of joining the U.N. and later disfellowshipped anyone who brought up the subject, while at the same time lying to all the Elders in their letter to the congregations that it was the “opposer’s” who had made up this whole story. They brought the throne of Satan into the temple of God for crying out loud. I think Jehovah views all those on earth with faith in him “his people” and the angels will harvest these ones into God’s storehouse for salvation.

That being said, I hope the Watchtower and all those who are guilty of those sins do repent like their counterparts in Nineveh did when prompted by Jonah to do so. That would indeed make my heart glad.

As far a giving, I would do what watchman does and give money or gifts to the people who need it where we live. There are many that fall into that category. When I give, that’s who I give to.