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Burt Reynolds.Burt Reynolds.
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Yes, you are absolutely correct. I wonder whether appearing before Jehovah empty handed applies to money, or deeds, preaching or faith though. I agree the principle but I am just not sure of its intent. Certainly there is a question as to what we were giving money for, and that perhaps, the point of the example Christ gave was to illustrate the condition of the priests, and the motive of support that the widow showed. Is it deeds, not financial support? The widows mite was worthless. But the meaning was critical. Jehovah owns the gold already. What use does he have for it, or need? Personally, what stops me from giving to the congregation now, is the thought of what use the money is being put to. Redress at court. Court fines, beating the wronged, luxury, supporting the promulgation of the lie. I give direct to the poor on occasion and taught my children to do the same. What I give is in preaching…..and that’s too little…, and in trying to reach the standard. I do wonder if the governing body donate money, as they are the ones using it.