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Jesus sandwiches the story of the needy widow between condemning the religious leaders and the destruction of the temple Mark 12:38-13:2.
He said, the extent of the scribes faith runs no deeper than religious displays : flowing robes, respectful greetings, seats of honour in the synagogue and at banquets. Their long prayers and hypocritical piety he states, covers up their crimes of cheating widows out of their property. And here she comes, the needy widow, the very representation of the results of the greediness of the teachers, with just two small coins which were “all the means of living she had”. Of course ” there was likely little she could do to improve her financial situation” as after craftily relieving her of house, car, jewellery, pension, children’s inheritance and receiving hefty monthly direct debt payments she was made destitute by thieves who thought only of themselves, made obvious by their total disregard for God’s Laws. The widow’s love and trust for God was stronger than the greedy hypocrite leaders who were more concerned with appearances than godlinessand that’s why “she was moved to support the existing arrangement”. The arrangement that brought jesus’s condemnation when he spoke of the temple being destroyed?