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Burt Reynolds.Burt Reynolds.
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From my point of view, I only gave very little when I was within the watchtower. I was told that the watchtower did great works of charity but never spoke about it. Ships were leaving New York bound for Africa laden with food and clothing etc as an example. I never doubted it. But I do now. Also, the reports are that millions of dollars are being used to fight the cases of those abused by the organisation, so that they may not be recompensed. The watchtower governing body are seen to be travelling first class, wearing expensive watches, having pianos delivered to their suites in the new building, expensive luxury cars. Where is the giving? Where are the poor brothers given assistance to be found? Also, the bible says that Jehovah has no need of gold and silver. If Jehovah supports the organisation, who can be against it? The preaching work has never needed magazines, books, assembly halls, even Kingdom Halls. The task was to preach the word of Jehovah for a witness. We all did that for nothing. If we saw people destitute, we helped them. I could not give money to the watchtower as it may spend that money on fighting the needs of those who have been abused by persons in a position of trust, or protected by the two witness rule. Like Robert, I choose to give direct to those in need.