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This kind of question has surfaced before on various forums. It always gives me some angst when I read it. I am one of those you could refer to as being “brought up in the troof” to coin a phrase. I am also what you might call an “active” witness in that I attend all the meetings, go on field service, and am appointed as a ministerial servant. I was an Elder for a few years at one time but circumstances arose which led to me not being an Elder. Up to the year 1995 I was kind of happy. I felt that I was in Jehovah’s organisation and that I was in a privileged position to be so. My life basically revolved around the so called “spiritual” activities and I was happy to follow the lead of what was referred to as the “Faithful and Discreet Slave class.” (You will be surprised how many spell it as “discrete”). Then came the internet. At first I was of a mind that it was not a good place to be. One public speaker (who was a well-known missionary) once referred to it as “Satansnet” and it was to be avoided at all costs. Treat it like the plague. Howeve,r I am a curious kind of person so eventually I wanted to see what all this was about. So I bought my first computer and connected. Life was never the same again. Gradually I came across sites that revealed things about the organisation I was not even aware of. Things which I started to feel were being deliberately withheld from the average Joe witness like myself. One of them being the removal of a number of “high-up’s” in the 80’s like Ray Franz and the discovery of his book, which I am sure all of you know. I was also freed of guilt over some of the doubt that I had about various doctrines but never expressed how I felt to anyone because of my belief that all will be fine and dandy as we have the “troof”, so “put up and shut up” was the maxim. But when the “generation teaching” was changed in 1995 it was like a tsunami wave. My whole approach to life hinged on the 1914 generation not passing away before the end. But that was now in question. But it also was a relief because I deep down felt that it was not right. That it just didn’t make sense. However, I wanted to believe it as it meant that I would not grow old in this old system. Now we have the overlapping generation teaching, which to be honest, makes me burst out laughing. How can anyone treat it as “truth”? Anyway to cut a long story short, I now find myself in a position of limbo. (I am not sure if that is the right word to use but I can’t think of a better word). I find myself in a position where I can see the 1914 hoax( as Robert succinctly puts it) and other stumbling blocks. So while I am attending meetings (which for me is necessary due to family ) I try to subtlety engage those in conversation who I believe might have some inclination to listen to something other than what is being presented from the platform. Just simple comments like “I find the overlapping generation teaching pretty difficult to figure out. How about you?” If they want to continue I just listen and see how far I can go with that particular person. Softly softly …as they say. Actually I have been surprised sometimes that the person is relieved to be able to express something that they have been keeping to themselves. I wonder how many like that in my congregation. We shall see.

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