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This is a great subject to start out with, Bro Kevin.

Although considered an active Witness (barely) it’s difficult to go out in the officially sanctioned field service these days, because of the enormous guilt of the WT. I just feel like I am wearing soiled garments now… there is very little freeness of speech (but that is the subject matter for another thread).

But I have been trying to find other stumbled brothers, sisters & unbaptized ones online (who post their stories on various ex-jw sites), and contact them in some way, whether it be privately or replying to a post they’ve made. The objective being to share with them how prophecy outlined exactly what we’re seeing today. Maybe they will be interested enough to find our budding faithful congregation here, which is a testimony of God’s love for us, straight off. Also posting links to the book or some of the articles, depending on the subject. Hoping they might see the scriptures with eyes of faith.

Not sure if any of the ones I’ve contacted actually listened and came by to take a peek, but I know I would have been eternally grateful, had someone shared these things with me. (I was just fortunate to run across Robert’s book when searching for ideas on a scriptural question, but I really do believe Jehovah led me here.)

I also try to share whatever I can with friends in our congregation (just going far enough to keep getting thrown out of the synagogue). I have developed a few conversation starters thru trial & error, that I have used to get ones thinking events might not turn out the way the GB has been expecting. And hubby & I have tried to obtain the addresses of inactive ones so we can go visit them, but no-one ever follows up with us on the requests. Frustrating. There really does seem to be a disdain for anyone inactive these days. But now that you’ve brought this up, I am going to make an effort to be more diligent, and also make it a matter of supplication, that Jehovah help us obtain the addresses of these ones.

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