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Hello Dustman, my reasoning in asking the question was really based on the conflict of principle…ergo, love, forgiveness and as you say, love your enemies. Well, the thought had a modern day application too. You could not love the nazis you had to fight them. Thus all England went to war. In considering these things in the past, I came to the conclusion that Jehovah does not take life, so as to destroy what is holy, he simply withdraws that force from the body and returns it to himself. Thus Robert is most likely correct in that they will get a resurrection. But that is not the point exactly; that being addressing the moral issue which I suppose this is about. Murder. If Jehovah was simply taking back what was his, then this is not murder, the life is his, literally. We can murder because we take what is not ours…..the persons consciousness…and life is not ours to give or take, as the issue of blood explains. But if Jehovah is an all encompassing life form, then with holding consciousness and the right to experience it for a given length of time, puts a different perspective on how Jehovah reveals his purpose.