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The way I see it is that there is always a purpose behind the way Jehovah takes action. In the case of the Assyrians he could have used any number of ways to put them to death. Of course we cannot judge God’s reason for doing this as his thoughts are higher than ours. Wasn’t there another way that could have been used to disperse the Assyrian army without putting them to death? Actually no one saw the angel like it was depicted on the movie at the regional convention. I wonder how the angel felt being an executioner of so many at one time. The Assyrians were totally unaware that an angel came and put them to death. Even when the dead bodies were discovered there was no indication that an angel had been the cause of death. Why Jehovah decided to use this particular method is not explained. Why was this particular course of action necessary? Jesus said “love your enemies”. Can we say all of the soldiers were guilty of taunting Jehovah as was Rabshakeh? Guilty by association? After all, being an Assyrian soldier maybe was not always voluntary. I am sure that some of the soldiers in fact had no idea of what was going on with Rabshakeh who was the chief spokesman in an effort to force King Hezekiah to capitulate in surrender. They were just doing their job. Or was this divine justice for all the terrible things that they had done to the people in the other cities of Judah that had been ransacked.
Anyhow Jehovah decided that an angel ( Jesus in his pre-humen existence?) was the way to go. As mentioned it was a kind of painless death presumably and in some ways echoing the way the firstborn of the Egyptians were put to death on the Passover night. However at that time the execution was visibly seen by the parents and others, unlike the angel that put the Assyrians to death. And what happened to the bodies? If I am correct there has never been any discovery of 186,000 skeleton remains having been found.
So the reason Jehovah used this particular method rather than sending poisonous snakes or disease or malignant boils or anything else he decided that this way was the best way.
Maybe we will never know exactly why.

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