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Thank you for your response. I will think and pray on it. I’ve never honored the Sabbath in the past, but I can see how it would be a wonderful gift from Jehovah since the command is actually to work 6 days and rest on the 7th. We would look forward to it kinda like our weekends! Ahh.. I can’t wait for the Sabbath, Thank you Jehovah!! However Satan’s world has changed the holiest day to Sunday which is from Mithra worship.. and instituted a 40 hour work week so we rest two days.. and convoluted the Holiest day of the week that Jehovah gave us as gift. I hate Satan and just want to do whats right. I’ve always came back to wondering what Jesus meant by “Pray your flight doesn’t take place on the Sabbath” because he knew he was going away.. he’s the Lord of the Sabbath. Why would he tell us to pray that? He comes back and says “Happy are those hearing the word of Jehovah and doing it!” Those that heard the word and observed his commandments.. Is it important keeping his Sabbath important? Satan’s system has definitely convoluted it for sure. I’m kinda thinking out loud here.

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