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Look the bottom line is if you carefully researched the scriptures you will soon realize that the anointed / chosen ones will not be sealed until they pass the final test coming through the great tribulations. And that’s when they will be refined like silver and gold and brought back to their right condition.
Satan the devil has demanded that they be tested prior to their sealing.
Just like the 12 disciples were tested
Luke22:.31 “Simon, Simon, look! Satan has demanded to have all of you to sift you as wheat.+

I’m here to help and I had asked you some questions so that I can help you and understand your position in which you gave me no reply.
Now below is the same questions I keep asking you but you gave me no reply WHY?.
Please answer the questions below so I could help you with the scriptures to obtain a better understanding. I mean if you do not answer the questions below then there is no more reason to continue this conversation. A
OK victor but can you be more specific I mean which scripture in the book of Matthew or the book of Revelations are you referring to that supposedly shows that the anointed have been sealed before the great tribulations?.
In other words I’m very familiar with both books but what scriptures are you referring to in order to prove your claim that the anointed are sealed prior to the great tribulations?. You’re making that claim not me so you have to prove to me where it says in the bible that the anointed get sealed prior to the great tribulations or do you believe that I will just take your word for it.
Also could you be more specific concerning the disgusting thing and what you believe it to be.