More Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

//More Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

This is the last installment of 60 questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Question #54: If Jesus died on a torture stake with a single nail through both hands, why does John 20:25 say that NAILS were used for his hands?

The questioner already asked this question. It was answered here (#41)

Question #55: if Jesus died on a torture stake with arms positioned vertically above his head, then why does Matthew 27:37 say that the sign was posted above his head and not posted above his hands or arms?

The point is, the sign was not placed at his feet or on a stick stuck in the ground to one side. The sign was nailed to the stake above his head. It matters little that his arms were also above his head. So was the sign. Sensible people get the idea.

Question #56: How do you explain the contradiction that seems to be present between John 19:17 and Matthew 27:32. In John, it says Jesus carried the torture stake himself as he went out to the place of the skull. However, in Matthew it says that they made Simon carry the torture stake as they went out to the place of the skull. If a cross was used and it was in 2 pieces (pole and cross beam) during transport, the scriptures would not be a contradiction, but how do you explain it?

“Contradictions” can be fairly easily resolved if one is willing to use their mind to reason things out and not leap to unfounded conclusions. John and Matthew were both eyewitnesses to the events they described. Both wrote from their own perspective. It seems most likely that Jesus carried his torture stake originally, but because the place of execution was some distance from where Jesus stood before the judgment seat of Pilate, apparently Jesus gave out on the way.

This is entirely understandable since Jesus had been up all night being interrogated by the Jews, afterwards the Romans had a go at him, taking turns hitting him in the face. Having been whipped with a scourge and beaten, no doubt deprived of food and water, Christ had evidently reached his physical limit and could not drag the stake the rest of the way to the so-called Skull Place.

Just think of a wooden railroad tie, only longer. Most of you have probably not had the occasion to pick one up, but having worked in landscape years ago, I have. (along with another man) We are talking approximately 200 pounds. And factoring in the hilly terrain it would have been an arduous task for Jesus to drag a 200 pound pole a few miles even before he had been subjected to torture and deprivation.  

Whereas, John simply says Jesus carried his stake, that statement would not be wrong. He did. Just not all the way. (Keep in mind John wrote his account more than a half century after the fact, so perhaps he didn’t wish to go into unimportant details.) Matthew, on the other hand, being a tax collector, was more given to detail. And one detail is important to note, which is as Matthew stated As they were going out, they found a man of Cyrene named Simon. This man they compelled into service to carry his torture stake. And when they came to a place called Golgothathat is, Skull Place…

The expression “as they were going out” indicates that Simon was pressed into service sometime after Jesus had already traveled an unspecified distance out to Golgotha dragging his stake. So, Jesus carried his stake part of the way and Simon carried it the rest of the way –one stake, not two. 

Question #57: By explaining away old false teachings as receiving “new light”, it seems like the WatchTower is setting themselves up to never be wrong or accountable. What would prevent other false religions from using this same tactic to also justify their ever-changing false teachings? If this would happen, why would your religion be from God, but they would not?

“Other false religions”? It would appear that the questioner considers his own trinitarian claptrap as nothing more than false religion. That makes him a monumental hypocrite. He no more believes the nonsense he is ardently peddling than an atheist believes in the virgin Mary. He simply wishes to disprove Jehovah’s Witnesses to justify his disbelief.

But as regards false teachings, the questioner has spent considerable time trying to prove the trinity. However, his “proof” is easily refuted as the rubbish it is. Now, he categorizes the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses as ever-changing false teachings. That is a lie. The fact is, the core doctrines of the Watchtower’s teachings have never changed. No doubt the questioner is merely regurgitating the pap of exJW’s who can’t get over the fact that the Watchtower went back and forth over whether or not the men incinerated by the fire and sulphur Jehovah rained down on Sodom will be resurrected. Apparently, this is an insurmountable  stumbling block for the spiritual toddlers.

As for the Watchtower being unaccountable to men, that much is true. But we all will stand before the judgment seat of the Christ. It is unavoidable, although by that time the Watchtower will have served its purpose and will no longer be necessary anyway.

Question #58: If old false teachings can simply be explained away by receiving “new light”, then it is theoretically possible that what you are teaching now may actually be false because in another 5 years or so there can be “new light” again. Since this is the case, wouldn’t Jehovah be responsible for spreading false teaching?

There is no possibility that Jehovah and Jesus are part of some mysterious trinity. That is primarily what the questioner has tried to prove and he has failed to make the case. Now he wishes to imply by innuendo that some unknown teaching is false without specifying what it is. This is merely the tactic of a weasel. If the questioner wishes to be specific he can write up another list of 60 questions, or whatever, and I will be happy to answer them.

Question #59: If you are being saved by taking in accurate knowledge, how much knowledge must you take in to be saved? Where is the line drawn? How can this be measured?

God is much more reasonable than humans. His basic requirements are that we know his name and the name of his son and the difference between the two. However, that simple requirement disqualifies most people who call themselves Christians. 

Question #60: If you are being saved by taking in accurate knowledge, what date did Jehovah’s Witnesses first become eligible for salvation? Your teachings have been changing since day 1. For example, Jesus can be worshipped then Jesus cannot be worshipped. Jesus is not Michael the Archangel and now Jesus is Michael the Archangel. There is the changing generation definition, the ever-changing 1914 relevance, and so on. If Jehovah’s Witnesses only now today have accurate knowledge and can therefore be saved, what happens to the hundreds of thousands of JWs who have died since the organization was founded?

The questioner does not know the most elemental things of the truth. For example, the questioner is obviously ignorant of the fact that Jehovah intends to bring the vast majority of mankind who have ever lived and died back to life. We are talking about Hindus, Muslims, Philistines, animists —the whole lot, people who knew nothing about the truth, whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what they believed or didn’t believe. The same goes for true Christians who have died in this present age. 

However, those early Bible Students who were just breaking away from the tyranny of the churches understood the basics of the truth. And that was very important. (Keep in mind the original Christians knew nothing about the fulfillment of prophecies, such as in Daniel and Revelation.) Knowing the basic truth qualified some of the Bible Students to receive the heavenly calling and the first resurrection, which is far superior to the general resurrection the aforementioned will receive. That being true, though, with the blessings come the tests. And Jehovah imposes a test of faith in various ways, one way is by allowing stumbling blocks to exist.

That should not be considered unfair or unusual. Many of Jesus’ original disciples were stumbled when he told them they had to eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to be saved. Jesus apparently knew they were looking for a way out and he gave it to them. That is why Jesus said: Happy is the one who finds no cause for stumbling in me.”

God shows the same consideration now. He allows stumbling blocks to exist in order that persons whose hearts are not complete towards him can excuse themselves and get lost. Jehovah is very considerate. 

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  • Please8834

    The questioner also misses the very core of what is meant by Gods own mouth, “I am Jehovah I have not changed”! That means he has not changed himself into three individuals, or has he changed his mind about his purpose for heaven and earth because he speaks by his own name, and rightly so. Here is a bit of clarity for the Trinitarian. The scipture and ground work and truth about the differences between Jehovah God, Jesus Christ.and holy spirit Were easily recognized prior to Constantine’s meddling and decision on Jesus being God. Since then the trinitarian spends his entire life stuck in a circle. So here is a question for the trinitarian, since you believe God and Jesus and holy spirit are all one. Why not just throw out model prayer and the charade as to who jesus directed his disciples to pray too and through, and just pray to the holy spirit,? I means since they are all equally the same according to the Trinitarian?

    • muldoon55 .

      Great points Rev
      Additionally Paul, in all his letters to the congregations, never once mentioned the Holy Spirit alongside Jehovah and Jesus in his opening greetings.

      • Please8834

        So true..

  • Burt Reynolds

    It’s depressing how superficial these questions are, even for me! These questioners do not appear to be interested in truth, but in proving, somehow, that they are right, through dexterity of (a vacuous) argument. Bit of a poor show on both counts.

  • e.v.g

    Trinitarians defend their religion. Like those people who defend their political party, defending the indefensible. Being part of a social group or whatever is more important than the truth.

    • Isaac of Coimbatore

      See how I perform in the field service with a Trinitarian: I first ask one thing to Trinitarians. If Jesus and Jehovah are one and the same then do you believe that Jesus existed before Creation?
      They say yes yes: Then why in Gen:1:26:Then God said: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. Do you know how they take the U turn and say God was speaking to angels.

      Then they will point to me at John:1:1 and that is what I exactly needed because it is a prey in my bird catcher’s net. Then I in turn ask them to explain me Why in John:1:1: the preposition WITH occurs between the WORD was WITH GOD, if Jehovah and Jesus are one and the same? The preposition WITH will occur when there are two different persons and one single person.

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    OKAY IS ANYONE TALKING OR FEELING ABOUT :A Michigan woman Keego Harbor who killed her husband and their two grown children before taking her own life “suffered harsh consequences” after leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses as tweeted by ROBERT?

    I felt very bad how much a person suffers because of the policy of the governing body.

    The Stuarts sent their children to college despite the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses does not approve of that. What a foolish thinking of GB not to send children for college because it could lead to “spiritual disaster.” So the GB themselves are degrading the Bible itself because Jesus said at : and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” If going to college causes “spiritual disaster.” then either Bible is not truth or the teachings Watchtower has no truth. Well I can say Bible is truth but the Watch tower has no truth.

    I say one mistake of the part of that woman who committed suicide is that she had a very good intelligent husband, nice children so why take her own life because of shunning?

    If your former JW friends don’t talk that means the heavens fell?


    I SAY TO ANYONE WHO GET DISFELLOWSHIPPED: If your former friend don’t talk with you be least bothered.

    You are working for your own family Your own salary and take your own food WTS is not giving anything to you so why killing yourself?

    Do you think if GB CO or ELDER dis fellowship you, does that mean Jehovah rejected you?

    You live a life for Jehovah and Jesus not for some corporate org like WTS.

    The GB and elders are clod blooded people because, The Free Press called the Union Lake Kingdom Hall on Monday, but no one answered. Multiple phone messages were left with the elders of Kingdom Hall, but none of the calls were returned. Messages to the Jehovah’s Witnesses national headquarters also were not returned.

    • There have been hundreds of thousands, maybe a few million JW’s who have faded, disassociated themselves or been disfellowshipped. As far as I know none have gone off and murdered their family. Heck, I have been disfellowshipped these past 13 years and I have never once thought of killing anyone. What kind of person kills their grown children and husband? What kind of person would do that? She had to have had a pack of demons inside her head. I don’t think you can put that off on the WT, although, obviously that is the intent.

      The news article I read cited a case in South Carolina where a JW killed his family a few years ago, but they failed to report he was about to be jailed for having sexually abused his young daughters, so, he killed everybody and burned the house down. They want to blame the WT for that too.

      Be careful about joining the torch and pitchfork carrying mob.

      • Bro & Sis B

        Appreciated your reply here Robert.

        I don’t yet have all the facts on the Michigan situation, but have read a couple articles and seen the news clip. Seems like the woman’s neighbor who’s been disfellowshiped for decades has an axe to grind with the organization, and is using this situation as a platform for her hatred.

        Brother B.

        • The woman’s neighbor – the one who marched into the kingdom hall and disrupted a meeting with her diatribe – is an eJW too? I didn’t catch that. Makes sense now. But this is where we are heading. When things get really ugly lots of these exJW’s are going to turn into killers, like Jesus said, children will hand over the parents to be put to death and vice versa. The demons are just getting warmed up.

          • Burt Reynolds

            What you say is truly evident in the ex-JW platforms. It’s not that the sentiments are not justified in most or all cases on a personal level, but that the attributes of love and understanding have all but disappeared. Were they still present, reason would prevail, but there seems no evidence of it. Just joy in its downfall, yet, that is not the issue. Not only do they seem to forget Jehovah and his promise, but also the people whom they were and their friends who remain also. I’ve seen it in its raw state in other arenas of my life. It’s palpable.

        • Burt Reynolds

          One might argue, what other outlet did she have to vent what she feels is an intense injustice against her? I can tell you, I would dearly like to remonstrate with the ones who made my life a misery. We cannot say she hated them, but clearly it is likely that she knew of and had spoken with her neighbour. Maybe she, like I am, is distanced from our family, shunned, needlessly and will probably never be able to speak with them again. Robert is not alone in his exasperation of the stupid and those who refuse what is made plain by Jehovah. I am in that vanguard for sure. When you are aware of the truth, we do ‘hate’ the wrong that we see because it is avoidable with just a little humility. So near, yet so far. Perhaps we can forgive this sister her anger. It could well have been righteous. My sister has been in the watchtower over fifty adult years. Even I think hard about opening the watchtowers Pandora’s box to her. What would it do to her and her husband and her children and grandchildren? The loss and agonies they have been through and their son left to do gardening and sweep up leaves for the local authority because he was denied an education? The years she has shunned her own daughter who wanted to be a nurse and did. How could she forgive herself? We don’t have any guns to speak of in England, but it would not surprise me were she to be driven to eat a McDonald’s. Such is life.

      • Burt Reynolds

        There is probably an essence of truth in both arguments. There was a brother in England who cut off his genitals because he was unbearably bothered by his desires, on the basis that it was ‘better to enter the kingdom of god without….. than…..’ The problem, which could be said to be satanically subtle, is of course that the watchtower imposes doctrine without explanation that is consistent; that is not necessarily based on truth, or is harshly applied, due to the anxiousness of others in authority and/or zeal to appear righteous, and have no insight into personality. A great deal depends on the mental life-span development of the subject upon whom these retributions are enforced. The Stanford prison experiment explains the scenario and outcomes far better than I can. (Its on the internet for certain if anyone wants to understand the issues).

        The case mentioned here of that poor woman and her family, has little to do with the bible or the teachings of the watchtower, but everything to do with the persons faith in Jehovah, their mentality pitted against the watchtower which holds the flock, blinded in the iron grip of the lie…..or, as suggested, the poor woman could have been suffering a severe mental illness. For the same reason, Isaac, if he will forgive me for saying so, is wrong because he assumes the lady could have trusted in Jehovah. That is not the case, because as we know, the watchtower is bent on assuming ownership of the pathway to Jehovah, and the man of lawlessness is soon to be revealed. Are we to think this lawless one has not the teeth to influence? No. And why will the son render up his father, or the father his daughter…for this very same reason? But they will do it because they value their lives more than their love for Jehovah. Perhaps we are seeing such a display now of this prophesy? That brings it into context.

        It is quite possible, if not probable, that this poor woman did not value her life any longer, but would sacrifice it through murder, so that her family may see life again in the resurrection. This is the power the watchtower can apply, simply through the perception of the recipient; to strip them of self worth and a balance of reason. They took away this persons God and thus their hope. It is the dark side of the watchtower and through ‘new light’ they play with a persons judgement, life, hope and mental balance. One minute it’s true, the next minute it’s new light. We will never know what happened. Jehovah in his mercy will settle the issue. All is conjecture, but likewise, we will all face the battle for our minds.

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Thanks for your reply and I greatly respect you.
        I accept your advise by not joining the torch and pitchfork carrying mob.

        But here comes first the compassion rather than religion.See there is a University in Karnataka called where I studied called as Visvesaraya Technological (Engineering) University which has a moto below their logo called as: MODHALU MAANAVANAAGU = First (= modhalu) become (=aagu) human (= Maanava). So the University teaches the Students before becoming an engineer first become humans. It is the lyrics taken from a poem written by a Kannada Poet Siddaya Puranik. Do you know why I mention this? MODHALU MAANAVANAAGU is a nutshell of Christ’s teachings. It is clearly based on the incident recorded at Mark: 8:22-25: There Jesus never asks the blind man to put faith nor Jesus says that blind man should first believe that Jesus is the Christ Son of God. What was the need for that blind man? Eyes!! And Jesus restored. So what is the point here? First basic requirement that is modhalu maanava (First Man = Human being).

        Thus you can see even Hindus have secretly become the disciples of Jesus and one such was Basavana, a Hindu philosopher, statesman, Kannada poet and a social reformer of 12th century. Why? Jesus compassion is what attracted them.

        Then the principle in the reply should also be compassion first for the victim then the problem. Is that not the Christ’s thinking Mat:5:44? having no compassion means corporate thinking which means WTS.

        • The person who has acted with a lack of compassion is the crazy lady who slaughtered her family.

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