Monday, August 24

Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it.Prov. 3:27.

Confusion, depression, incontinence, and loss of hearing, sight, and memory may be a result of aging; yet, if some of such health problems appear, they may well be effectively treated. At the onset of any such issues, seek medical attention. Children may need to take the initiative in this regard. At a certain point, they may also have to start taking the lead in what was previously the parent’s realm of personal activities. In order to optimize the care that parents receive, children may have to become their advocates, secretaries, chauffeurs, and so on. Later, changes may need to be made in their care or living arrangements. The smaller the changes, the easier the adjustment will likely be. However, if elderly ones are not going to be safe on their own, more permanent assistance would be in order. Whatever the situation, investigate what services are available locally.


The article on which today’s text is based exhorts families to plan ahead for the day of distress that may come to us personally or to our family.

However, there is another day of distress and confusion that will not merely affect individuals in isolated instances. Jesus spoke of the day of distress that will come in upon the entire inhabited earth.

But when it comes to this global calamity the Watchtower has discouraged Jehovah’s Witnesses from making any sort of practical preparations. While I do not advocate stockpiling vast amounts of food, it does seem prudent, especially for those with small children or elderly parents to care for, to have something set aside for an unexpected disaster.

People generally have no idea how rapidly the economic system, upon which we all more or less depend, can come unraveled. Of course, when the system crashes and the panicked  hordes are fighting and killing each other over the last few items on the store shelves, it will be too late to go shopping.

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