Podcast #42

//Podcast #42


More “what if?” questions regarding the Nephilim. Also, how could they be saying “peace and security” if we are on the verge of world war? How can the American king of the south and the British king of the north become enemies if they’re allies? 

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  • Song of Hannah

    One of my favorite podcasts! Really appreciated the enlightening point that Jesus sent his faithful apostles out to preach about the kingdom, even though they clearly had major misconceptions about it, for example even believing the Kingdom to be an earthly and not heavenly one. Clearly a similar pattern exists today.

    • e.v.g

      Probably preaching the good news it would not be so difficult like Jesus did, the question would be to endure the final test.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Chapter 13 – King of the North .
    Read more> http://jehovah-is-king.com/king-north/

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