When Donald Trump was campaigning for president he promised he would end the Forever Wars policy adopted by his presidential predecessors. So far he has not made good on his promise, which is not at all unusual for a politician. On the other hand, his efforts to wind down some of the wars has been met with bitter and heated resistance. At least he has not started any new wars –yet.

However, he has voiced his preference for peaceful relations between nations. For some reason the media and Trump’s multitudinous political enemies consider peace to be an awful, terrible thing. Some very powerful entities want war, and not just any war. London especially is pushing for war with Russia. There is little doubt that such a war would quickly escalate to a nuclear conflagration.

Going against the powerful undercurrents of war, the president of the US has reached out to Putin, which his enemies portray as an act of treason, even though virtually every president in the past has met with their Russian counterpart.

On another front, Donald Trump has devised a plan for peace in the Middle East, at least in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict —something that has eluded world leaders for many decades. Apparently, Trump has set things in motion to bring an end to the Korean War too, which began almost 70 years ago and has never officially ended.

Amidst all of that Trump is negotiating with China to end the so-called trade war. There is a lot going on. There is a lot at stake.

At the same time, it would appear that the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses is winding down. The Watchtower has received so much negative press in recent years —and deservedly so. It now appears that most people have already decided that they want nothing to do with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The end is going to come. The world is not going to just go on and on indefinitely. Jehovah has already determined the hour and day for the beginning of the end –the conclusion. It appears to be close. Ironically it appears as if the current president is moving the world closer to peace and war at the same time. And that is exactly what we can expect. As the apostle foretold, “Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape.”

We should not suppose that the “sudden destruction” is the war at Armageddon. Nor is it the swift destruction that will come upon Babylon the Great. The Watchtower has worked a great fraud upon Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not all their fault though. Jehovah’s Witnesses have allowed themselves to be snookered. We have not used our minds as we ought. I include myself among that number because I ardently believed the Watchtower’s hoax for a long time —the hoax that the Kingdom of God was established in 1914.

An integral part of the delusion that presently grips Jehovah’s Witnesses has to do with the prophetic beasts of Daniel and Revelation. According to the Watchtower the beast has already received the foretold death-stroke and miraculously recovered. The eighth king has already begun ruling for its lotted “one hour.” Supposedly the hour of judgment for the world began over a century ago. This massive delusion prevents Jehovah’s Witnesses from anticipating the Second Coming of Christ, which, ironically, makes possible Christ coming as a thief in the night —“whenever they are saying….”

Rather than the destruction of Babylon, the thief-like coming of Christ will initiate the crash of the Anglo-American system. What a shocker that will be! It appears now that Satan has positioned the Governing Body to get out in front of the peace and security thing. They can only take it so far though. At some point reality will prevail and Jehovah’s Witnesses will be forced to come to terms with the deception that has been worked upon them by their beloved faithful and discreet slave.

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