Opening the ears of the deaf and eyes of the blind

//Opening the ears of the deaf and eyes of the blind

Monday, September 11

The crowd felt amazement as they saw the speechless speaking and the maimed being made sound and the lame walking and the blind seeing.—Matt. 15:31.

God’s power enabled Jesus Christ to perform a wide variety of astounding miracles. He cured not only leprosy but also every sort of disease and every sort of infirmity among the people. To perform such acts of compassion, Jesus needed no organ donors for transplants. He healed the very organs or body parts that were afflicted! And he healed people instantly, sometimes even from a distance. What do these amazing examples show? That Jesus, now enthroned as heavenly King, has not only the power but also the desire to bring about permanent healing. Learning about the way Jesus treated people gives us confidence that in the new world, the Bible prophecy will be fulfilled: “He will have pity on the lowly and the poor.”  Yes, Jesus will then act on his heart’s desire to help all afflicted ones.

Just what has Jesus accomplished since his enthronement 103 years ago? That is a question that all of Jehovah’s Witnesses should honestly consider. But, amazingly, no one seems capable of such a task.

But, the prophecies outline in considerable detail what the Messiah intends to do when he sits down on his throne, so it is simply a matter of determining if the things written have been fulfilled. For example, the 2nd chapter of Isaiah foretells that in the final part of the days the mountain of the house of Jehovah will be lifted up over the hills and to it all the nations will stream. Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize this to be a messianic prophecy, which the Watchtower claims has been undergoing fulfillment since 1914. But has it?

Especially consider the fourth verse, which says: “He will render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore.”

Does the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse military service fulfill the prophecy? Well, as the Governing Body is aware over the past 100 years there have been many wars, even two world wars. Needless to say the few thousand conscientious objectors have not had any effect on the nation’s inclination to wage war. That being undeniable, how has Christ rendered judgment among the nations or set matters straight?

As regards his setting matters straight, consider the context. With whom, specifically, is God intent on setting matters straight? Isaiah 1:18 supplies the answer. “‘Come, now, and let us set matters straight between us,’ says Jehovah. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be made as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson cloth, they will become like wool.”

Clearly, Jehovah is addressing his people, as it states in verse three: “My own people do not behave with understanding.”

Surely, the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not behave with understanding either. This is evident in their lack of understanding of this very prophecy. According to Bethel Christ came in 1914 and refined them to a state of golden purity and set matters straight. But the prophecy addressed to apostate Israel is applied to the clergy of Christendom, and even though the Watchtower claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been repurchased and restored to pure worship before the antitypical destruction of the prostitute city —“Jerusalem” —has even taken place. But why would God wish to set matters straight with the clergy of Christendom? Jehovah’s Witnesses and their Governing Body are blind, even as it says at Isaiah 29:10: “For Jehovah has poured a spirit of deep sleep on you; He has closed your eyes, the prophets, and he has covered your heads, the visionaries.”

The reason God brought destruction upon his people is stated at Isaiah 1:23: “Your princes are stubborn and partners with thieves. Every one of them loves a bribe and chases after gifts. They do not grant justice to the fatherless, and the legal case of the widow never reaches them.”

Just consider this one aspect. How many thousands of children have been sexually abused by men who were and in many cases still are Jehovah’s Witnesses? We cannot say exactly. Only God knows —as no doubt many victims never even make known the crimes committed against them. Whatever the number, what has been the response of the Watchtower? Have they considered the legal case of the oppressed? Hardly.

While the public relations department always says they abhor child abuse, as a matter of policy the Watchtower’s lawyers have instructed elders to exclude the police from any sort of involvement, even though in the civilized world sexual assault on a child is a crime. Not only that, but the Watchtower has persecuted many of the victims of child abuse for their speaking out.

Even in secretly paying out-of-court settlements to victims the Watchtower binds them with gag orders, legally preventing the victims from speaking about the crimes committed against them, even though in their publications the Watchtower acknowledges that it is therapeutic for abuse victims to talk about their experiences.

We may be certain that Christ will render judgment and set these matters straight. And it will not be a pleasant experience.

Concerning the miracles that Jesus performed, such as healing the lame and giving sight to the blind, the prophecy of Isaiah foretells of a spiritual healing that Christ will perform. The same 29th chapter that speaks of Jehovah pouring a deep sleep on the prophets and visionaries goes on to say: “And in that day the deaf ones will certainly hear the words of the book, and out of the gloom and out of the darkness even the eyes of the blind ones will see. And the meek ones will certainly increase their rejoicing in Jehovah himself, and even the poor ones of mankind will be joyful in the Holy One of Israel himself, because the tyrant must reach his end, and the bragger must come to his finish, and all those keeping alert to do harm must be cut off, those bringing a man into sin by [his] word, and those who lay bait even for the one reproving in the gate, and those who push aside the righteous one with empty arguments.”

Their hearing of the “words of the book” is not simply hearing the Bible read to them. Their sleeping prophets are not able to decipher the words of the book for them. Surely, imparting basic Bible knowledge, such as that the soul is not immortal or that the trinity is not biblical does not require a miracle on God’s part. The prophecy has to do with the return of Christ, which the Watchtower claims is an accomplished fact. However, anyone who questions it is either expelled from the congregation as an apostate, or they are marginalized and punished in some way. Hence, due to Bethel’s tyranny Jehovah’s Witnesses are blind and deaf to the words of the book, as regards prophecy.

As an example of the empty arguments the Watchtower uses, consider the question posed at the onset: What has Christ accomplished since his supposed enthronement in 1914?

The Watchtower has published an entire book called God’s Kingdom Rules!, which lays out all of the King’s accomplishments, which is to say that the success of the worldwide preaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses is presented as proof. But is it? As I have pointed out a few times, the first century Christians obeyed Jesus’ command to go make disciples and by all accounts they were successful; and that, without any modern devices like printing presses or rapid transportation, telecommunication or anything like that. The point is, Jesus was not enthroned over the world then, was he?

Jehovah’s Witnesses well know that Jesus said the good news will be preached in all the inhabited earth and then the end will come. So, it is assumed that the worldwide work is carried out over the period of time known as the conclusion of the system of things. It is not. No doubt this error is the primary reason Jehovah’s Witnesses are in a state of blindness and deafness.

Consider what Jesus said on this matter in the 13th chapter of Mark: “Also, in all the nations, the good news has to be preached first.”

Here is what he said in context: “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in one place after another; there will also be food shortages. These are a beginning of pangs of distress. As for you, look out for yourselves. People will hand you over to local courts, and you will be beaten in synagogues and be put on the stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them. Also, in all the nations, the good news has to be preached first. And when they are taking you to hand you over, do not be anxious beforehand about what to say; but whatever is given you in that hour, say this, for you are not the ones speaking, but the holy spirit is. Furthermore, brother will deliver brother over to death, and a father a child, and children will rise up against parents and have them put to death. And you will be hated by all people on account of my name. But the one who has endured to the end will be saved.”

Now, consider Jesus’ words closely. The good news must be preached first —first, before what? Before the end of the world? No. The good news is preached first —before Christians are handed over —before they are handed over to local courts and beaten in kingdom halls —before they are made to stand before governors and kings —before brothers hand them over to be put to death —before they are hated by all people on account of the name of Christ. Only after that brief period of persecution (42 months) will the end come.

So, first the preaching of the good news comes to an end. That is laid out in Isaiah too. One instance is Isaiah chapter 17: “In the day you carefully fence in your plantation, in the morning you make your seed sprout, but the harvest will vanish in the day of disease and incurable pain. Listen! There is a commotion of many peoples, who are as boisterous as the seas! There is an uproar of nations, whose sound is like the roar of mighty waters! The nations will make a sound like the roar of many waters.”

Jesus, of course, alluded to this tumult and the roaring of the symbolic sea of mankind, when he said: “Also, there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation. People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

(As a side note, the New World Translation has fairly extensive marginal references that link the reader to related scriptures. And even though it should be obvious to any knowledgable reader the nations being boisterous as the seas and roaring like mighty waters is related to what Christ foretold, even to the extent that Jesus was probably intentionally alluding to the prophecy of Isaiah, the NWT does not connect them in reference.)

In conclusion, the Watchtower has sponsored a remarkable education work, publishing the basic truth of the Bible and has trained a virtual army of ministers to carry out the work. But it has also exerted a deluding influence over Jehovah’s Witnesses as regards the supposed enthronement of Christ in 1914. The sudden outbreak of war and global chaos will bring a sudden end to the preaching of the good news. Then will commence the judgment phase and Christ really will set matters straight and no one will be able to oppose him —not even the man of lawlessness who stands in opposition. Then the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped. And Jesus will heal the afflicted. 

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  • Huldah

    It’s a good point that the “harvest” ends or “the constant feature” ceases during the presence of Christ so the preaching work had to be ongoing before then. It’s difficult to separate it from the other signs in Matthew 24. The pattern in the first century was essentially that the preaching work took place before the “end” of Jerusalem and the temple, the coming of the “disgusting thing”. The most intense persecution seemed to come after the preaching work had gone on for some time.

    • Burt Reynolds

      That’s a good quote from Ellicott. It adds a great deal of insight into the scriptures if we read them as we would when they were written. The prophesy becomes more understandable too, and in context.

  • Huldah

    Speaking of persecution. This is interesting from the ’74 YB….
    *** yb74 pp. 175-176 Part 2—Germany ***
    Some who were put into the camps, determined not to compromise, later allowed concern for “survival” to eclipse their love for Jehovah and for their brothers. If a person could attain to some responsible position in the camp organization, entrusted with oversight of some sphere of activity, he would no longer have to wear his strength down with hard labor. But this was dangerous. In many cases it required that he work closely with the SS, that he drive the prisoners to work at a faster pace and that he report prisoners—even his own brothers—for punishment.
    A brother by the name of Martens found himself in such a position while in the Wewelsburg camp. At first he had oversight of 250 Bible Students. He constantly strove to be a very good “camp elder” in the eyes of the SS. In time, many political prisoners and others were added to the camp. Martens did not want to lose his position, so he had to champion the interests of the SS and employ their methods.
    Before long he was forbidding the brothers to consider the daily text or to pray together. Soon he was frisking them and beating with a rubber hose those on whom a copy of the daily text was found. One morning, as several brothers were praying together, he jumped into the midst of them and disrupted the session, saying: “Don’t you know the camp rules? Do you think I want trouble just because of you?” Thus much additional suffering was brought on a large number of faithful brothers by a very few who lost sight of their goal.

    • Burt Reynolds

      That is another example of the judgemental attitude of the watchtower…’allowing concern for survival to eclipse their love of Jehovah…’ They were not there as tattooed skin was peeled from bodies to make lampshades, heads were shrunken for decoration, limbs were amputated ( without anaesthesia ) and arms sewn on to where legs should be and legs where arms should be. Plus genetic mutilation of children. And these are the lesser horrors. There are others too terrible to write. People were driven mad…Germans too…it was an isolation cell of Satan that none could describe adequately.

      The case the watchtower describes, is similar to the tests later carried out in the USA on the roll of captive and overseer and how judgement became distorted and abuses occurred. The very same issues that the watchtower decry this person for, were echoed by the by all manner of inmates at camps, and also in the Polish and Albanian and other ghettos where the Jews governed themselves at the Nazi’s behest in that these people became puppets of their captors. In fact, because of the atrocities committed, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people committed crimes just to survive. Some out of spite, more I would guess, out of deminished responsibilities. But all, just as the bible predicts, will do so again. It is a subtle ploy of the watchtower to brand others for their actions, to hold others captive without the slightest insight into motivation, just as they suggest those new ones that partake of the emblems, are mentally diseased. Even the apostles ran away from Jesus at the time of his capture, and Peter even denied he knew him and the bible tells us that, that which we should do, we do not. The watchtower, through their lack of insight and love, hold up those who are persecuted as this chap was, to be persecuted the more for his suffering. Why, Morris even shies away from a simple question at the Royal Commision, ‘…it would be presumptuous to suggest we are the only channel Jehovah uses…’ This is such an example we need to take note of and apply to ourselves…, ‘he who is faithful in little, will also be faithful in much, ‘ so that we do not fall at the first hurdle.

      • Huldah

        The Holocaust is a favorite topic in the public school system. I heard about it a lot.

        I wrote this poem when I was a teen.

        [Leave them there, let us remember.
        Never forget what man does to man.
        A monument of horror to tell a story
        To every soul searcher who passes the land.
        Your cold hollow echoes, Your stark empty ovens.
        Your graveyard, reminder of everything done.
        Tell monsters we are so we can acknowledge
        These many monsters. Know we are all one.
        Tell children to children. Make human each face.
        A trumpet’s awakening to not let love slumber.
        For a nightmarish sleep is the one of the conscience.
        A nightmarish name is one more of their number.
        So leave them there. As a reminder,
        For white washed graves can’t be frontlet bands
        And their tearing down will not mend all the torn ones,
        Nor will their wiping out wipe the blood from our hands.]

        I see what you mean about judging someone in a difficult position. This case does, however, illustrate the point about the ease with which some who used to call us “brother” will hand us over to be killed when the heat is on.

        There are two things Satan learned from the Holocaust.
        Direct persecution is not that effective in breaking integrity.
        Demoralization by pitting brother against brother, or getting one to compromise so as weaken the resolve of another, is far more effective and long lasting.

        Thus, the internal strife inside the congregation today. Pick your example.

        • Burt Reynolds

          I can imagine that poem related in a dramatic scene from a Shakespearean play as with Yorrick. Still, if we do get handed over by our brothers, you can be sure that they will get a receipt.

          • Huldah

            Well we have service reports and time slips now. Guess they can add a column.

            • Burt Reynolds

              That’s a thought!

  • Easach of Coimbatore

    I read and there are so many points. Tomarrow I Will go to office and comment as for now I will ZZZZzzzz.

  • Max

    “The good news must be preached first —first,
    before what?” I have red Mark 13 hundreds of time and I never
    stopped and asked myself “ first, before what?” These three
    words have shaken me to my core. The falsity of 1914 was right there
    on my nose all the time and I never realized it. Brother King this
    rezoning is just amazing to me. So simple to understand but if you
    have not pointed it out I would have never understood it. Mark 13
    alone take the fallacy of 1914 right to the ground because it was
    said by Jesus the King Himself!!!!! Truly remarkable.

    • Huldah

      Yes that’s what struck me too. The timing is clear from Mark.

    • Simpletruth

      Exactly! But for some reason JW’s only seem to focus on Matt 24:14. Growing up JW I’m sure the account in Mark was discussed but I don’t remember there ever being any discussion about this difference and what Mark was actually referring to when he said the Good News would be preached first. Very interesting indeed!!! I’m so thankful for the work Bro King is doing by means of Jehovah’s Spirt!!!

  • Easach of Coimbatore

    Well said that this is an another tool to prove that Jesus did not become King in 1914.
    Now see the The good news must be preached first. In all the nations….. Well see though Russell came in 1912 to India. The establishment of WTS was started only in 1925, but still the good news was not preached through out India. See only from the Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A.Convention of 1931 Advertise Advertise the King and Kingdom. So the breath taking preaching work was only started only after 1931 so the kingdom message was not to all the nations either back in 1914 or 1918 or 1919 why even in 1925, So it clearly shows that neither the end not the Kingdom was established in 1914. Well even after 1931 many lands were not preached by kingdom message, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka why even India, just to name a few. First Jws were known in South India Kerala, Tuticorn in Tamil Nadu. It is only after 1967 JWs were known in Karnataka that is to in Bangalore the capital of Karnataka, next was Andharpradesh what about other states of India? JW’s were unknown in North India. The establishment of JW preaching in North Karnataka as well as in North India is a recent development after 1980’s, so these many examples are enough to refute that Kingdom did not established in 1914.

    Well then if preaching itself were not done fully at that time then on what basis Jesus judged? If Jesus already judged in 194/1918/1919 then what about the people of North Karnataka or Coimbatore who never head the name of Jehovah himself in those times(1914-1919). If that is so my parents themselves were judged because they were born after those years and only heard the message in 1967 and there is no use of being one of JW either my parents or my self as I was not even born at that time (1967).

  • “the Watchtower claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been repurchased and restored to pure worship before the antitypical destruction of the prostitute city —“Jerusalem” —has even taken place.”

    in other words, the house of Jehovah is judged first then they are restored but the WT has it that the disgusting thing stood in a holy place three different times in the past already and will once more in a unholy place in the future, claiming in 1918 that the League of Nations was the disgusting thing that removed the constant feature even though it wasnt formed until 1920, then supposedly the disgusting thing stood again in the 1930’s then again in the 40’s, then in Oct 2012 the WT adjusted its narrow blanket on its short couch saying the parable of the masters return hasnt been fulfilled yet which shows the house has not been judged yet but somehow the GB themselves alone are now deemed faithful slaves but any others who are anointed are not while even again the disgusting thing has yet to somehow stand in a holy place as if unholy Babylonish Christendom sects are a place making up the kingdom body of Christ

    • Easach of Coimbatore

      What a nonsense WTS right?

      • right.

        on May 1st 1999 the WT published one of its new epileptic flashes of adjusted light. the older stroke of prophetic light just wasnt good enough that the League of Nations stood in the prophetic holy place once, so the WT had to make mention of a second future fulfillment admitting the great tribulation is not here yet during which time (the only time) the disgusting thing takes its position “where it ought not”.

        but even though the WT claims that Babylon’s Christendom sect is the holy place doomed in the near future, somehow in 1922 God poured out his judgment on those who were supposedly marked for everlasting death because they did not accept the WT’s message that the League was a counterfeit kingdom and for rejecting the teaching of 1914.

        but heres a problem. there was no 1914 doctrine in the 1920’s during the time of the League of Nations to be rejected or accepted by anyone. that teaching never existed until the late 1930’s/early 40’s (1941 i think). before the new teaching of 1914 that date was taught to be 1874

        • Easach of Coimbatore

          Hey you gave me the wealth of information. Thanks a lot, I will use it.

    • Burt Reynolds

      You can be assured that there is always a disgusting thing standing in the watchtower at any date or time. It might not be THE disgusting thing, but there is plenty to be disgusted about to be going on with.

      • Easach of Coimbatore

        Yeah that’s really true.

    • Craig Knight

      Really great points! Your narrow blanket on a short couch had me cracking up! That’s a keeper.

  • Easach of Coimbatore

    I have on doubt can either Robert or anyone clear this. It says that kingdom message must be preached to all the nations first
    But what about middle east countries eg Iran, Omen, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea and such like countries? Should those also should be preached?

    • Zechariah 8:23
      Revelation 11:3

      • Easach of Coimbatore

        Brother in what way that is related to my above question? I asked some countries are not preached as mentioned above.

          • Alex Henrique

            I think there will be a new phase of preaching the good news to be made
            by the two symbolic “witnesses,” who are the rest chosen by God on
            earth. In my view, the work of Matthew 24:14 has not even begun.
            (Revelation 11:3)I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy for 1,260 days dressed in sackcloth.”
            (Revelation 10:11) And they said to me: “You must prophesy again about peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

            And possibly under the new government worldwide after the third world war, the mentioned countries will have been severed. There will be only one government, and so there will be some condition for preaching, guaranteed by the angels. As
            for the people killed in the third war, I imagine they are people whom
            Jehovah God temporarily removes from the scene in order to bring them
            back under the Kingdom.

        • Burt Reynolds

          You could look at it another way, Easach. How many billions of people have been preached to on earth, by the witnesses? And how many have taken notice? What position are those people in who have not taken notice? Also, what sort of quality of preaching did they receive? Some close the door immediately. Have they been preached to? Does knocking on a door equal preaching and is that good enough for Jehovah? Others will listen, but without understanding. Others will listen, think on it, but reject it because they do not have enough information to make a balanced decision. Also, is it impossible to talk with some people because of social issues and social demands? Yes, it is. What about the learning disabled and, more importantly, what about those who have died before the preaching work began and heard not a word of truth? What about the aborted lives?

          Jehovah said to Lot that he would spare sodom if he could find a righteous person. What does that tell you? That if one righteous person was unaware, Jehovah would spare thousands of unrighteous until that person was made aware. Then, we know that Jehovah reads hearts and knows of these ones that are righteous and those who are not. One might reason on these examples raised in the bible and be reassured that even if man makes it impossible for his fellow to hear the word of Jehovah, that Jehovah will not abandon that one. Jehovah will still give those ones the same options that we have had presented to us.

          It is clear to anyone that some people have not, and will not be contacted by witnesses of Jehovah. Tribes in South America and other peoples dotted around the earth, distrust men and won’t speak with them. Some peoples yearn for peace but cannot find it. And so, the scripture must apply generally. And generally, it has been. But one thing we can be assured of, though the scripture does appear to us to be contradictive, as you point out, is that it is Jehovah who will decide when the message has been preached to the full in the inhabited earth and we can depend on him to ensure that not one life will be lost through wilful ignorance or both meaning and choice in understanding. You could also ask, does the term, ‘this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth…’ apply only to human endeavour, or will angels also preach where men cannot? Is there a biblical reference to suggest that the good news is only preached by men, who are not only untrustworthy, but cannot be relied on, or do not have to power to preach to every last soul on earth? Is Jehovah limited to our efforts alone? I think not. I would not worry about these countries that are closed to the preaching work. Are we really going to put our arrogance before Jehovah……’hang on a minute father, I haven’t done that house yet!’

          • Easach of Coimbatore

            Well that satisfied me thanks a lot I will include this also in my family study. I will take a print out and discus with my wife and children

          • Richard Long

            Uh, wasn’t it Abraham Jehovah spoke to? Jehovah told Abraham he would spare Sodom and Gomorrah if *10* righteous men could be found, as a result of Abraham’s bargaining in attempt to secure Lot’s safety, NO?

            • Burt Reynolds

              Now you mention it Richard, I think you are right. I’m just pleased to remember my own name. I never knew though that an angel was held the hand of Lot’s wife. Mind you, how many wives are apt to do as they are asked? We guys are used to being told what to do and obeying so it’s not a problem. ( Only joking sisters…..only joking…. )

            • Richard Long

              Gen 19:16 When he kept lingering, then because of Jehovah’s compassion for him,+ the men seized hold of his hand and the hand of his wife and the hands of his two daughters, and they brought him out and stationed him outside the city

              Reading further on, it is apparent the materialized angels were no longer with Lot’s family at the moment Lot’s wife.lost her life, so touche! I have really got to stoop recounting scriptural events from memory if my memory is going to be so imprecise.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Well we got there in the end!

            • Richard Long

              Another point of clarification in your favor. That same reading shows Lot did some bargaining of his own directly with Jehovah on exactly how far away he would make his escape to. A lesson for us all, ME ESPECIALLY, to read the scriptures more thoroughly and actually pray over our reply before sliding out the keyboard tray.

            • Nigel

              “Those angels did perform miracles”

              Interesting observation, Brother Richard.


              “and my speech and what I preached were not with persuasive words of wisdom but with a demonstration of spirit and power, so that your faith might be, not in men’s wisdom, but in God’s power.” 1 Cor 2:4

              “because the good news we preach did not come to you with speech alone but also with power and with holy spirit and with strong conviction, just as you know what sort of men we became among you for your sakes.” 1 Thes 1:5

              “For I will not presume to speak about anything except what Christ has done through me in order for the nations to be obedient, by my word and deed, with the power of signs and wonders, with the power of God’s spirit, so that from Jerusalem and in a circuit as far as Illyricum I have thoroughly preached the good news about the Christ.” Romans 15:18,19

              Note in the passage from Romans (above) Paul considered the good news preached “thoroughly” (Gk.: πληρόω, meaning “fulfil, full, complete”) by means of “words, deeds, signs & wonders”. In other words, if there aren’t “words, deeds, signs & wonders” then the preaching work cannot be considered done “fully”.

              Most JWs have the “words” (notwithstanding their manifold doctrinal errors) and many have the “deeds”, but how many JWs are displaying “signs & wonders with the power of God’s Spirit” in their preaching work?? My guess is nil, for if they did we could rightly expect the very same reaction that was recorded in the scriptures when Jesus & His apostles performed such signs through the power of the Holy Spirit.

              So the question is: Can we expect to yet see Christians “fully, thoroughly” (by Biblical standards) preach the good news, with “signs following” (Mark 16:20)? My guess is yes, we will. And when we do, I believe we can expect to see the doors of those heretofore “impenetrable” countries/areas miraculously opened.


              “Then he went throughout the whole of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the good news of the Kingdom and curing every sort of disease and every sort of infirmity among the people. And the report about him spread throughout all Syria, and they brought him all those who were suffering with various diseases and torments, those who were demon-possessed and epileptic and paralyzed, and he cured them. Consequently, large crowds followed him from Galilee and Decapolis and Jerusalem and Judea and from the other side of the Jordan.” Matt 4:23-25

              “And they went into Capernaum. As soon as the Sabbath began, he went into the synagogue and started to teach. … But Jesus rebuked [the unclean spirit], saying: “Be silent, and come out of him!” And the unclean spirit, after throwing the man into a convulsion and yelling at the top of its voice, came out of him. Well, the people were all so astonished that they began to discuss it among themselves, saying: “What is this? A new teaching! He authoritatively orders even the unclean spirits, and they obey him.” So the report about him spread quickly in all directions throughout the entire region of Galilee. … After evening had fallen, when the sun had set, the people began bringing to him all who were ill and demon possessed; and the whole city was gathered right at the door.” Mark 1:21,25-28,32-33

            • Nigel

              Hello Brother Richard!

              I really liked your observation about “angels did perform miracles” and I wrote a reply with some thoughts that had come about as a result of that – but the comment was removed for some reason, so I’ve expanded on it & posted it here:


              (It’s not actually directed to/at you but I thought I’d mention it since it was borne out of a reply to you!)

              Hope you’re well, brother. 🙂

          • Craig Knight

            Burt – You ask some terrific questions here. I’m saving this in my computer good stuff!!!
            Isn’t there a scripture that says the rocks will cry out if there is no one to preach? …

            Luke 19:39 But some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples!” 40“I tell you, He answered, “if they remain silent, the very stones will cry out.” 41As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it…

            Have you ever been to Yosemite before? Just seeing the granite cliffs makes you think of God. We went to Yosemite when I was a kid and I was so shocked by the beauty all I could think of was how powerful God is. So the rocks declare the glory of creation and teach us without words!

    • black curtain

      Hope this helps. It seems clear enough. (Matthew 10:23) 23 When they persecute YOU in one city, flee to another; for truly I say to YOU, YOU will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of man arrives.
      regards bc

      • thanks i was looking for that

      • Easach of Coimbatore

        Thanks it helped me a lot I will discuss with my wife in my family study.
        If u dont mind can u clear this it says you will no means complete the circuit,…… Until son of man arrives. So that means after he arrives will it be completed some thing like that? Because preaching work would have stopped at that time

        • black curtain

          Sorry that I missed a direct reply to this part of your question; “So
          that means after he arrives will it be completed some thing like that?”
          Robert alludes to this in the above article, in the paragraph beginning with- So, first the preaching of the good news comes to an end.

          Jesus addresses the matter directly and swiftly in his judgements. There will be no need do a preaching work like that, which is all but finished. I imagine as a little speculation that good men like yourself may well be asked to teach these ones who have been accorded a chance to live under the Messianic Govt, who Jehovah is and why the world will have changed so dramatically. Just a thought.

          kindest regards bc

          • Easach of Coimbatore

            You said: I imagine as a little speculation that good men like yourself may well be asked to teach these ones who have been accorded a chance to live under the Messianic Govt, who Jehovah is

            Oh I am looking for such an assignment from Jehovah, I have a quality teaching skills to get right into the peoples heart as I work in an engineering college and Jehovah has blessed with good spiritual knowledge through e-watchman as well as worldly knowledge from university, the same is true with my wife also as she has quality teaching skills to get right into the peoples heart thus she has 5 regular bible studies and 2 of them voluntarily come to our home and study rather than we going there. She has put around 30 hours a month in field service with quality teachings not like that in 2010. However presently my skills are not used by my elders as I am a degree holder and tell the answers what is not taught in the WTS magazine yet they know that it is scripturally correct, so they don’t ask me brother how did you know that?

            • black curtain

              You will do well…
              kindest regards bc

            • Easach of Coimbatore

              Oh how well you encourage me even elders don’t do that, because they found that this guy(that’s me) know more than them so they avoid and sometimes even overlook. Oh how nice of you for you kind encouragement. May Jehovah bless u and your family through Jesus.

    • black curtain

      What it means is that when Jesus gave this prophecy, he knew that there would be places (countries) around the world, where christian preaching would not penetrate. Having said that, it goes by inference that we would trust Jesus’ judgement ability to determine if there are people within those places that would be suitable to live as citizens under a messianic Govt.
      I know from experience that JW’s tend to think “group” thoughts about what will happen. But everything is different depending where you live, as culture determines many outcomes. The best we can hope for is that we live in a culture that is more benign than others.
      But no matter where we live we can be sure that- (Acts 10:34-36) . . .At this Peter opened his mouth and said: “For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, 35 but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him. 36 . . .
      That is the criteria which we are all assessed by. Thank Jehovah for that. JW’s have been taught in one one way or another that only they will survive armageddon. What a grave injustice that would be for the righteous men and women who live in the lands that you refer to. Righteousness as an aside has the sense of being a lover of justice and fairness. No one national group has exclusivity on those qualities. kindest regards bc

      • Easach of Coimbatore

        Well thought provoking. Well your comment made me to think.

    • Craig Knight

      Countries that forbid any kind of preaching doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur under cover. Also Jehovah is the reader of hearts and knows who his children are where ever they may be located.

    • Huldah

      I have always thought that the large numbers in places like the US really only reflect the fact that it is very easy to be a JW here. I heard a talk about Egypt once. The brothers there really have to take a stand for Jehovah. Jehovah is weeding through those countries too and finding the rare gems. If it’s easy for us, that just means we, in comfortable countries, just have to find ways to really show Jeh we are willing to make sacrifices to serve him. 2hours service on Saturday and meeting attendance, contrary to popular JW opinion, do not buy everlasting life.

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Yeh I got your point right into my brains

        • Craig Knight

          No wonder you’re a good engineer! You have 2 brains. Just teasing Isaac 🙂

          • Isaac of Coimbatore

            Oh brother that’s fine yeah basically I did B.Sc Zoology, later landed in engineering ECE, so now I cannot become an elder. Lol

            • Craig Knight

              Yeah you’re too smart to fall for that! I always enjoy your comments Isaac.

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              Brother I did not understand what you meant.

      • Jehovah’s witnesses whom i have spoke with think, in so many words, meeting attendance inside of a hall is whats going to save you and that you must be part of a kingdom hall location with publishing cards to be part of Jehovah’s congregation

        • Huldah

          I used to think that too, but I’ve been away from the brainwashing long enough to see the truth. For the first time, I’m using the Bible to determine what works truly please God and demonstrate real love and faith.

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Yes that’s exactly right I agree with you that 2 hours service on Saturday and meeting attendance, will not buy everlasting life. Why because just see the highlights from the bible digging the spiritual gems in the Christian life and Ministry? In such a small time how can you make a quality answer that you would have prepared from a deep research? This is what I feel. Now take for example Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook October 30–​November 5 in that week the portion for highlight and digging the spiritual gems is taken from JOEL 1-3.

        Actually to explain Joel deeply it takes more than 2.5 hours which I experimented with my wife at home, but see they skipped the whole Joel chapter in just 8 minutes, so how can one know the deep things of prophecies? Also see the questions they have asked Joe 2:12, 13​—What do these verses teach us about true repentance? (w07 10/1 13 ¶5)
        Joe 3:14 What is “the valley of the decision”? (w07 10/1 13 ¶3)

        But just think why they did not ask What does Joel:1:4 indicates?
        I think some Geese will tell their answers taken from the old WT magazine saying that the locusts of Joel:1:4: represents JWs preaching work for the question What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

        But my answer is sure to be different if they give me a chance. I will tell it is not JWs as I will tell them to see Joel:2:25 why the locusts are not JWs.
        I expect some pharisees elder will call me at the end of the meeting and say something to me.

        So the conclusion is that yes what you said is correct 2 hours service on Saturday and meeting attendance, will not buy everlasting life.
        According to me there should an another meeting for 3 hours on either Saturday or Sunday evenings called as Meditating the Deep Things of the Prophecies specially meant for all the baptized members of JWS.

        What is your opinion?

        • Burt Reynolds

          I suppose the question we have to ask ourselves Isaac, is what is it required of us to please our Father? Is it knowledge, or faith, or faith though knowledge or some such combination of all things spiritual? Though the scriptures point to the value of wisdom, that wisdom near always points to the wisdom found in faith and which is something that comes from our heart condition. The scriptures point to there being no hiding place in the day of wrath, and that no mountain or refuge will protect us…though probably the first place to look for the worldly wise one might think. Yet we seem to think that a great literary understanding of Jehovah will offer us some help and support in that day and of course this is true, but to what extent? Take for instance, the brain surgeon who in his skill and knowledge of the brain can perform medical miracles, but could he tell you why a memory is held and invoked, or an emotion formed and envisaged, how a belief is rationalised or a colour seen in the deep blackness of the inner brain. What is a memory? 99% of our life experience is memory! except for the immediate present. Can this surgeon, in his wisdom, tell you how flesh can think and form a conscience of our experience?

          If this is the case, then what scant, pitiful insight into Jehovah can we glean from the bible that will help us interpret the prophesies, unless that is given to us? To say we scratch the surface of knowledge of Jehovah by reading the bible is a gross overstatement. And that which we do read and have the insight to believe, does little more for us than strengthen the faith in us to believe something we cannot possibly know anything about, except the basis for our salvation. The information we glean from our study indicates that the hour to that salvation is (may) be approaching. We can say no more than that for not one of creation knows the day or the hour and thus without the gift of insight, of what value is our pondering? So for all our labours to understand our salvation, we minimise the point that we cannot know it!

          So in preparation for our salvation, we need to pay attention to the qualities to refine ourselves to qualify for the gift of mercy. To build faith and appreciation, love and selflessness and to be generous to others in all things and the elements of humanity in the eyes of Jehovah. This is the knowledge given the common man by the bible. Arguing over what means what is often just contentious. How much of this we can improve by reading is set against how much we can gain by seeing with insight and doing with faith….in fact the very things recommended by Jesus, who illustrated the point of simplicity by asking us to ‘consider the lily…’for by considering the creation, we are humbled, and shown the spirit of Jehovah that builds in us all the very qualities we seek.

          In (Saint) Paul’s cathedral in London, built by Wren over the last two decades of the 1600s, there is a memorial plaque to him in the floor under the dome. On this it reads…’if you seek his (Wren’s) memorial, look about you’, and for me, that dedication should be ascribed to Jehovah, not man in that if you wish to see the purpose of Jehovah, look about you, both inwardly and outwardly, because that is the surest, greatest faith builder and moral code that we could ever hope for, for in it, are all the elements of the bible in a form we can understand. If we have these things, then the bible becomes a more open book, which enhances the growth of faith and love. The witnesses tend to prefer what they are told, and so thier learning becomes sterile and unsupported. If they paid attention to creation, they would not be so blind to the lie and perhaps would read their bibles with insight. I tend to think of creation and the bible as a two volume set to be read together.

          • Isaac of Coimbatore

            Yeah I do understood your point. To be frank I posted that comment from my point of view because really I say to you TRULY that I DID NOT HAD FAITH IN JEHOVAH AND JESUS before understanding the prophecies from ewatchman website though I am also an biology student (as you said about creation) B.Sc zoology from St Joseph’s college Bangalore (Since 1882). I can say that I was going to meetings to please my wife rather than learning about Jehovah from the meetings though I am a born JW. Yes prophecies helped me to put faith in Jehovah, yes it made me to walk back to Jehovah then after studying the role of Jesus in Jehovah’s plan as explained by Robert (especially Ez chapter 1: I was thinking the one sitting in the throne was Jehovah as taught by WTS) and Jesus’ judgment role in Malachi:3:2-3 and Eze:9 as explained by Robert only then I started loving Jesus from my heart, before that the LOVE on JESUS WAS FROM MY LIPS NOT FROM MY HEART. The study of creation did not helped me, but after 2012 then I took myself old text biology books and read starting right from Krebs cycle to the function of mitochondria and connected to Jehovah’s wisdom. See some people are there they don’t see the love OF GOD they fear the judgement, usually people are attracted towards love, but frankly speaking I WAS ATTRACTED TOWARDS THE JUDGEMENT OF JEHOVAH AS EXPLAINED BY EWATCHMAN. ONLY AFTER 2012 I STARTED TO APPRECIATE THE LOVE OF JEHOVAH AND JESUS. Yes of course I do agree we need to pay attention to the qualities to refine ourselves to qualify for the gift of mercy. No of hours will not lead to salvation

            • Burt Reynolds

              Yes that’s beautifully put. We all come to Jehovah for different reasons. It is part of the omnipotence of the Father in that he appeals to us all by his very presence.

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              See always the WTS teachings are like pampering a child. I always had a doubt will not Jehovah also punish JWS for their wrong doing. But in our magazines and meetings always it is said we all will be saved if you are a part of our organization. If that is the case even the Hindus also say you will be saved if you do good. So if each one pleases his/her own God and religion they are saved. Then what is difference in Jehovah? This is what I had in my thinking. When I saw Robert’s website there I found the truth that Jehovah don’t spare anyone even his own people if they are at fault. When I found that GB’s are going to have more judgment then that is the truth i found, then only I started to put faith in Jehovah and found he is true because he won’ t spare them if they are at fault. The GB and elders never say anything like that or accept judgement. Well that’s all
              My love and affection to you and your family and Jehovah’s blessing to you through Jesus.

            • Huldah

              You are right.
              When you see what goes on inside the congregation, you have to believe Jehovah has a cleansing to do.

        • Huldah

          I think of the Revelation Climax Book. Unless they are going to study Robert’s book, it would do about as much good as studying the Revelation book again. I’m sure you would have a lot of good comments, if they would let you, but, here, I would be branded apostate after just a few comments on the true meaning of prophecy.

          It’s heart condition and love of truth. Some don’t have it.
          2Timothy 3:7
          ‘Always learning, yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.’

          No amount of time studying seems to be able to cure this.

          It seems they’ve turned prophecy into types and antitypes or life lessons. I used to look forward to when a new prophecy book came out, thinking there would be something exciting in it. Now I know it’s hopeless that WT will ever understand or at least admit true prophecy. They have a stake in clinging to the false and watering down the negative.

        • Craig Knight

          Isaac – You should have stood up in the book study and read Robert’s explanation of the locusts! 🙂

          For the few readers who are not intoxicated on Watchtower wine, the locust, cockroach, caterpillar onslaught is also referred to in Joel as “the northerner.” In fact, Jehovah is going to destroy the insects. Here is what Jehovah has said: “I will drive the northerner far away from you; I will disperse him to a dry and desolate wasteland, with his vanguard toward the eastern sea and his rear guard toward the western sea. The foul smell from him will ascend, the stench from him will keep ascending; for He will do great things.”

          The designation of “the northerner” ought to put us in mind of the king of the north as well as the fierce-looking king in the eighth chapter of Daniel. The fierce king that springs from the little horn is said to grow “very great toward the south and toward the east and toward the Decoration.” As if located in Israel, the same as the locust hordes, the symbolic directions of his incursion by default make the direction from which the king launches his assault the north. Not coincidently, Babylon was like a tempest from Jehovah that descended upon Judah from out of the literal north. And, of course, Gog comes upon “Israel” from “the remotest parts of the north.”

          Both kings, which are in reality the same entity, encroach upon Jehovah’s “land,” his possession. For example, just as the locust are said to put an end to the grain offering and drink offering, the ascending little horn contends with the Prince of princes (Jesus Christ) and “from him the constant feature was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. And an army was given over, together with the constant feature…”

          In the time of the end, when the king of the north likewise sweeps through like a flood, he also makes an incursion into the land of the Decoration —God’s possession. No doubt the sweeping flood is depicting the same thing as the horrific insect invasion. Isaiah 28 similarly depicts Jehovah’s judgment as an onrushing flood, and not coincidently the prophecy is also addressed to the priests of Jehovah who are reeling from their over-indulgence in “alcohol.” Jehovah states: “And I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the leveling tool. The hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will flood out the hiding place. Your covenant with Death will be dissolved, and your agreement with the Grave will not stand. When the raging flash flood passes through, you will be crushed by it. As often as it passes through, it will sweep you away; for it will pass through morning after morning, during the day and during the night. Only terror will make them understand what was heard.”

          • Isaac of Coimbatore

            Thanks I read your comments twice.
            What I am going to do is that, I will ask them to put Joel:1:4 and Joel:2:25 side by side and read and come to their their own conclusion. If they still cling to the WTS explanation then that is the fulfillment of Isaiah:42:19, then is it will certainly be true what you indicated from Isaiah:28:19. I know many will fall on the side of WTS otherwise Isaiah:42:19 and Isaiah:28:19 will go unfulfilled.

            Brother one more thing I need your friendship. I really like everyone in this website. Are you presently a active JW or disassociated?
            Whatever you are I accept you as my brother because I see the way how Jehovah and Jesus sees. It seems you are elderly in age compared to me. So I fold my two arms and do a respectful namaskar (Wish) to you.
            Thank You May Jehovah and Jesus be with you and your family always.

            • Craig Knight

              Isaac Hi! Well those comments I just pasted in from Robert’s article so I can’t take credit for them but I’m glad you find them helpful like I do. Robert has incredible insight as far as I’m concerned! All you can do is show the Brother’s scriptures and plant a seed that might grow.

              Well, you have my friendship my brother! I have been out of the WTS for around 26 years but I never stopped trying to figure out what was off in the Org. I prayed to God to show me why there was toxic water with pure water in the Org. Then I found Robert’s youtube sight! My prayers were answered. I was a bit skeptical at first until I devoured his book. I am 64 years old but I feel like 90 and mentally I’m 13 years old! Ha ha!

              I assume you are still in the Org now with your wife. That’s good. I know Robert encourages JW’s to stay in the Org if they can. You have to be cautious as a serpent if you stay because the Elders seem to have their nose in everybody’s business. Some can exist in the Org after they wake up and some cannot but Jehovah knows our motives and will bless us if we rely on him.

              You seem like a great guy. May Jehovah bless you and your’s as well.

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              I read your comment it is encouraging. You are 24 years elder to me my respectful wishes to you. Yes I go to KH regularly after seeing e-watchman in 2010. But the answers what I usually give is out of their interpretations. My congregation people know about that and tell me that I have special insight.
              They also say brother you do nice research, from where you get knowledge and how you get your thinking like this and how you get time to do this? Sorry I give credit to Robert. Anyway take my email and be my friend always more stories to be told through my mail.

      • Craig Knight

        I like how you said comfortable countries! I think all the time about how us baby boomers have no idea what being deprived is all about. Never lacking for food and other comforts. It looks like the GT will show us what suffering will be about. I ask God for courage all the time because I’ve had an easy life compared to many.

        • Huldah

          I did like one comment made in an Awake a while back.
          ‘Many in developed lands live lifestyles that would make ancient kings green with envy.’

          Proverbs 29: 21
          NET Bible
          If someone pampers his servant from youth, he will be a weakling in the end.

          It’s humble and healthy for us to recognize that we are spoiled. It makes us step back and question our judgment when we feel “deprived” or that Jehovah is not providing us with ‘sustenance and covering’ as promised. We’ll need that pragmatism come the GT.

          • Craig Knight

            Even tho people here in Silicon Valley do work hard and they are very stressed out and miserable. It’s because they are caught up in getting material things that they don’t really need. Getting everything they want on credit, being too greedy they have to have all the latest and greatest homes, cars and toys etc. This mind set is just pure selfishness. Like spoiled little kids. When I see people’s attitudes it makes me think how they will be when getting food and water will a challenge. An example of black Friday shopping comes to mind how people get into fights over Christmas toys. Most people are selfish and pampered today for certain.

            • Huldah

              I recently read about how people acted when food stamps cards went down for just an afternoon. Raiding Walmart. Cleaning out shelves. Just walking away with groceries without paying. Police had to be called in. Absolute sense of entitlement and me first attitude. No self control. Scary what’s coming.

            • Craig Knight

              That’s just craziness isn’t it! So many people feel like they are automatically entitled these days. Whatever happened to honor and hard work? I guess those days are over for many people. The rich and poor alike are greedy and selfish. Let them have their precious tennis shoes and see if they can out run God’s wrath.

    • Craig Knight

      The WT used to say God would judge the nations that won’t allow JW’s to preach there. I can’t recall which Watchtower but I do remember that. It’s hard to imagine WT street carts in Afghanistan. I don’t see any JW’s volunteering for that assignment. One can only assume that God would show mercy to those who never heard of Jehovah and his purpose. 1 Chron 29:17 I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity.

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        It would injustice on the part of Jehovah and Jesus killing the people who were not given an opportunity due to the type of ruler ship in that region in which they lived such as North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan etc, so that is what I concluded that Jehovah will not judge as that of man or that of WTS way. His justice is always superior not like a narrow minded WTS. Yes 1 Chron 29:17 is the point.Thanks for you input I will include that in my notes.

        • Craig Knight

          Isaac – I guess great minds think alike! Ha ha!

    • Thinking

      New International Version ps 52:3
      God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.

      NET BIBLE Jeremiah 23:24
      Do you really think any one can hide himself where I cannot see him….do you not know I am everywhere…

      message bible Psalms 14:2
      God sticks his head out of heaven .He looks around .Hes not stupid man..even God expectant just one ….God ready woman

      Beroeans Literal Bible
      The Lord does not delay the promise as some esteem slowness but is patient toward you not willing for ANY TO PERISH BUT ALL TO COME TO REPENTANCE..

      Jehovah’s JUSTICE IS SUPREME…he saved the city of savage cruel people in Nineveh because they repented….he worried even for the animals…..even shaming Jonah to do that….he could not find one good soul in sodom and surrounding cities…his destruction of people are there fore tempered with mercy and justice…I’m sure we will be totally satisfied with how he handles this…I used to worry my self sick over this…but he is a reader of hearts…and knows exactly who is worthy of saving…and knows who will never bend their knee to him…..I’m sure we will have lots,.of pleasant unexpected surprises and many sad things too…he will do his utmost to say a righteous man in all these countries and situations……so be at peace over this brother….

      • Craig Knight

        Nice comments! There’s a corny saying “Let go and let God.” But in this instance it makes sense to trust in God and Christ. Why worry whether God and Jesus will be just and loving?

        …21For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom He wishes. 22Furthermore, the Father judges no one, but has assigned all judgment to the Son, 23so that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.…

        John 5:27
        And He has given Him authority to execute judgment, because He is the Son of Man.

        John 9:39
        Then Jesus declared, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind may see and those who see may become blind.”

        Acts 10:42
        And He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that He is the One appointed by God to judge the living and the dead.

        Acts 17:31
        For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the Man He has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising Him from the dead.”

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Well I understood

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