Over the course of the past year the societal fault lines in America have opened into a gapping chasm. White-black, left-right, Christian-Atheist-Islamic, haves and have-nots — you name it.

Of course, the trigger for the tectonic jolt was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Even before his inauguration the FBI began tapping the president elect’s phones and maneuvering plants into positions to entrap persons associated with the administration so as to prosecute the president. Prior to the election the losing party had paid millions to a “retired” British intelligence agent to write up a dossier on Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia, which after the election was then weaponized as the legal basis for an investigation and the appointment of a so-called special prosecutor. Amazingly, other individuals within the justice Department and the FBI who had full knowledge of the fraudulent dossier scheme were the very ones leading the investigation.

At any rate, it seems the RussiaGate plot has come completely unraveled, although you would never know it from the main, mainstream media outlets, which are interconnected with the so-called deep state, even employing CIA journalists, who are bent on orchestrating a soft coup.

Behind the scenes is the well-known “philanthropist,” George Soros. His “philanthropy” brought Barak Obama into power and was behind Clinton as well. As a teenager in occupied Hungary he collaborated with the Nazis in betraying his fellow Jews to the concentration camps and ovens. Having the right stuff for bigger and better things, after the war Soros was groomed by the Crown. And after winning a lucky bet against the Bank of England and parlaying his winning into a successful hedge fund, Soros’ billions finance leftist (communist) groups and color revolutions around the world, including the coup in Ukraine that brought a left-behind cell of Nazis into power. As an agent of the British Empire, Soros spearheads their war against the nation-state system and Western civilization.

As reported by Zero Hedge as of December 21st the POTUS is pushing back, hard —issuing an executive order declaring a national emergency. The executive order acknowledges that democratic institutions are under attack —most assuredly those within the United States. The executive order allows the U.S. to freeze the assets of the individuals and companies named. As Trump himself might say, this is yuuuuge! It amounts to a declaration of war against foreign agent money bags, some of whom are direct contributors to the Clinton Foundation, which ironically has ties with Russia via the Uranium One deal.

Of note, just as the RussiaGate probe is fizzling out, Sputnik reported that ex-CIA agents have been training in the United Arab Emirates to form a private “spy” agency. Showing no hint of impartiality the UAE supported Clinton in the U.S. election. The UAE, which has always been a satrapy of the British Empire, has served as a base of illegal weapons trafficking, running Afghani heroin and money laundering. In other words, an Opium Wars era, Hong-Kong like outpost of the Empire. In all likelihood the deep state agents in training are being deployed around the world as snipers, assassins, agents provocateurs and false flag terrorist operators.

It seems the president is preparing for an outright attack in view of the fact that the first ever live fire drills were performed by the secret service on the White House lawn.

2018 is shaping up to be a tumultuous year. If the president initiates prosecution of the deep state coup promoters directly, it would likely be the trigger for the leftist columns to set off a civil war. On the other hand the successful, fraudulent prosecution or the assassination of the president would also achieve the same outcome. But that’s what it is coming down to.

I suspect 2017 will be the last “normal” year.

What does any of this have to do with Bible prophecy? Here is the last sentence from the 2010 version of the King of the North chapter in Jehovah Himself Has Become King

The Empire now stands poised to unleash a wave of assassinations, terrorism—perhaps using biological agents—anarchy and world war, in order to destroy the nation-state system for good. And although London and the British Empire may have played the role of the king of the north for the past two centuries that is about to change too.  In the aftermath of the coming crash of the present Anglo-American system the last manifestation of the king of the north will likely be in the form of the United Nations—not as it presently exists, but as a totalitarian, supra-national government—the new world order.