NBC News – Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Abuse

//NBC News – Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Abuse

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The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been getting a lot of press coverage lately, for all the wrong reasons. This is not really “news” to readers of this site, but it is noteworthy that the Watchtower’s secret doings are being exposed more and more.

And what did Jesus say? – “There is nothing covered over that will not become uncovered, and secret that will not become known.” – Matthew 10:26

Although in legal terms the Watchtower has never admitted wrongdoing, that is really irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. Soon Jehovah will reveal his judgments. And that is where their weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be!

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  • They don’t report any of this to the authorities , Hell they don’t even warn their congregation that there is a pervert amongst them so parents can take the proper precautions to protect the kids or kick someone’s ass. I remember a pervert they let roam at the hall in the early 90, wish I took care of him myself ! papow…..

    • ewatchman

      You sound like my kind of guy. I say deal with the pedos out in the kingdom hall parking lot. Let the whole congregation join in. I’m pretty sure it would sure cut down on repeat offenders.

  • Sam

    True..while they can get away with not being legally bound to protect the cong and those vulnerable, they certainly are scripturally bound

    • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

      It would appear that since we are not under the protection of the elders and with such, neither is the congregation it may be time during a public meeting just before song one might make his comments loud and clear! “If” there are any predictors present in the congregation that your on the lookout for them and that your intentions are to beat the teeth out of anyone who is and anyone who knowingly hides them! The legal precedences is the word if!.it will quickly send a message.that you will personally protect yourself and your family since the congregation elders wont.

  • Kevin b

    “Brother” Rick McClean can’t be so bad right, he’s got that typical JW well trimmed mustache that the governing body approves of. Now if he had a full beard this would make sense.

    • Sam

      this comment made me laugh way too much

      • Kevin b

        Sometimes you have to sit back and just laugh at the CRAZY. I have a full beard and everybody at the hall thinks I’m the worst thing for growing a well trimmed beard.

        • Sam

          Same. Although, because i’m a min servant i had two elders sit down with me about how i should be setting an example… heh

    • D34D 4L!3N

      or lacking a necktie

  • Trustin Shiflett

    I must say that one of our elders did warn me of not one…but two convicted offenders

    • ewatchman

      If they were “convicted offenders” it would be public knowledge anyway. Lots of communities, at least in America, make sexual predators publicly known.

    • Jehovah will soon enough enter into judgment with his people and the outer darkness is where many may very well find them selfs. Until that time all we can do is pray and wait on jehovah and some how I think jehovah ‘s judgements will be like nothing we have ever seen before and many will learn the true meaning of punishment.

  • Trustin Shiflett

    I was just wondering if maybe the watchtowers position has changed about informing individuals or if it was just a truly concerned elder…he is also my study conductor and I have two little boys so it was good to know about instead of being left in the dark…by the way I wanted to say thank you for the site…I have been studying for 7 months..just an un baptized publishers…my grandparents were faithful servants of Jehovah… and I always had my doubts about 1914 and this generation….that seemed to be confirmed to me with the newest tedious explanation of “generation” including chart and all….so I started researching and found your site…thanks again

    • ewatchman

      The Watchtower’s position has not changed. Bethel’s lawyers are terrified of being sued by pedophiles. So they go to great lengths to keep from giving them grounds. But your elder just did what elders are supposed to do – watch over the flock. But, if someone made an issue of it your elder could be removed from his position for going against the Legal Department’s policy.

  • Yuri Fisher

    I just read this morning . Isn’t it sounds familiar?

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