(Question #10) Why are you called, “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and not “Christians”? Since Jehovah’s Witnesses appeal to Isa 43:12; 44:8 for scriptural support that they should be called, “Jehovah’s Witnesses” then what was the “new name” prophesied in Isa 62:2? Can’t be “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, for God already used it 20 chapters earlier. Could the new name be “Christian” after our savior “Christ”?


Jehovah’s Witnesses are called Christians. In fact, we sometimes refer to ourselves as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.

Following the wobbly logic of the questioner, the “new name” of Isaiah 62:2 cannot possibly be “Christians,” since Isaiah 62 pertains to the culmination of God’s purpose in connection with “Zion” and “Jerusalem.” The climax of God’s grand purpose takes place upon the return of Christ. That is when the New Jerusalem descends from Heaven to rule the earth. That is when God will give his organization a new name. Needless to say, the name “Christian” is hardly new. Divine providence brought the name into usage in the first century. (Acts 11:26)

In the first century the name “Christians” was distinctive. It identified a specific group of people who were associated with Christ’s apostles and disciples. But even then there was a tendency to form sects and splinter groups. Paul fought relentlessly to prevent a schism between Jewish and Gentile believers. In his letter to the seven congregations Jesus said he hated the sect of Nicolaus.

Flash forward to our time. According to Wikipedia there are now approximately 41,000 denominations and sects that call themselves Christians. And virtually all of them have taken various names other then “Christian” in order to distinguish themselves from other groups. The name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” has a basis in Scripture, even as the questioner acknowledges. It defines, not only a people and a religion, but a work. Who can deny that Jehovah’s Witnesses bear witness to Jehovah, just as did Jesus?

While Jehovah’s Witnesses are proud to bear the name of Jehovah little do they appreciate the accountability that comes with it. According to prophecy God is going to call his people to answer for the reproach that has been brought on his name. Obviously, only those who are associated with God’s name can cause it to be profaned. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses – A People for God’s Name

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