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Myrm Myrm wrote on September 4, 2016 at 2:52 pm:

I am in the UK and currently studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mr King was kind enough to answer some questions I sent him in his latest podcast. Thank you Mr King.

I really do enjoy associating with and studying with the Witnesses but I also enjoy listening to Mr King's podcasts. I am confused by some of the Watchtower teachings, such as the 1914 and 1919 stuff.

Just; purchased and received Mr King's new book which I am going to read with great interest,
THE DRIFTER THE DRIFTER wrote on August 27, 2016 at 4:57 pm:
Hello all!

Just wanted you to know that another lurker has showed up and is lurking.

Nothing profound to add at this time.

Barry Barry wrote on August 25, 2016 at 11:41 am:
Hi everyone. Since I'm still active in the congregation I'm using my longtime username Barry.

I grew up in the truth, but at the age of 12 my parents got problems in their marriage. This resulted in gradually skipping more and more meetings and becoming inactive.

When I was about 18 I decided to start going back regular and start again in the ministry. At that time I was studying chemistry which helped me to build my faith in Jehovah. I could see how all is working so perfectly together that it is impossible to have no creator.

I got baptized at age of 20. I got married several years later. In 2002 my wife was having issues with depression and couldn't visit meetings for some time. We got very little support from the congregation although we had been very active.

At some point in 2002 I stumbled on the e-watchman website. First couple of times, I just closed the browser because I didn't want to have anything to do with apostates. But somehow I was curious and started reading. This changed a lot in my life. Because of the situation in our life I was also getting disappointed by the lack of support. But reading about 1914 and so much more, answered so many questions I had.

Sadly several years later my wife left me and some time later I met someone not in the truth. I got disfellowshipped for about 1.5 year, during which I got married again. After my re-instatement we moved to Canada.
In the first congregations I visited I had similar experiences as I had before. Very little support.

Now I'm in a rather good congregation. There is much love and it helps me to stay active. Still I'm happy to know all of these truths about the truth which help me to stay balanced. I hope that some day I would be able to help some friends in the congregation when they need it.
Basavaraj Of North Karnata Basavaraj Of North Karnata wrote on August 20, 2016 at 3:00 am:
I kindly request everyone those losing faith must read Jehovah Himself has become King book or at-least visit e-watchman's website. I too was loosing faith but it was Robert King who helped to to restore faith once again on Jehovah and Jesus.
#savekevin #savekevin wrote on August 15, 2016 at 8:25 am:
Hi Brothers and Sisters

The four of us are in a tiny country town in country-side Australia. We're 3 hours from the city and about 30 minutes from the KH. Yes there's kangaroos and koalas along the way.
Between us we have about 100 years experience with the TRUTH.
My wife was a full-time pioneer for almost 17 years. We've been at our current KH for 3 years. With the surrounding towns there is about 80 publishers in the congregation. Our 2 kids are about 15 years of age and there is 8-10 kids a similar age.
When we first arrived a couple invited us for a meal and we have had 3-4 social occasions at our house.
Since then we feel we have been shunned.

Until about 6 weeks ago we were regular at meetings, field service, cart witnessing.
I had some long-standing questions regarding the way the organization was going. Most meetings now seemed to be about in-house procedure, management and administration. I couldn't agree with the 'new light' adjustments and the to push adore the governing body. They had become tele-evangelists. When they began replacing Jehovah's name with the blue JW logo out the front of the KHs that was the final straw.
We had watched the Australian Royal Commission โ€œThe experience of survivors of child sexual abuse within the Jehovahโ€™s Witnesses Church in Australiaโ€ live on TV in 2015. We saw the Australia Branch leaders lie on TV. We saw GJ of the Governing Body lie on TV and later retract statements made under oath.
We were shaken. The question was how far down the line does this corruption go? Were the local elders naive and innocent or complicit
Then 4 weeks ago we see Robert King's book. I downloaded it and read it in a few days. So did my wife. Friends in our town did too. The TRUTH was now really the TRUTH. It is literally all we talk about. Like when they say you should lock up a person for a few weeks who has just realized the 'truth'. They just wont shut up about it.

We've now watched most of the videos, podcasts and everything else on the site and keep up with the daily text hoping to see a new one each day. And we just love all the comments. We have been using the material in our new weekly bible reading and bookstudy with the aforementioned friends. There is as much (now corrected) information and material as was on Jwdotorg. We want you all to know that like us there are many many silently watching and waiting and perhaps nervous to join in as yet (Ec 11:6). So please keep this awesome site going Brother Robert ๐Ÿ™‚

Matthew 13:16,17 โ€œHowever, happy are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear. For truly I say to you, many prophets and righteous men desired to see the things you are observing but did not see them and to hear the things you are hearing but did not hear them.โ€

Tabitha Tabitha wrote on August 13, 2016 at 7:02 am:
Hello fellow watchers, great to join you from Australia.
So glad to have found you all and experience a spiritual resurrection, hence the name Tabitha.

I was raised in the truth by my mother who got the truth in 1969 when I was just 5. Dad was quite opposed, but my mum faithfully never missed a meeting or field service, setting a wonderful example for me and my brother and sister.

Growing up in the truth for me was a real blessing, I always felt loved and cared for by those in our congregation and was truly taken in by families who wanted to look after the fatherlesss boys and girls in their midst, what a protection it was. With my mothers' fine example as well as that of many others in the congregation, I grew up developing a real love of Jehovah and an unstoppable desire to serve him no matter what.

At age 18 I was baptised and began pioneering immediately. My dad by this time had mellowed in his opposition although he remained disinterested. My mother noticed however that he spoke proudly of his two daughters and their conduct (my brother stopped coming to meetings at age 17 along with most of the other young boys in the congregation) compared to the daughters of dad's fellow workers. After pioneering for 5 years in my local territory, my sister and I (she had just started pioneering also) decided to move to the eastern states of Australia to serve where the need was great.

This was a fantastic experience for my sister and I. Jehovah really supported us in everything, finding work to support ourselves, somewhere to live and even another pioneer sister to share accommodation with, which proved to be a real blessing for us as inexperienced first time away from homers. The ministry was fabulous and the congregation stepped up and became our loving family once again. I spent 8 years pioneering in that territory and enjoyed so many amazing experiences that I will never forget. I spent another couple of years pioneering closer back to home where I met my husband.

Fast forward 16 years and we are here, reading "Jehovah Himself has become King", from a site that a few short months ago I would have branded as apostate. What happened? My two beautiful children never got to experience the upbringing I had, it was lost somehow, it's wasn't the same. The rules got in the way, they took away all the fun, the get togethers were gone, gone was the fun and laughs as well as the feeling of family. Don't get me wrong, I still love Jehovah, how can you not? But I don't feel the same way going to the meetings any more, it just feels like it's all gone flat.

But the last 4 weeks we have been quietly looking at this site, reading the posts and comments, watching the videos and I'm up to chapter 22 in the book. I can only say that I haven't felt so excited about Bible reading in a very long time. My joy is back and that goes for the rest of the family.

But now, oh dear, my mother at 80 years of age is still as zealous as ever and joined in the truth at last by my father after being a spiritual widow for 35 years. What now? We shall see....
Dancybak Dancybak wrote on July 2, 2016 at 3:55 pm:
Hi all,

I am using my name as I am no longer afraid of a wicked organization whom I loved and cherished and gave my all too as everyone here has. To Robert King: I have found in you my spiritual brother. I could not help but go through my notes in my bible and marvel at how you and I had read the same conclusions in the "minor prophets"!! Jehovah has indeed gathered us all and drawn us to him him as Jesus said. I really want to weekly meet with my brothers and sisters here as it is important to worship with spirit and truth. However this cannot be done alone. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus came to do away with organized religion. Indeed as the angel says: get out of her if you do not want to share... The WTBTS has been exposed and I am thankful that Jehovah's spirit guided me to this site. May Jehovah and Jesus bless us all. And may he protect those still trapped in his "house" from those "offspring of vipers" who "cleanse the outside of the bowl..."

Thank you again Robert. I hope we can chat as I would love to share some insights I have gathered.

Warm Christian love,
Dan Cybak
Keith Keith wrote on June 30, 2016 at 6:56 pm:
Hi from Ireland everybody.....
Thank you Brother King for all your time and effort for your book and website........
You have really given me hope and strangely hope in Jehovah's earthly organization, to know that it has been infiltrated by Satan and not that of honested hearted brother's, I'm sure when the proverbials hit the fan the honest hearted brothers will see the truth that you have been talking about and there will be a split from the organization.....
May all of us here deepen our knowledge to help all our honest hearted brothers whom have been deluded when the veil finally comes down.......
Vanessa Vanessa wrote on June 28, 2016 at 9:52 pm:
Hello brothers and sisters,

I have been a JW since 2009 and I cannot express my joy to have learned the truth about our Creator.

I am currently as most of you facing difficulties because of the 1914 and every-time the subject comes up in the KH, it makes me uncomfortable.

However, ever since I came upon this site is a little better and I am happy to know I am not alone.

I know that the times ahead will be difficult but knowing you guys are out there is encouraging to me.

I am happy serving Jehovah and trying my best to help my brothers and sisters at the hall. There are a lot of elderly brothers and sisters in my hall, and they have a lot of knowledge, but many are sick with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

It is difficult to see so much pain but I know Jehovah will put an end to this soon.

I was a catholic and my whole family is catholic. I am the only witness, and my husband goes to the meetings sometimes. He is very open and beliefs a lot of things we teach. Still I suffer for my parents and other relatives because of all their doings that offend Jehovah. I really don't know what to do at this point and I have given up trying to wake them up.

I hope they have a chance before this whole comes down.

I am still very happy that Jehovah lead me to Him and that I accepted Him as my God and His Son as the Messiah and Lord over me.

Stay strong brothers and sisters.
Marie Smallwood Fowler Marie Smallwood Fowler wrote on June 26, 2016 at 5:59 pm:
I became a Jehovah's Witness like most, the door to door ministry. My husband bought it hook, line and sinker. I was always more reserved. In our young married life we didn't have many friends, so this looked like a lot of fun and companionship which I was lonely for.

We went along and grew to love the friends a great deal. We both got baptized into Jehovahs love and all went well for several years.

We would be strong for a while and then we would stop going for a year or two. In that time frame we would have birthdays and x-mas like the rest of the world. Then our conscience would start to irritate and we would go back as though nothing had happened . Nobody was any the wiser. This became our MO for most of our lives in the organization.

I was a good sister that last few years. I did my service time, I studied hard and commented at the meetings. I tried to encourage as many as I could to be strong as we continued to get closer to the end of this system..

I also listened and watched everything and everyone. The elders always talked to the wives about everything, the sisters chatted among themselves, the cliques were always there and seldom could be infiltrated. Those who had stayed with those who had, those of had not so much were approached a lot less. The love was as fake as could be and the smiles were strained as a result.. The speakers would make the comments we were all tired, yeah we were that, but more tired of the fake crap was more like it.

In 2015 we had a major family crisis and had to sell and give away everything we had and move into the home of my mother in law in another city. She is elderly and needs regular care, So I was moved to do this with a loving heart. After all , Paul said I am doing what I should be doing.

The stress of the move wore me down and I just didn't feel like going to the meetings for a couple of weeks.. My husband was making friends in the new hall and went on by himself like a good brother should.

I was reading online one night and stumbled onto a site which mentioned the " Silent Lambs" and the issues related to it. I was not looking for anything, it was just there.

After reading the article, I was fairly curious and thought, this is public knowledge, checking into it should be as well.

The more I read the more I realized I knew so little about the inner-workings of the internal things of the organization.

From there I learned of the UN fiasco and that was it for me. I had to explain to my husband why I didn't want to go back to the hall, You guys know how that went for me. He was furious, yet couldn't wait to tell the elders what I was doing.

He talked to them and he encouraged me ( pretty much told me ) to do my letter. So 2 weeks later after I found the real truth, I turned in my letter. The elders pretty much said I lost my mind and had been influenced by someone else. They did not want to accept my letter in which I had stated my reasons for wanting my name never associated with the org again.

They still have me listed as inactive.

The more I learned about how the teaching and doctrines have been revamped to suit the day and time for them the more upset I became. . I was completely consumed by my hate of the GB and the ORG.. It has taken me a year to learn how to start letting some of it go.

This is a very condensed readers digest version of my story. But the basis of my story is that I woke up and I am dealing with the repercussions of that in my family and personal life. But I am out, I am beginning to be happy within myself and although I was in for 40 years, I am out and I am now me and not the pretend version of me. I can only hope my husband wakes up before our marriage is over. But that isn't looking so good right now. I don't think I believe in God anymore. But that could be subject to change......
Robert Allen Robert Allen wrote on June 26, 2016 at 3:37 am:
I was 13 years old when I first heard the name Jehovah, it changed my life forever...I took a ride in a pick up truck with my step dad who was a disfellowshipped witness, and he told me all about God and the bible.

I had never heard such things, and I instantly accepted what I had heard as a new reality and I embraced the "Truth" whole heartedly!

I willingly got baptized at age 14....my entire childhood up til that point seemed to me to be futile in that, coming to know Jehovah, gave me purpose and meaning, to which I had none.

I had seen and been exposed to this worlds evils, and its wickedness only encouraged my youthful delinquency..I was able to see that there was truly more to life than all that darkness, for the first time.

Jehovah had saved me!

I felt the greatest joy the day I was baptized and I will never forget that day!

As time went by, I fell victim to "stumbling blocks" in dealing with what became mundane watchtower ritual and I grew cold towards all that I believed to be the "Truth."

My family fell apart and I was faced with the challenge of being the "lone witness"...and as I grew older and I turned 18, I gave it all up, I just walked away...

I never felt sicker, more empty, more lost and hopeless..
I made many attempts during my failed life away from Jehovah to attend meetings, but, I just couldn't do it, it seemed...
I just never went back and I slowly forgot about Jehovah...

As years went by, I could never fully forget, really, it ate away at my very heart and soul...I hated myself!

I began slowly, to search the internet, read, and do research about religion, I guess to try and rationalize my disbelief and to justify my pathetic, apathetic mindset..

The problem had been that I had learned about Jehovah and I had been taught that the Watchtower was practically His equivalent...I made the baptismal vow (in 1989) of accepting and dedicating myself to the "the earthly organization", and I equated the ills of the watchtower with Jehovah himself!

Yes, foolish indeed, I realized with study and "stumbling" across
Brother King' s youtube channel, that I made the worst mistake!

I was on and off about Robert King..lol, Eh, he was just a typical apostate, right?

Nonsense, I had to totally break down the mental watchtower wall, that I must say, was almost impossible!

I delved into the "e-watchman's" work periodically and over time, along with reading the bible, I became obsessed...lol

I couldn't get enough information, I spent hours, even at work, lol, reading and watching Brother King's material...I was totally blown away...I absolutely could not debunk anything this guy said..lol

That only encouraged my plight..
I decided, after time...to really, I mean really pray intensely, like never before, to Jehovah.

I didn't think I could, I had walked away from Him, I broke my promise and I became a despicable person..I didn't feel worthy to pray.

I did, I kept it up...
I prayed more and more, I couldn't stop..I prayed all day and night, I cried I begged, I beat my chest with grief...I gave all I had emotionally to Jehovah...

And you know what?

I was faced with a terrible situation with one of my children, so unbearable that I made the choice to execute vengeance with all the wrath I could unleash...no one could stop me!

I was so enraged that my hatred blinded me to any sound reason...that was it, a crossroad of life and death...

That was what it came down to for me...this choice to throw it all away in an instant act of violence, or to speed off as fast as I could, to no other place that I could think of than a kingdom hall.

Parking and looking to heaven through my windshield, crying to the clouds, "Oh,Jehovah", and begging Him to "Please, please, help me!", I closed my eyes to the brightness of the suns rays as they flickered on my face...

The best way that I can describe it, without sounding like a crazy person, is that I felt a calmness..
No, Im not talking bout some supernatural event...

Im talking about that I made the choice, to pray to Jehovah, and to call upon His name, in a time that I was faced with more than I could handle, more than I ever have...

At that moment,
Jehovah was there...

He didn't forsake me, He didn't leave me, He didn't turn His face from me,
He saved me...

I knew then, that after all that I had done, all that I have done to forget about Jehovah...He was there when I needed Him most!

I have spent every second of every day, since that day, despite the very difficult reality that I had to face, and all the pain and suffering, thanking

I have come to know who Jehovah really is...The Most High, Most Merciful Loving God!

I cannot fathom ever again, being without Jehovah...

I was visited by a local elder and I attend some meetings, not regularly, but I truly love the brothers and sisters and I miss them...

I make every opportunity to talk to everyone about Jehovah and yes, I met with an elder and talked with him about information on Brother King's site, I left him with 30 questions from e-watchman, and, well...he hasn't talked to me since...hmmm

I got funny looks at the memorial, I wonder why?

Oh well, that only encouraged me to mail the brothers "e-watchman" material to kingdom halls and home addresses...lol

No...I'm being respectful and not excessive...I only mail to elders that I have known through the years.

I even mailed a letter to my ex-step dad who told me about Jehovah...I figured hey, Its my turn this time to tell him the "Truth"...

I can only hope, and thats the point,
Jehovah is my hope, all our hopes...

Never give up hope, most importantly, never give up on Jehovah!

No matter what, He loves us!

I pray for all those who love Jehovah!

I pray for Brother King, and as he always says on his podcast, " May Jehovah bless your search for the truth."

Jehovah has certainly blessed me and my search!

"Praise Jehovah you people!"

(Thank you Brother King for your work, please let me know of any chance to help you as you continue to help me!)
Timothy Kline Timothy Kline wrote on June 15, 2016 at 6:01 am:
I first encountered Robert King after finding the now-defunct message board Hourglass2. I'd already been following and participating in online discussions through the Usenet group alt.groups.jehovahs-witnesses (if memory serves) after getting less-than-satisfying answers to certain issues that I was becoming aware of back then. Mind you, this was way back in the days of dial-up and the world wide web was still in its infancy!

I couldn't understand why I (and Witnesses in general) were encouraged to maintain a regular personal study, and yet when I found problems with several claims being made about the history of the organization as well as certain doctrines, in light of that personal study, I couldn't *discuss* those things with the elders. Where was the "freeness of speech" that the apostle Paul was referring to?

And so, just as Jesus said that even the stones would cry out if those loyal to him remained silent on matters that demanded to be spoken, I felt compelled to discuss things. I craved understanding as to why there were these discrepancies between what I read in the Bible and what the Society was insisting I *should* be seeing.

And since there was and remains no provision within the organization for openly and candidly discussing such things, and a vacuum *must* be filled, I stumbled across the aforementioned usenet group where there was an abundance of individuals only too willing to discuss the problems. The problem was that these ones had no other interest than convincing people to leave the organization. They offered nothing in its place; they just wanted you to abandon the organization. Their argumentation was often brutal, but because Witnesses aren't helped to address REAL conversation stoppers and REAL counterarguments, I was ill-equipped to counter the influence of these ones' points, valid as those points were in most cases.

Even so, I yearned for SOMEone to say "Yes, these things are true, BUT ---" and that led to me seeking out a different place I might discuss, now, not only the discrepancies and problems I'd become aware of, but also the added baggage brought on by what I came to refer to as "opposers."

That, of course, led to the Hourglass2 forum. In some ways it was a welcome reprieve from the bitterness and emptiness of the Usenet group... but in time I began to see the same mentality settling in across that forum as well.

Every once in a while, I'd see a post from someone who went by the username "YouKnow." At times acerbic in their responses to things other members were posting, and at times remarkably helpful and insightful, I found myself watching for new posts by "YouKnow" as I saw the first glimmer of unrealized hope that here was my ached-for "Yes, these things are true, BUT ---."

At some point, I sent a PM to the poster and, if memory serves, mentioned that I'd found his posts interesting because he seemed to be continuing to support an organization that clearly had a LOT of issues and scriptural errors. His response was somewhat terse and at the same time on-point in enough ways that it got my attention and we exchanged some additional emails.

Around that time or shortly after, the Y2K drama ended up being the straw that broke Hourglass2's back, and the forum went off to the website graveyard.

However, the correspondence between YK and myself continued and led to a friendship that has lasted down to this day. He at one point told me his real name, and even touched on the idea of having his own website from which he could reach out to disaffected brothers and sisters who sought PERSPECTIVE in light of the Society's continued dalliance with error.

The revelation of the Watchtower's partnership with the United Nations was, as I recall, the final straw for Robert. The compelling to speak out, to warn, and to reach out to the friends as well as put the Society on notice that Jehovah's judgment was swiftly coming in upon them for their apostasy and abuse of their privilege as the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses, had reached critical mass, and e-Watchman was founded to embark on the seemingly impossible task of trying to sound the warning to all who had ears and would listen.

In the years since, I've supported Robert in this herculean calling, and had the privilege of seeing his ministry grow as Jehovah's blessing continues to manifest itself through the hearts of the friends who have been touched by the message found here: not a message calling one to abandon, but rather a message that brings perspective which, in turn, leads to a restoration of faith and a renewal of hope for those seeking such.

Having someone who confirms the troubled thoughts of those whom Jehovah allows a certain awareness as to the problems within the organization is a refreshment like cool water on a dry, arid day.

But having someone who does that AND brings that necessary, godly "...BUT!" ...someone who is willing to take the time and explain that these things MUST come to pass and that these, yes, THESE things are evidence that Jehovah's Witnesses *are* God's people... well, THAT'S a priceless gift in these dark, troubled days for those who have dedicated their lives to the Living God, Jehovah.
Kendall Kendall wrote on May 22, 2016 at 10:45 pm:
My early "religious" education included tracts written by Roy D. Goodrich, an early pioneer in the organization. Roy wrote many expository tracts about the NWT and the WB&TS. His chosen organization was known as Back to the Bible Way. I recently started finding Robert Kings' videos on YouTube and have used them to try to get others to pay attention.
Joseph S Schiess Joseph S Schiess wrote on May 18, 2016 at 7:52 am:
Among Godโ€™s โ€œguarded secretsโ€ is the reality of the desolation of the earthly organization and the future, visible presence of Christ. Jehovah has caused these things to be announced through his watchman Robert beforehand in this book and his website. The greatest test of faith will come when the world is engulfed in war, and all the rest of the features of the sign of Christ become manifest. Will Jehovahโ€™s Witnesses trust God then, or will they stay loyal to the organization that has misled them?
Andres daniel Andres daniel wrote on May 18, 2016 at 6:48 am:
Desde Bogotรก, Colombia te envรญo mis mas sinceros sentimientos de amor y aprecio.estoy de acuerdo con los comentarios....has salvado la vida espiritual de muchos,incluyo la mรญa,sรณlo que no se como efectuar mi ministerio o detenerlo.como ser un baluarte para mis hermanos si ellos no ven con Buenos ojos a los inactivos...te quiero mucho mi hermano y espero conocerte algรบn dรญa,antes que recibas tu llamamiento celestial,porque yo si me quedo aquรญ jejejeje
Darren Wilks Darren Wilks wrote on May 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm:
What is truth? Deception in this world is so thick, its palpable. I wondered as a young man how can we exist and have our history erased to the point that there were actually dark ages. Knowledge of who, what, and where we came from has been erased from human history. It was easiest to dismiss God altogether because of the wickedness that is so prevalent in the world. Suffering, war, death, its easy to see how philosophers reasoned that there is no God, or even one step further. God is dead.

I was raised methodist and went to a catholic boarding school, so I always asked questions to the priests at school. My boarding school was at a Benedictine monastery. Within just a few days of questioning the monks and priests it was obvious to me that these men were following lies and traditions of men.

Then I found Jehovah's Witnesses in college. My weed dealer.. yes I smoked some herb back then.. actually directed me to the witnesses after I started posing questions about reality and God during a smoking session. He gave me a book called You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth. Thats when things came together for me.

I was baptized as a Jehovah's Witness in 1996 and was disfellowshipped shortly thereafter. I had such a zeal for the truth, I reg pioneered, and did everything the elders told me to do. I was the only JW in my family so I did the best I could to make a good witness! I didn't go to my Grandma's funeral, and didn't go to my sisters wedding because it was held in Catholic church. I was making such a good impression!

The burden of the truth became to much to bear. Jesus said that his yoke is kindly and light.. I remember reading that and thinking that the yoke of watchtower was anything but kindly.

I was out in service with a sister one morning and the house holder stopped me before I began my kingdom pitch. She asked, " are you with the Watchtower?" I told her no, I was here on behalf of the True God Jehovah, and wanted to invite her to learn about Christ's Kingdom. The sister corrected me and said we are there on behalf of Watchtower. I think that was one of the first seeds of something not right in the organization.

I never stopped believing in Jehovah or the Kingdom, but I knew what Watchtower had wasn't quite right either.

I didn't mean to start writing a novel here, but I'll close with saying that there's truth here. And I pray Jehovah pour his spirit on all those involved with this site and those finding it. Amen.
Ann Ann wrote on May 15, 2016 at 4:34 am:
May Jehovah reward you for your tireless efforts in behalf of his people, dear brother. I think you have saved far more lives than you will ever know.
Song of Hannah Song of Hannah wrote on May 15, 2016 at 3:09 am:
About the book: "Jehovah is King" not only restored my faith that God does not approve of the evil he sees taking place within the organization, but at the same time my faith in God's purpose towards Jehovah's Witnesses was restored as well - something I would not have thought possible. If you know anyone disgruntled or stumbled, urge them to read this book!