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Irmi Eichner Irmi Eichner wrote on May 30, 2019 at 11:11 pm:
Dear Robert, I have followed you on Youtube for a long time and just wanted to say hello and that I pray you are doing well. We have not heard from you in about one month now, and I know you had been ill, so please take care of yourself and get well. We miss your videos and/or radio shows. You truly are a Watchman helping us stay informed and guided to follow Jehovah God. Thank you.
Jesse Jesse wrote on March 3, 2018 at 10:42 pm:
Hi guys, i came in contact with this website in 2014. I am convinced it is true. I was raised in the truth and I am finally going to tell the elders what i believe. I know i will probably get disfellowshipped, but Jehovah will be with me I am sure. So, I can understand you guys please pray for me. I will continue to pray, like I do, for all the brotherhood, that's means you and me, Thanks for your support!
Ken Rosenberg wrote on July 7, 2017 at 3:44 pm:
I learned the truth at the age of 16, preaching in my high school gym that we were all going to burn in hell. ? When one of Jehovah's Witnesses came up to me and shut me up with the Bible.

I then got baptized three years later. I am not special or anything, I just always had a feeling the watchtower was wrong, my intuition always questioned whether Jehovah would punish the world for ignoring a group of men in Bethel. I remember reading 1 John 4:1 all those years ago and wondering if it was talking about us, but I shrugged it off, reasoning if this isn't the truth, then no religion is.

I started preaching on the internet last year, against the wishes of the elders. I reaped what I sowed, I reached a lot of people through my methods. Which is when I met a JW who told me to read 2 Thessalonians 2. I had never read that chapter before. Immediately in that moment I stopped believing 1914. How can the Bible be any more clearer? I had to prove using the Bible, that the overlapping Generations were wrong though, which I did. I then had 100% faith that 1914 was a false prophecy. Eventually I learned all the dirty little secrets of the 1914 lie.

Through my research I found e-watchman.com he was already preaching what I knew. This site and Perimeno are the only two places where you will find an accurate analysis of the scriptures.
Craig Knight wrote on July 6, 2017 at 9:51 pm:
I am a 3rd generation JW . I left the Organization about 27 years ago. My Father died a year before I left and then I left my wife because we were not getting along so I felt like a hypocrite and just said that's it I had enough. I was a total burnout tho I loved the ring of truth. I was even very proud of the 607 chronology. I was basically a burnout case from over working 7 days a week. I ended up in the hospital from total exhaustion. I was living in a small room I rented from some old folks. I was very angry and angry at God for a long time. I got deep into Buddhism and Taoism and martial arts and metaphysical stuff. My Brother died young at 53 and that shook me up. Then my Brother in law died. So I finally decided I'd had enough of this sewer of a world and went back and did deep research on the WT and found all the problems with WT teachings etc. I stumbled upon Robert Kings YouTube channel and got his book and was so relieved to know that the WT was indeed off track. I devoured Roberts book and read it thru several times. My faith has been restored and I am studying with my grown Son's and we talk about the Bible constantly. I have changed my life 100 percent and feel close to Jehovah again. It makes sense that Satan has attacked Gods people as He always has. Im very grateful to Robert for his love for God and how He is there for us ex JW's who have been thru hell. I truly believe that Robert is a gift from Jehovah for the beaten sheep abused by WT. I pray for Robert every day and ask that Jehovah keeps on guiding him. God does not abandon his sheep.
Michael Hewitt wrote on May 15, 2017 at 9:51 am:
Itโ€™s taken me a year to assimilate TTATT I have 4 beautiful children all serving as adults I am in deep prayer about telling them. I take comfort from Dan11@32b. Jah bless this site and thanks Watchman for your hard work and perseverance.
Juan Carlos Ibacache Juan Carlos Ibacache wrote on March 8, 2017 at 9:11 pm:
Estimados Hermanos..es gratificante leer esta pagina..realmente para mi se asemeja " al agua que utiliza un campesino al regar y la lleva por una acequia ya humeda"..el agua corre rapido y se pierde en las entraรฑas de la tierra...seรฑalo esto pues por mas de dos decadas he sostenido muchos de los temas que ustedes aca comparten. Soy Testigo de JEHOVAH, bautizado hace casi 38 aรฑos..y hace 20 aรฑos atras deje de asociarme, pues considere ciertos errores, ciertas acciones que son contrarias a la Voluntad de nuestro PADRE ETERNO.
Hace casi 20 aรฑos que discerni quien seria el Gog de Magog...pero nadie tomo en serio mis pensamientos..y hoy ya se vislumbra ese acontecimiento que llevara al derrumbe de la moderna Babilonia Politica EEUU.
Ademas gracias al entendimiento y discernimiento por la voluntad de JEHOVAH DIOS, he concluido ciertos estudios referidos a la " Generacion que no pasara"...que en nada tiene que ver con 1914.
Por ello mis amados Hermanos, es un gran honor poder escribir estas palabras a ustedes...tengo certeza de su defensa de la VERDAD que es JESUS nuestro SALVADOR.
Solo agregar que seria un gran privilegio poder compartir con ustedes mis estudios de las Sagradas Escrituras...

Reciban Ustedes mis respetos,y afecto Cristiano.
Saludos y Bendiciones
Juan Carlos Ibacache
Emerson Emerson wrote on March 8, 2017 at 2:21 am:
I haven't a clue if anyone knows me out there but if you do I hope you're a discreet friend. My story has too many turns in it to bother with, but enough has obviously happened to me to seek answers for my unsteady faith.

You see, I, like so many, love my creator and was happy to express my beliefs. But I came to a point in the org. that by the time I left the hall I felt the GB was taking my Bible reading away from me by how they were saying it read. Well, I'm not above learning. We all should be 'learners'. But something is wrong here. Like so many, I used to hear that statement 'Give it time and pray about it, then Jehovah my open your heart to understanding'. Funny thing is I have not given Jehovah any reason to close my eyes of understanding. The Bible truths were what drew me to the org. in the first place. But when I was being told things contradictory to what I was seeing, I felt this was damaging to me spiritually. Yes, I was what I feel the case book of 'stumbled' is. The story is long and familiar. So let's skip it and say if anyone of you out there can point me in the right direction I'd welcome it.
Dufchuka Dufchuka wrote on February 28, 2017 at 9:20 am:
Hi, Just to say 'thank you' to Robert King, for all the hard work and effort he puts into supplying us with regular spiritual food.

I am not a JW (as in, a member of the org), but I do go to KH meetings every week to absorb the bible truth, along with regular daily reading from the e-watchman website.

RK's analysis, opinion, and clarification, on some very important religious aspects, is very much appreciated. It is also a necessity if we are to seek the truth with an open mind and sincere heart.
OMG OMG wrote on February 4, 2017 at 10:14 pm:
I never ever thought I would be reading nor writing in a site that is not approved by the WT. I have been a JW for 27 years and 10 of those years in the full time service as a regular pioneer and at Bethel. I love Jehovah's organization I really do! And it deeply saddens me what is now going on in the organization.

When I was at bethel I knew things and I saw other things that probably were not up to code for people representing Jehovah, but I always blamed it on imperfection and I put it all on the back of my mind. Then I was watching the video of the annual meeting in NY, when the Governing Body announced the construction of Warwick and he said something that went right through my heart. He said "We do not know if Jehovah approves of this project yet." For me them moving from Brooklyn did not make much sense since we were then so very close to the end, so why make such a huge move and spend so much money on a project in which they were not sure Jehovah was going to approve.

Then the organization went into economic problems due to the project and changed assignments to special pioneers and Bethelites around the globe. That showed me that Jehovah might have not been to pleased with the move.

Then came the rearrangement of the 1914 prophecy. When that happened all my red lights went on. I was so scared and frighten that the organization was going astray. Now reading your site I feel inclined to believe you are right about the WT and that the judgement of Jehovah is upon us JW. I feel so scared, still but I keep reading your site and finding some relief. Thank you very much from my the bottom of my heart brother.
tortas tortas wrote on January 4, 2017 at 10:15 pm:
ive been visiting roberts site now for about 10 years. baptized when i was 19 yrs but disassociated myself after couple of years . i agreed with jw bible principles and truths but never on prophecy; it just didnt make sense . im glad i found roberts site and to be taught by his insight.
Cory M Cory M wrote on December 30, 2016 at 2:09 am:
Hi Brothers & Sisters I'm new to this site been visiting it daily for almost two weeks it was like I woke up it was funny I went through so many sites that did little to nothing to help my disillusionment they just further disturbed me and I felt my whole world falling apart I came here at a certain point of that breakdown and felt once again that Jehovah answers at exactly the right time.

I always wondered where the other ones were, if I was the only one going through this painful struggle in the organization seeing such
hypocrisy, yet not wanting to ever give up on Jehovah, and I found the lovely people on this site.

I have been reading the comment sections and witnessing the Love. I have been through a lot up to this point now it all feels like it has been all for a very good reason so here I am and I'm happy to be here just been reading Robert's book to get up to speed on the Truth about the Truth and so happy that I found it.
Yuri Fisher Yuri Fisher wrote on December 25, 2016 at 2:01 pm:
Hello dear brothers and sisters here. I am glad to have this guestbook where we can just meet together and exchange our information about Bible and our faith. We live in the very hard world for lovers of truth. Truth is hidden very deep and only few who dig can unearth it. This site and book and many articles help us to dig. WT literature also have much of the truth about God and Jesus but also much falsehoods about future events and Bible prophesies. Only diligent study can help to reveal what is going really to happen. Not everything is clear us but at least more than anyone who rely only on WT teachings. Let us continue to meet here and refresh each other .
Jojo Jojo wrote on December 6, 2016 at 9:03 pm:
Hello just wanted to thank you for this site ! I was baptized in 1978 and love Jehovah and Jesus very much however I had become inactive for several years and then decided I needed t return to Jehovah which I did in 2009. I've had a very hard time dealing with some of the changes that took place while I was gone the overlapping generations, and new light, blood fractions. I knew I had the truth but somehow I could not accept these changes. I made a friend that didn't want to tell me the truth about some silly thing and she went to the watchtower publications to justify telling a lie. I felt why would she turn to there publications to try and find a way to tell me a lie she knew a lie was wrong or at least she should have it should be written on our hearts! My point is she was more concerned with what the watchtower thought of a lie then what she knew Jehovah thought of it. It really got me thinking about the loyalty that a lot of the brothers and sisters have to the watchtower! Thank you for your site it makes so much sense to me now!
Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds. wrote on December 4, 2016 at 12:34 pm:
Hello jtk. This is the truth here. Join in. Drink life's steps free.
Fridgeman Fridgeman wrote on December 3, 2016 at 10:21 am:
Just want to say thank you. I was about to quit my bible study again having been absent 20 years until I found this site. Whether you have all the answers or not the angels must surely be rejoicing at your shepherding success.
JTK JTK wrote on November 28, 2016 at 1:28 am:
in my mid thirties and asking some serious questions about life and God and realizing that the world could not survive without a stable government led by a moral person i realised that only Jesus Christ could be that person.

a knock came to the door and a WT mag was presented, i knew nothing of Jehovahs Witnesses, but i knew that there was a one that worked where i did, so i asked him some questions.

Paradise earth, Gods kingdom, eternal life came flooding at me and my heart pounded with joy. I had found the truth or at least the truth had found me. That was the good part.

After attending a few memorials and occasional bible studies and attending some meetings my understanding of what the witnesses believed and taught increased but so did my questions, and when on that sunday i heard the speaker redefine the generation that would not pass away i felt uneasy, and, yes, guilty. Who was i to question what these people teach, i was lost until they found me and clothed me with knowledge of the truth. Was i backsliding was i looking for a way out, was my faith false, was i a goat and not the sheep i thought i was going to be?

Nevertheless, i found that i could not just trust what they said and it was then that i started to search for history on the WT Org and then i discovered Roberts site, and i found an explanation for what i had experienced.

Unfortunatley at that time Roberts site was flooded with people who i now understand had not arrived there for comfort but to to challenge basic bible teachings, Robert had to act to enable his message to Jehovahs witnesses to be heard clearly, i suppose i was collatoral damage and i neede time out to find my spiritual feet again.
still today i cannot say i agree or probably more the case i do not as yet fully understand everything Robert says and publishes, but i respect his dedication to declare the truth to Gods household who are blinded by the 1914 lie.

i don't know where i stand in Gods plan for his people or even if i am privilidged to be a part of it, all i truly know is that i am a sinner, i need Christ for salvation, i need His kingdom for rulership, and i desire eternal life on a paradise earth for me and my loved ones.
Jordan Ty Hayden Jordan Ty Hayden wrote on November 3, 2016 at 3:31 pm:
I've been a baptized JW for 6 years. I love "the truth" and learning and the Bible and especially the person of Jehovah. However I quickly realized I would have trouble since I insisted on proof (from the Bible mind you...) and resisted the urge to join the power cliques.

I started to realize that there were essentially two types of people in the kingdom halls: Those searching and Lifers. The Lifers require little proof and they support the hierarchy and love ritual style worship. The only word that truly fits them is "brainwashed." They are only interested in what they are told to be interested in.

I really don't say this to be unkind. In general they seem to have put all their faith in the lemming in front of them. It truly frightens me. They have simply chosen to stop learning.

The Searchers are searching (thus the name). They keep searching.

What lead me here and to Mr. King's book was a website I stumbled on that had such a vitriolic rant against Mr. King and his alternate interpretation of prophecy that it made him sound worse than Satan himself. Really, it was wildly over the top. I had to find out who he was, if just to protect myself from Satan's twin by at least being aware of him.

The book "Jehovah himself is King" really confirmed my suspicions about 1914, the advancement and constant promotion of a hierarchy of men who seemed to have gained parity (if not supremacy) over Jesus and Jehovah themselves, and the marriage to the tacit infallibility of The GB at the cost of thousands of other anointed individuals who the WTBTS seems to suggest are either lying or inconsequential. A power play if I ever saw one.

The book was/is terrific and I finished it in three days. I am now reading it again and it has renewed my interest in rereading the prophets books in the old testament.

Mr. King you are to be congratulated for your insistence on being helpful to others even at great cost to yourself. I thank Jehovah for your wisdom everyday.Thank you for providing balanced information from the Bible and a forum for open discussion among people who love Jehovah. I have brought several people to the truth myself and I have shown them the book and the information it contains and they are so pleased with it.

Many, many individuals KNOW something is wrong in the congregations (or so I have discovered). I used to joke that the feet of the statue in Daniel represent the immovable and unreasonable leadership in the organization and the individuals who are searching for the truth, wherever it leads (This is a joke, I do not in fact believe this).

It has been very encouraging to read the stories of the individuals who visit this site and apply this information. I do not keep my beliefs a secret, so I'm sure I will eventually be expelled from the congregation, but I am beginning to believe that this is going to be necessary. I cannot think of how else to stand up for truth.

If anyone has advice for me about this I'm glad to hear it. The information they "learn" each week is so elementary and tedious that I'm convinced that the forces at work are purposefully keeping them on "milk" and denying them solid food. It's surreal, but what is to be expected this close to the end?

Thank you for reading this. I hope and pray for you all that we draw closer to Jehovah and become apart of his purpose.

Take Are Everyone!
Jorge Jorge wrote on October 6, 2016 at 10:24 pm:
Hello everyone......love to see more and more brothers and sisters are opening their eyes.....
a watcher a watcher wrote on September 18, 2016 at 8:53 pm:
Hello, fellow Beroeans.
I'm a long-time lurker who finally joined so that I can thank Robert for his occasional profound thoughts.
I can't reveal too much info about myself because I'm still an active publisher in good standing, although I'm a low hour publisher.
I love Jehovah and Jesus dearly, and I am staying in the congregation because I believe that is what Jehovah wants me to do at this time.
I am a sister, and I have a handful of sisters that I am mentoring to help them endure faithfully to the end.
Let the will of Jehovah take place.
Dean LaRue Dean LaRue wrote on September 6, 2016 at 10:50 am:
hello everyone. I have been studying with Jehovah's people off and on for over 30 years and have never been baptized. I do think of you all as brothers and sisters but, the love I felt in the beginning sort of waned with the whole shunning of people who obviously needed our help and compassion, protection of pedophiles and 1914 malarchy. I finally heard the real truth about 7 months ago from a sister (whom I could never possibly repay) and have been reading and building a true appreciation for Jehovah and his promises, now the yoke is much lighter and kinder . By the way that is my real name I just figured for me it was in for a penny in for a pound. xoxo