• Im sure it will come long before 2125 hahahaha. This world cannot continue like this for a long time… if it continues like they way it goes… by 2125… it will be overcorrupt and destroyed. So, they are in certain way right.

  • Luigi004 started the topic Pattern? in the forum Watchman Forum 3 months ago

    Does anyone think the same as me?

    I will share with you my thoughts… and if Robert can give an answer it would be excellent.

    I think that in the future there will be two attacks against Gods people and the  watchtower

    First… the watchtower will be in some way attacked by the beast. But… that will be the time to flee from it. In some way…[Read more]

  • Luigi004 replied to the topic Babylon the Great in the forum Watchman Forum 3 months ago

    The watchtower is not part of Babylon the great. Maybe in the future… as you said when the wheat is taken out… but not now… Jehovah does not accept any kind of worship from the different religions that compose babylon the great… they are detestable before his eyes. It is just like the situation with ancient Israel… Israel was Gods…[Read more]

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