As a post-war baby-boomer, born just seven years after the most destructive war in history was violently punctuated by the first and only use of nuclear weapons in warfare (so far), some of the first books I read (other than comic books) were about the last world war. I suppose even then I knew it would not be the last world war.

Having grown up under the lingering pall of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki mushroom clouds and then the Cuban Missile Crises, which purportedly brought the world to within a few hours or days of nuclear war; and later faced with the prospect of being drafted and marched into the grinding maw in Vietnam; as a twenty-year-old searcher for truth, I first began to embrace the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses and became irresistibly absorbed in prophecy—taken by the notion that this God named “Jehovah” had foretold the general outline of history long beforehand, particularly the developments surrounding the return of Jesus. And the fact the Watchtower Society had pinpointed 1914 and the outbreak of the First World War as the “most important date in all human history” was especially captivating.

To think that these two terrible world wars that had dominated the 20th century were actually a result of the establishment of the kingdom of Christ in heaven and the banishment of Satan from the heavenly realm—in fulfillment of the 12th chapter of Revelation—well, that did it for me. I was hooked!

One of the first Watchtower publications I read back then (1973), before I even began to officially study with Jehovah’s Witnesses, was a book entitled: Your Will Be Done, which was a commentary on the intriguing prophecies of Daniel. It was published in 1958 and if I accurately recall, it was the first time the Watchtower Society had identified the USSR as the prophetic king of the north and the Anglo-American dual-world power as the rival king of the south.

The Watchtower Society explained the Cold War then dominating the world as the manifestation of the foretold “pushing” that is destined to take place between the two rival kings during the “time of the end.” The seemingly inexorable expansion of the sphere of influence of the sprawling Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was said to be the flooding over all the nations that is to occur as a result of the shoving match.

At the time it seemed like an insightful and sound exposition of prophecy. But then in 1991 something totally unexpected occurred. The USSR was unceremoniously dissolved. The Soviet Union had been portrayed in the West as this invincible foe of civilization that could not be defeated—only resisted. Then one fine day—Poof! Gone! And all without a shot being fired. (Excluding Boris Yeltsin ordering tanks to blast Russia’s own parliament building.)

I distinctly remember being stunned at the sudden turn of events. My mind was perplexed. Where did we stand in the prophetic timeline in view of this stunning development? Had the king of the north come all the way to his end with no helper, as the prophecy foretells? In time it soon became apparent that that was not the case.

Still, though, there must be an entity in the role of the king of the north, but who could it be? As the years rolled by I kept expecting the Watchtower to address the issue of the collapse of the putative Soviet king of the north. Maybe at the next convention? The years continued to roll by…

Then in 1999, the Watchtower Society published a paperback called Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy! I read it with the greatest eagerness of mind, imagining that they would offer fresh new insights into this compelling prophecy. But I soon came to the disappointing realization that it was merely a revised edition of Your Will be Done –albeit, upgraded with eye-catching illustrations.

Not only had the Watchtower retained their implausible interpretation that the then non-existent USSR had been the king of the north, and in spite of the fact that the Governing Body continue to exclaim that “we are deep in the time of the end”—when the secrets of Daniel are scheduled to be unsealed to the faithful—the “Pay Attention” commentary unabashedly admitted that the “slave class” does not know who the king of the north is at present. And for the past two decades since the dissolution of the USSR they have not uttered one word of revision and have even advised all of Jehovah’s Witnesses that it is wise not to “speculate” on the matter.

As Paul once wrote in Galatians concerning certain seemingly outstanding men who ‘imparted nothing new,’ the same can truthfully be said of the leading men of the Watchtower Society in this present time.

Over the past decade, I have heard from numerous Jehovah’s Witnesses with various ideas. Some suppose that a resurgent Russia will at some point reemerge as the king of the north. Others imagine that China is going to step into the role. Now that Iran and radical Islam are in the news there is a smattering of speculation about these being the new prophetic king of the north. Ironically, I suppose the Watchtower’s advice is sound: It is wise not to speculate.

Indeed, it is better to know than to speculate.

Longtime readers of know that since I first came online (now exactly ten years ago this month) I have consistently identified the prophetic king of the north as the British Empire and America as the king of the south. And contrary to what Jehovah’s Witnesses presently believe, I have pointed forward to the ascension of the eighth king as a future earthshaking event, which will come about in the aftermath of the collapse of the present nation-state system. In fact, one of the first essays I published in 2002 was called The King of the North. (Although no longer available on any of my sites you can check it out on the Wayback Machine Internet archives)

But isn’t the British Empire a relic of history, some may ask? And if the Anglo-American duo is allied in this so-called “special relationship,” how can they also be adversaries? How did I arrive at these unconventional conclusions I espouse and what makes me so sure? And why does any of this matter?

(Britain’s Global Legacy of Conflict)

Shortly after the USSR dissolved I began searching for reliable information that might shed some light on what was really going on in the world. I was beginning to realize back then that the mainstream media was virtually useless. Actually, it is worse than useless. It seems that the mainstream media is employed to intentionally distract, mislead and misinform, all the while fostering the belief among the masses that they are fully informed.

At any rate, when I began intensively looking into matters in 1993 it was before the Internet had even revolutionized the accessibility of information. Fortunately, a friend put me onto an old cluttered news and magazine store in North Park, in San Diego, where we had just moved. They carried newspapers from around the world and offbeat magazines that you couldn’t find anywhere else. One magazine sort of jumped out at me since the cover carried a topic on the UN and the scheme to establish it as a global government. After all, surely if the UN is going to eradicate organized religion globally, wouldn’t it have to be a world government with much greater power and authority than it presently possesses?

The magazine was The New American—published by the John Birch Society. Also, the newsstand carried a weekly eight-page newspaper called The New Federalist, which was published by Lyndon LaRouche, whom I was familiar with from his several presidential campaigns and even primetime television appearances back in the 80s. I was hooked again.

The New Federalist had a weekly column called The American Almanac, which gave in-depth history lessons on the development of Western civilization and the historic struggle between the empire and the republic—between the forgotten American system of political economy and the British system of usury, deregulation, drug money laundering, global exploitation, and war.

Unfortunately, the New Fed ceased publication about 12 years ago, but many of the articles are archived on The American Almanac website, which I have linked to in various articles I have written over the years. 

Also, as it turned out there was a John Birch Society bookstore in the same neighborhood that carried numerous books on the topic of the conspiracy to establish a new world order. I must have read a dozen or more. One I remember was entitled: Global Tyranny…Step by Step.

The Ron Paul movement today and people like Alex Jones are heavily influenced by the JBS. Eventually, though, I discounted much of the John Birch Society’s view. While there is definitely a long-running conspiracy to establish a world government through an empowered UN, it is not primarily a scheme hatched by American bankers. It emanates from the lords of London and other European aristocrats. Ultra-wealthy bankers like Rockefeller, who has been a big promoter of the UN, even “donating” the land for the UN headquarters monolith, are simply held up as an American face to what is distinctly a British conspiracy to dominate and ultimately destroy Christian civilization.

In demonstration of this fact, men in positions of power and influence in America are routinely knighted by the Queen of England. For example, Sir Henry Kissinger, who even admitted that he was a British agent; Sir George Bush, whose father, Prescott, worked in concert with London bankers to finance Hitler, even during the height of the war. And then there is Sir Allen Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank. Obviously, these and others were knighted for services rendered to the Crown.

Eventually, I subscribed to LaRouche’s EIR (Executive Intelligence Review), which I have since come to appreciate is used by national leaders and governments around the world as a source of intelligence. So, it has been a valuable resource for me to have access to the insights of an extraordinary polymath. And interestingly, even though the collapse of the USSR supposedly took intelligence agencies by surprise, LaRouche forecasted the event a few years before it occurred.

(I don’t know how it could have happened, but once someone at EIR accidentally emailed the EIR mailing list to me! There were numerous names of government officials and journalists that I recognized.)

The writings of LaRouche and others of his associates and former associates, like Webster Tarpley and William Engdahl, helped me to understand that the primary world-shaping conflict is not between communism and capitalism, but has been between the British Empire and the American system. And ultimately there must be a decisive confrontation.

Having immersed myself in the particulars of the ongoing conspiracy to establish a so-called new world order, one October afternoon in 1996 I picked up the Bible and started reading the prophecy of Ezekiel and I didn’t stop reading for many months. I read for hours a day. Some days I read nearly all day. I read all of the Hebrew prophets. Some of the smaller books I read over and over dozens of times. And as I read everything just started to fall into place in my mind. After no little internal struggle trying to understand what had come over me, I was eventually made to realize that my sudden obsession with the prophets was a manifestation of the anointing by God’s spirit. At least that is how it worked in my case at the time.

After having spent untold hours reading and thinking, it then came time to write. About that same time I also acquired my first computer and began pecking around with two fingers, (now I use four) writing essays and sending them to Brooklyn. I had no idea at the time that a book would eventually develop from my madness. (Jehovah Himself Has Become King)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In October 2001, just a month after the terrorist attack brought down both of the World Trade Center towers, the London Guardian published a bombshell article exposing the Watchtower Society being in a secret partnership with United Nations. Stung by the publicity the Watchtower hastily withdrew their membership and concocted a cover-up story that it had been necessary to become an associate NGO in order to use the UN library. That, of course, was a lie. Then a few months after that a series of television documentaries revealed that the Watchtower Society had a long-standing policy of shielding pedophiles. (As an elder I had personally witnessed the Watchtower’s policy in action years before but was unaware of the extent of pedophilia throughout the organization.)

Up until then, I had not been able to understand why Jehovah would use the empire as his punishing agent. But it became apparent to me in 2001 that the Society had gone into a state of apostasy, even as Paul foretold when he forewarned that the “apostasy must come first.” (“First,” before the parousia and manifestation of Christ) And the reason the Watchtower is clueless as regards the king of the north is because it is the king of the north who is destined by prophecy to ‘lead into apostasy those who are acting wickedly against the covenant.’ (Daniel 11:32)

Then in January 2002, it was as if scales suddenly fell from my eyes and I realized that 1914 and the invisible parousia doctrine of the Watchtower was a complete fraud – the masterful work of the prophetic man of lawlessness, backed up by deceptive powerful works from the Devil. The return of Christ and the judgment of the house of God is a future event. At that point, I determined to begin publishing what I considered to be the future judgments of Jehovah.

But I didn’t really know how to go about it. At first I began trying to learn website design (this was before blog platforms), but that didn’t go so well. Then I decided on hiring a professional company. But I was a little uncomfortable entrusting the information I was intending to publish to strangers who did not share my perspective. Then on the very day, I was going to hire a company to set up a website someone contacted me from out of the blue whom I had previously had some contact with on discussion boards, which turned out to be the beginning of a long-running collaboration with a fellow Jehovah’s Witness who handled all the perplexing technical stuff for me. (Now he only administers the Jehovah’s Witnesses discussion board and other issues that may pop up from time to time.)

According to popular opinion, the British Empire no longer exists, just as the Devil does not really exist, at least according to popular opinion. And the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses is apparently similarly deluded as regards the British Empire. But both the Devil and the British Empire do exist.  In fact, it would seem that the City of London is Satan’s earthly throne – his capital city.

The British Empire used to exist as a colonial empire and that system of empire is obviously a relic of history. However, the real apparatus of control over the nations is still very much in existence in the form of the monetary and financial system and as is becoming more apparent by the day even the political system is being subjugated to the authority of the bankers.

After all, what has been the purpose of empires in the first place? Has it not been to plunder and enslave the peoples of the world? Of course, it has. Going back to the original empires mentioned in the Bible– all of which dominated Jehovah’s people by the way – it is apparent that empires exist at the expense of those who are subject to them. And the way it works, those who resist being subjugated are eliminated or broken.

But how can the British Empire and America be adversaries when they are yoked together in a Special Relationship, forming the Anglo-American dual world power?

Keep in mind that Britain and America have fought two wars. There was, of course, the Revolutionary war and then the war of 1812, when the British burned down the president’s mansion. But then there was the American Civil War, which London tried to use to break up the union (divide and conquer). Had not Czar Nicholas threatened to intervene on the side of the Union if Britain used its navy to blockade the ports of the north, the war may have had an entirely different outcome.

(In the mid 90’s LaRouche published his Triple Curve diagram that has accurately charted the inevitable collapse of the system, the point at which we have now arrived.) Then there was the WWI, which was brought about by the machinations of British geopolitics. But America had a policy of non-intervention. Besides that, many Americans then were of German ancestry. But with the sinking of the Lusitania, which many suspect was orchestrated by the British, and a full-scale propaganda campaign, America was swayed to join the killing on the side of the British and French. After the war, London engineered the Great Depression and nearly orchestrated a fascist coup within the USA. But their efforts to crush the American republic failed. But that was not the end of it. Other than a brief expose by London’s Guardian EIR is the only news source that has revealed the British/Saudi connection behind the 9-11 attack, which was obviously used as a pretext to launch wars throughout Asia and the Middle East and use the US military to batter the nations into submission.

But since the dismantling of the post-WWII Bretton Woods system and the advent of unregulated derivatives London has become the center of the world’s money system and has become increasingly dominant. At this point, though, that system has become completely bankrupt. But the scheme is to sink the nations – drowning them in debt and launch a nuclear war in order to impose a global dictatorship. We may expect the empire to succeed since the king of the north is said to be successful until the denunciation is concluded.

Does knowing any of this matter?

Well, people have certain expectations and assumptions. The Watchtower has cultivated a particular expectation among Jehovah’s Witnesses. When those expectations and assumptions fail then there is certain to be a massive shakeout. Basically, as regards prophecy and the unfolding of future events the Watchtower Society has been instrumental in concealing the truth from those who otherwise know it. This, too, is part of prophecy. (See essay: Woe to the Stupid Prophets)

From my unique perception of prophecy, combined with the insights into historical and current events provided by LaRouche, I stand convinced that we are on the threshold of earthshaking developments that will coincide with the actual parousia of Christ and the initiation of the fiery day of Jehovah. Indeed, even as Christ foretold the coming holocaust would be unsurvivable if God did not intervene. This is something completely unanticipated by Jehovah’s Witnesses and is what qualifies and obligates me to serve in the capacity of a watchman.

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