Let Chaos Reign (for now)

//Let Chaos Reign (for now)

Daily Commentary

Tuesday, May 24

God is a God not of disorder but of peace.1 Cor. 14:33.

Jehovah, the Creator of the universe, does things in an organized manner. His first creation was his only-begotten spirit Son, who is called “the Word” because he is God’s principal spokesman. The Word has served Jehovah for ages, for the Bible states: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.” A little over 2,000 years ago, God sent the Word to the earth, where he faithfully did his Father’s will as the perfect man Jesus Christ. During his prehuman existence, God’s Son served loyally as His “master worker.”  By means of him, Jehovah brought into existence many millions of other spirit creatures in heaven. Regarding such angels, one Bible account informs us: “A thousand thousands kept ministering to Jehovah].”  God’s numerous spirit creatures are referred to as the well-organized “armies” of Jehovah.

Jehovah is the God of peace and order. His wisdom and power are expressed throughout all creation. There is an order and rank in the invisible world above and in the physical world we live in. Everything, from the smallest known particles of matter to the vast star systems, function according to the order imposed upon them by the Creator. The work of true science is to discover the order which governs the systems.

Take genetics for example. According to the myth of evolution creatures evolve into entirely different species. Animals are believed to have come from fish that got tired of swimming around and so they grew legs and lungs. Supposedly humans evolved from monkeys and apes, which supposedly evolved from lower creatures. While there are obvious similarities in physiology, each being classified as primates and mammals and sharing the same biosphere, God created each according to their kind. Apes and humans are completely different kinds. There are no missing links. While there is unlimited variety within each kind, God has imposed an order upon his creation that says: “according to their kind.” Hence, there is only one kind of human —humankind, mankind.

It is evident that Jehovah has impressed an order upon all creation with one notable exception —  human society. Though having the power to do so God has allowed another god to have a great influence over the world. That god is Satan, the Devil. He is the god of disorder and confusion. In fact, did you know that the word “chaos” is actually the name of a Greek god? Although mythological in nature, the character of the Greek gods were inspired by the demons.

The fact is, there will never be peace on earth as long as the gods of chaos are allowed to hold sway. Fortunately their days are numbered. The only downside is that their final overthrow will be a time of chaos and confusion like no other.

It will be an especially chaotic time for Jehovah’s Witnesses, since they are laboring under the persistent delusion that Satan and the demons were cast down in 1914 and the Kingdom has been ruling ever since. The present “theocratic order” will give way to confusion. That is why the prophecy of Micah says: “The day of your watchmen and of your reckoning will come. Now they will panic.”


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  • Thank you brother Robert, always enjoy your commentaries !

    • e.v.g

      I agree


    When Chaos(Satan) is cast out of heaven then real chaos will be abundant earth wide.

  • 常来看看,受益匪浅。

  • e.v.g

    There will be no more neighbors like homos screaming at your door saying “get away from my house preachers” or street-stripers chasing a rabbit at midnight or dishonest automotive mechanic speaking with real conviction or inebriated women close neighbors insulting your wife when you get home from the meeting or neighbors throwing eggs at your truck, this is chaos.

    • Brian

      That’s not real chaos, you will know the real chaos when it arrives.

      • e.v.g

        Have you ever had an angry homo screaming and yelling like madman in front of you in your own home?

        • yeah, it was a wednesday

          • e.v.g

            This man went crazy because we were knocking his door during field service, his house was marked by us, someone knocked his door and he was not in a good mood. I had a weird story, one night the dogs were barking and my wife looked out the window, She quickly woke me to tell me that a naked man was chasing a white rabbit, we think that our rabbit had escaped (well, my son’s rabbit) then I went quickly to look the rabbit in the backyard and I did not find there, then my wife told me “go and take it away” (I thought.,what!!) well, I went by the guard who cares neighborhood to help me and we approached the house of the impudent (apparently this man was doing some shameful things with other neighbors) when I talked with this man in his house and I was asking about the rabbit, he showed me the aforementioned and guess what “that was not the damn toby” toby was well hidden in the backyard. This was like a demonic joke, things did not end here, but it’s too strange to be a coincidence. This makes me think how easily we can fall into a trap of the wicked one.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Lol. Homo????

            • e.v.g

              I abbreviate the Word homosexual

            • Beverly kenyon

              Sorry e.v.g but I think that’s an inappropriate term. He does sound like a madman but personally I think his sexuality isn’t relevant. It sounds pretty chaotic and a bit lively where you live. I find its best to ignore argumentative people. I can understand how you feel having to deal with stuff like that. Not knowing what’s gonna happen next!

            • e.v.g

              I’m trying to make sense of humor despite the circumstances.

            • Beverly kenyon

              I understand e.v.g. I also like to have a sense of humour during the bad times. Your rabbit story was funny despite the serious situation. That guy is a neighbour nuisance!!

        • Brian

          I am not trying to make you feel that your experiences with these loonies is any less threatening than it is. I am merely pointing out the fact that if you think it is bad now you haven’t seen anything yet. If said Homo was at my door and was getting physical, said homo would have cricket bat lodged in head! Self defence.

        • Brian

          Even this would be mild in comparison to what is coming. Nothing to look forward to, only what is beyond it.

    • Sam

      heh, sounds like my town lol

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