(Question #9) How do you know that there were any vacancies, if any, in the 144,000 class if Jesus offered this to first century Christians? How can the organization know the exact number of vacancies today without any records from the first century?


This is an easy question for Jehovah’s Witnesses to answer. It would appear as if the questioner has merely stumped himself.

It is not necessary to take a first century census of how many were called and chosen to determine if any vacancies remain. Jesus gave numerous illustrations regarding the final gathering of the chosen ones who will be alive on earth when he returns. Take for example, too, the 12th chapter of Revelation, which reveals that when the Kingdom comes to power and Satan and his demons are forcefully ejected from Jehovah’s domain, the wicked spirits will then focus their rage upon the remaining ones of the seed of the woman who have the work of bearing witness to Jesus. The remaining ones of the seed are the last ones chosen of the 144,000. 

And if you want to be privy to a little-appreciated sacred secret, the book of Revelation gives the exact number of those sons of the Kingdom who will be on earth when the curtain is raised and the Kingdom is revealed. 


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