Now that the Governing Body has implicitly endorsed the experimental mRNA injections, thereby tacitly recommending it to millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as a watchman these past 20 years it is incumbent upon me to make you aware of Jehovah’s judgments. 

First, though, let us consider a few pertinent facts. Although prefaced with the statement regarding vaccination being a personal decision (Surely carefully crafted by the Legal Department to indemnify the Watchtower Bible Society) the Governing Body has indisputably given their implied endorsement of the so-called vaccine. When the leaders of the organization claim that nearly all the Bethel family has rolled up their sleeves and taken the shot and not one brother or sister has had an adverse reaction, what is that if not a ringing, celebrity endorsement from the spokesmen for Jehovah’s earthly organization? 

If Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that the WT has mandated vaccinations, at least for all full-time servants, please read the attached document below. As is stated in the closing remarks in the letter to all full-time servants, the Watchtower’s  Health Care Department will contact everyone to inquire about their status. Those not vaccinated will have to have a valid medical reason for not complying. In other words, contrary to the Watchtower’s statement, it is not a personal decision at all. Taking the vaccine is not optional. If you refuse to allow yourself to be injected because you have concerns that it may be harmful, that is not good enough. You will not be allowed to serve Jehovah full time unless you submit to the procedure. The personal decision is if a person wishes to serve God full time or not. That is the only decision the Watchtower allows. 

This is an extraordinary development. Up until now the Watchtower only involved itself in medical issues related to blood, for which the biblical basis was clear—“abstain from blood.” The only scriptural support for recommending the vaccine is if it is mandated by the superior authorities. But there is no government mandate, not yet anyway. The mandate is coming from the Watchtower. 

While the Governing Body has been keen to keep us updated on the death toll among Jehovah’s Witnesses from the pandemic, will they also faithfully report the deaths occurring among Jehovah’s Witnesses who have received the vaccine? Even if none of the nearly 18,000 full-time workers have died or even become seriously ill yet, that is not the case among the rank and file. And 18,000 is a very small percentage of eight million.

If Jehovah’s Witnesses have submitted to the jab because of the implied endorsement of the Governing Body and those trusting sheep die as a result, will not the heavenly Owner of those sheep hold the shepherds accountable? It is entirely possible that the deaths from the untested, unproven vaccine, will ultimately surpass the number of those who have actually perished from Covid. The blood guilt incurred could be considerable. 

Even more tragic, the deaths of those from Covid has primarily been among the elderly, among those whose immune systems had already been compromised with age and other illnesses; whereas, the mounting deaths and serious side effects that are occurring now as a result of the vaccination is hitting younger people who previously had no underlying health problems or co-morbidities. A recent European study focusing on AstraZeneca found that persons under the age of 40 were twice a likely to die from complications to the vaccine than from Covid. 

Also, there is abundant evidence that indicates the death toll from Covid has been greatly exaggerated or at least distorted, while the deaths resulting from vaccinations are being suppressed. There is an obvious agenda in play to amplify the dangers of Covid and downplay the risks of the vaccine. 

For one thing, over the past months of the pandemic deaths from other diseases have virtually disappeared. For example, in the United States, the seasonal flu usually proves fatal to several tens of thousands of people every year. In a bad year maybe as many as 70,000 succumb. But all during the pandemic virtually no deaths have been attributed to the flu! More than likely anyone succumbing to any disease and who may coincidently also have tested positive for Covid, maybe even falsely positive, are counted among the Covid deaths. 

The Governing Body stated that they have consulted top experts who have informed them in the formulation of their policy. Despite the legal disclaimer that taking the shots is a personal decision, the very fact Watchtower officials have announced that they have consulted with experts is obviously intended to instill confidence in their implied endorsement. And each and every member of the Governing Body and their helpers surely know that Jehovah’s Witnesses consider the utterances of the faithful slave to be as true as Jehovah himself. 

We are only left to wonder who these experts are. What is most disconcerting is that large numbers of doctors, medical professionals, and virologists—experts in their field to be sure—are opposed to the mRNA shots. By the tyranny of the medical establishment, the governments, the media, and big tech social platforms, and search engines, the voices of experts who have raised serious questions about the program have been squashed and censored. I certainly am no medical expert but even I had a YouTube video taken down for merely discussing the situation such as I am here in this open letter. 

It is extremely hypocritical for Bethel to sternly warn Jehovah’s Witnesses not to pay any attention to biased news reports that may focus on the Watchtower’s misdoings, and then turn around and use the very same corporate-owned media as reliable sources of information when it comes to Covid. 

Moreover, since the Governing Body has weighed in on a medical issue, ostensibly adding their voice to the establishment calling for universal vaccination, why has the Watchtower not offered any information on alternatives? If you are going to give medical advice shouldn’t there be a wider range of recommendations than what is pushed on the public by what in other circumstances the Watchtower would refer to as Satan’s system?

Since various members of the Governing Body use their platform on JW Broadcast to frequently express their deep love for the dear brothers and sisters, why has there been no recommendation for treatment with hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin—both very inexpensive and proven drugs? Is it because the powers-that-be, like the big pharmaceutical companies and the WHO have shot down these treatments? 

One of the most prestigious medical journals, the Lancet, published a scientific paper supposedly based upon extensive clinical trials showing hydroxychloroquine to be ineffective and even dangerous. A few doctors who had been successfully using the drug to treat Covid challenged the Lancet for the details of this program and the article was suddenly pulled and disappeared. It turns out there was no study. The Lancet had published a total fraud. But it didn’t matter because all of the news media ran with the original report and neglected to make known that it had been retracted. So, we have to wonder if the experts who informed the Watchtower have promoted this and similar frauds. 

We have to wonder, too, did the experts inform the Governing Body that the vaccines do not provide lasting immunity as everyone was originally led to believe? Already persons who have had two shots are being told they must have a third—a so-called booster. It appears as if the pharmaceutical companies are intending to roll out a program of boosters for life, which, tragically may not be that long for those who receive them since each booster further weakens the victim’s natural immune system. 

The Israelis have served as a microcosm for this global experiment, having one of the highest rates of compliance. One would expect the pandemic to have subsided there, but even as the New York Times reports, Israel is experiencing a resurgence of Covid among those who had been “fully vaccinated.” And this is what the Governing Body has recommended to millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses? 

What the pharmaceutical promoters are not saying is that those who are vaccinated have become incubators for variants of the virus. So, while there is a concerted campaign to punish those who have not submitted to the shot it is the vaccinated who are contagious and spreading the virulent variants.

Since mRNA technology is not like conventional vaccines that have been used for many years and have eradicated many lethal diseases, the outcome of this experiment involving over two billion people is uncertain. Ironically, the Consolation Magazine published in 1939 was a staunch opponent of traditional vaccination, describing inoculation programs as a satanic scheme. How things have changed! Now the Watchtower is in lockstep with the Vatican and the United Nation’s WHO in promoting what could become a global holocaust of unimaginable proportions. 

Although the Governing Body has never accepted responsibility for stumbling millions by promulgating false expectations and countless flip-flops, nor has it ever acknowledged anything improper with its secret political partnership with the UN, nor has it ever admitted its policy failures or any guilt whatsoever in connection with the tens of thousands of children who have been raped and molested under its watch, now that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been induced to become part of the vast experiment that has already resulted in death and longterm injury for some, there is no way the Watchtower can avoid responsibility for a bad outcome.

Even though Bethel may proclaim their innocence, that does not erase their guilt before God. On the contrary, it is because they refuse to admit their guilt, for that reason, Jehovah is obligated to punish them, just as is stated in Jeremiah: “Even your skirts are stained with the blood of the innocent poor ones, though I did not find them in the act of breaking in; it is on all your skirts. But you say, ‘I am innocent. Surely his anger has turned back from me.’ Now I am bringing judgment against you because you say, ‘I have not sinned.’” — Jeremiah 2:34-35

Now consider the 11th chapter of Zechariah: “This is what Jehovah my God says, ‘Shepherd the flock meant for the slaughter, whose buyers slaughtered them and are not held guilty. And those who sell them say, “May Jehovah be praised, for I will become rich.” And their shepherds have no compassion for them.’”

The buyers of Jehovah’s sheep are the vaccinators. In reality, they are the so-called globalists, agents of the empire, whose long-term goal has been the outright elimination of the majority of human souls on this planet—foremost Jehovah’s people. To that end, the first phase of global genocide appears to have begun using specially designed biological weapons, both in the form of a lab-created viral contagion as well as the mRNA chaser, in order to induce fear as a method of herding and conditioning the nations to accept world government through the United Nations. (For a fuller discussion of the prophecy of Zechariah please see the article: The Coming Fall of the House of God

Given the tyrannical drive for perpetual masking and vaccination passports, it is entirely possible that after the crash of the present global financial system, which could happen in the twinkling of an eye if the City of London suddenly orders the central banks to hike interest rates substantially, thereby effectively achieving the intended reset to zero by bankrupting everyone, it is conceivable that mandatory vaccination will factor into the image of the beast preventing the holdouts from buying or selling. 

Since the sellers of the sheep are the shepherds who say “may Jehovah be praised, for I will become rich,” it is evident that the shepherds are the present leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Of course, that could only be true if Jehovah’s Witnesses are actually God’s people—His sheep. I for one believe that they are. 

Given the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been grossly misinformed on a wide range of prophetic matters related to the coming of Christ, particularly regarding the ouster of Satan and the demons and the mortal wound upon the head of the beast; namely that it has not happened; as well as the aforementioned illicit political partnership with the UN, and now the Governing Body’s implicit endorsement of the vaccination scheme, it would appear that the transaction between the buyer and seller has been completed.

The Watchtower has sold out Jehovah’s sheep. 

This open letter is being electronically distributed to hundreds of shepherds. 

GB letter August 8 2021 (1)