To the Elders,                                                                            September 28, 2017

Most of Jehovah’s Witnesses will react in abject disbelief. They will simply not believe their eyes. To be sure, it is unbelievable. The mere suggestion that men ostensibly dedicated to Jehovah would intentionally design an assembly hall to resemble the occultic eye and pyramid is incredible. But they did. (See photocopy of Google Earth image included)

Jehovah’s Witnesses will struggle to find some alternative explanation to relieve themselves of the horrifying reality that over the past 25 years the many thousands of trusting brothers and sisters who gathered in worship at their annual convention in Denmark were oblivious to the fact that they were convening in the eye of Horus. But there is no other reasonable explanation. It was intended so.

It is unbelievable that men in trusted positions of responsibility could be so absolutely treacherous and that they would deliberately offend Jehovah. But they have.

According to the 1993 YearBook report on Denmark the congress hall in Silkeborg, Denmark, was designed and built by Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Governing Body reviewed and approved the project and Lloyd Barry presided over the dedication of the facility. But who is it really dedicated to?

Satan has always coveted the worship of Jehovah. That is why from the very beginning in ancient times Israel repeatedly succumbed to idolatry. After David died Solomon built the magnificent temple of Jehovah, but in his later days he also built temples to the gods of his many foreign wives. After Jehovah divided the kingdom Jeroboam instituted calf worship for the convenience of the Israelites. And on and on it went. Eventually the temple of Jehovah itself became filled with the disgusting things of demon worship. We know how all of that ended.

While the Watchtower boasts of practicing pure worship, what can be said for the Silkeborg congress hall? In the spirit of Paul, who posed the question to the Romans: “You, the one abhorring idols, do you rob temples?” —the question should be asked of the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses: You, the ones who abhor the crucifix, do you build meeting places to honor Horus?

It is here acknowledged that as of September, 2017, the congress hall has been sold to the municipality of Silkeborg; nevertheless, that does not absolve the Governing Body of responsibility. Why are Jehovah’s Witnesses going to continue to assemble in the eye of Horus as renters for the next 2 years? The righteous reformers in Bible times did not sell off the idolatrous high places to the highest bidder, did they? Those sites were desecrated and made unfit. When Moses smashed the golden calf, did he re-purpose the gold from which it was fashioned?

How much better it would have been for those who pride themselves on being the big trees of righteousness to have demolished the Silkeborg site and ground it into dust. Jehovah would have commended them. Instead, now they must accept the guilt of having tolerated an evil in their midst.

Of course, the Governing Body will never acknowledge their responsibility. As in other matters, such as the Watchtower’s ten year secret partnership with the United Nations, the thousands of pedophiles who have been shielded from criminal prosecution by Bethel’s lawyers, not to mention 1914 fraud, they will continue to lie —to cover up. But the hour is approaching for the judgment to begin.

The question posed in the concluding verse of the fifth chapter of Jeremiah is most appropriate: “The prophets prophesy lies, and the priests dominate by their own authority. And my own people love it that way. But what will you do when the end comes?”

A video entitled: Jehovah’s Witnesses – In the Eye of Horus is available on YouTube. Details of Jehovah’s coming judgments have been published in the book: Jehovah Himself Has Become King —available on Amazon and online. Robert King’s personal website is Jehovas Vidners in Denmark are being contacted via letters to congregations and through the public media. This letter is also being distributed to congregation elders in Britain, Canada and the US via snail mail and electronically. To view the congress hall from satellite perspective simply enter the following address in Google Maps and click on satellite view in the lower left corner: Helsinkivej 3A-E, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark

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