JW turns self in to police for sleepwalking burglary

//JW turns self in to police for sleepwalking burglary

Now if every pedophile would simply turn themselves in: Problem solved!

OFFICERS in a police station were stunned when Jehovah’s Witness Zak Babar walked in and handed over a bag of loot, saying “I think I’ve done a burglary.”

Babar, 48, had committed the burglary while in a “stupor” after overdosing on newly prescribed sleeping pills which he did not think were working, Gloucester crown court was told.

Babar, of Regent street, Lydney, Gloucestershire, pleaded guilty to burgling Eric Witheridge’s home, also in Regent street, and stealing jewellery and an iPad on May 18 this year.

Because of his three past convictions for house burglary he was liable to a “three strikes and you’re out” minimum jail term of three years.

But after hearing how he had given himself up and returned most of the stolen property Judge Michael Cullum reduced the sentence to sixteen months imprisonment.

“The burglary was a serious one,” said the judge. “But the way the case comes before the court is unusual.”

The stolen property is recovered because you walked into the police station to admit your guilt, no doubt not wanting to live with the knowledge that you had committed another burglary after great efforts to change your life for the better.”

Prosecutor Janine Wood said “The circumstances of this offence are very, very unusual. It came to light because Babar walked of his own volition into Coleford police station with a bag of items which he knew were not his. He told the police he thought he had committed an offence.

“This was on May 24. The burglary had been at about 5pm on May 18 when a stone was used to smash the utility window of Mr and Mrs Witheridge’s home.

“All the rooms were entered and various items stolen. It is a four-bed end of terrace home in a quiet street.

“Babar told the police he thought he had committed a burglary after a recent change in his medication. He said he had a recall of a window being smashed.

“The victim was contacted and shown the bag of items Babar had brought in. He was able to identify them as his.“

In a victim statement Mr Witheridge said the burglary had impacted on him and his wife.

They were shocked and then angry about what happened and suffered anxiety and inconvenience, he stated.

Babar was interviewed on May 25 and said he had requested a change of medication eight days earlier from his doctor. He said that at first he could remember nothing about the burglary but then had flashbacks about a broken window.

“He took responsibility and apologised to the victims of his crime,“ stated Mrs Wood.

Babar had made 20 previous court appearances and had convictions for domestic burglaries in 1999, 2008 and 2010.

Owen James, defending, said Babar had been a prolific offender in London in his youth and he came from a troubled background which had left him with post traumatic stress disorder.

He had tried to reform and moved to Lydney to get away from old criminal associates.

Mr James referred the court to psychiatric reports on Babar.

They showed treatment he had been receiving, he said.

In recent years Babar had joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lydney and an elder of the church was supporting him at court, he said.

“This is very much a case of a man who is trying to change his life. On this occasion he took a massive overdose of Temazepam and was in some form of drug induced stupor for almost a week, during which this offence occurred.

“It is to his credit that on realising he had done something wrong he did not seek to hide from it. He could have pawned the stolen goods or got rid of them but he took them to the police and handed himself in.

“He was no doubt influenced by his new found religious beliefs.

“He told the police ‘I was thinking about the victims and how upset they would be.”


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  • Sleep walking my ASS, more like feeling guilty!

    • sally

      To be fair, we don’t know how medication affects some people. Personally I feel sorry for him, he did wrong and did not take the cowards way out, it was very brave of him to hand himself in like that. He would have known he would have got a prison sentence, he could of chanced it and never been caught.

      • True, but sleep walking knows no details. He knew that he did wrong, that’s why he came forward. But he still lied to cover himself from getting a stiffer sentence. Thats all I’m saying……

        • ewatchman

          There is the subconscious mind, you know. I had a dream about that once. Can’t remember too much about it though

          • Burt Reynolds

            It appears more likely that the incident was due more to a reduced level of inhibitions brought on by the drugs, rather than sleepwalking which in unfamiliar territory can be highly dangerous because the person is not fully conscious….as when a spouse may attack their partner in their sleep. It takes quite a high level of consciousness to overcome sleep paralysis. The journey to, and selection of an appropriate or ‘likely’ place to burgle, going from room to room in detail, searching, valuing worth, keeping the items for many days, not returning all of them, suggests a drug enduced drunkenness with full faculties, but reduced responsibility due to lack of inhibition. This is the point where immorality breaches control. The fact that few people understand the drives of the supposed five levels of counciousness figured in this case as much as the demonstrated urge to change and thus the sleepwalking issues, were accepted, though have little foundation in this case. Of more concern as far as we are concerned in matters spiritual, was the supporting elder’s motive in being there and in cases such as this or paedophilia and which have been well documented here. Without putting too fine a judgement on it, all I am referring to is the lack of insight in the case. The man should repay his goat or sheep or bull, but at least he apologised. As usual the victim is uncompensated according to this story. (If anyone is interested I can dig out the reference theories on counciousness – unconsciousness behaviours. It really is facinating how the brain is thought to work and respond, even to the point where hearing is always the last sense to go to sleep….or stay awake when needed at a much higher level of rest! Made by Jehovah!).

        • Joe Dman

          If I say something stupid and insensitive on here, it’s because I occasionally take otc sleep aid. A bunch of it..OK?

  • Anderiega

    Prescription drugs are fine in the JW community….just as long as you’re not an insecure teenager who takes a drag of a cigarette (yes…smoking is not good)….and immediately goes and tells your elders because you feel guilty…. boom….you’re reproved. Or worse.

    • Burt Reynolds

      I smoked throughout my JW career! I never got caught. Though the watchtower banned it circa 1974 they never instilled in me, or others as far as I could tell, a reason not to smoke other than it was a bad unclean habit. Explaining it from Jehovah’s point of view and instilling a love of the gift was never talked about as was little else. Had I read the bible more, and with more insight, not that I ever had much, maybe I would have come to the right conclusion myself. The government gave me more of a reason for stopping than the watchtower ever did, but finally my lungs told me to quit or die. So I stopped and became an annoying pious non smoker preaching to those still trapped. I’m not sure which habit people found the most objectionable. ?

      • James

        Of course you did Burt Reynolds, we would expect no less 😉

        • Burt Reynolds

          Oh dear…..I’m like an open book! I best not tell you what’s in the appocolyps …..I mean appendix….

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        To Respected Brother Burt Reynolds
        You Quit smoking!!! That’s great and good and I encourage you. My elder (fleshly) brother is a Pharmacist and he said that there is a
        secret link between the tobacco company and the Pharmaceutical company
        they are one and the same. The tobacco company sells cigarettes to make
        money. People give money and buy sickness and the same person goes to buy
        medicines which is beneficial to Pharmaceutical companies. Do you see
        the link? Smoking is one kind of method for depopulation and killing at
        young age. It is the MNCs and bankers who profit from these, my brother
        knows a person who is a board of director for a tobacco company, he
        said that many of board of directors themselves don’t smoke or in some
        cases they pretend to smoke, they always encourage their children not to
        smoke. Just think of this!!!! Now you just catch some trains in India. There is an
        advertisement that is displayed on the train itself by the Ministry of Health
        Government of India stating in a very big and block letters Smoking
        Kills/Tobacco causes Cancer with real cancerous images of mouth and
        lungs. But still think why do Government allow cigarettes? Because
        Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies lobby the election candidates with
        money for their election campaign. I know a famous tobacco manufacturer
        here in India, he himself don’t use his own product just think why is it
        so? Here in North Karnataka people use lot of tobacco based products
        and has the highest incident of esophagus, lung and stomach cancer. So
        now think will you die for the agendas of bankers? If you die for the agenda of bankers and
        MNC companies you are dead. But you did quit smoking hearing that from you makes me happy and that is great!!!!! Smoking is
        one kind of committing suicide encouraged by evil people behind the
        scene. I am very happy that you finally kicked that habit So May Jehovah bless
        you through Jesus now and forever.

  • Srecko Sostar

    If i may tell one observation conclusion. JWorg society will (and society at all) more easily except if someone in kingdom hall siting on chair under influence of legal medicine drugs but not if have came to program under “happily power” of one beer, Heineken for example :))))))
    It is more “hygienic”, because beer have stronger smell and can make other to feel more upset, but if person take some pills that is taken “socially acceptable” regardless of what crisis and turmoil is happening in someone soul.
    Beer = judgement
    Pills = not my problem

    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      See I did not understand your point you mean to say that one
      should not tell anything or restrict when you drink alcohol and come to the
      place of worship? That is to worship Jehovah God? Well I say in India people
      show so much reverence when they go to temple to worship demons. An alcohol
      influenced person is not allowed in the Hindu temple. Can the same be allowed
      in Jehovah’s worship place? So how much more reverence we should show when we
      go to worship Jehovah the true God. Why not follow Romans: 14:21. See in North Karnataka
      people do lot of drinking and smoking. Still I stubbornly reject it because if
      I do then I am not a JW and I will not get respect nor listen to my message. They
      will say I am same as they are (Kuduka or yenay party = an offensive name calling
      for the one drinking alcohol) that is why I don’t drink. Though there is a
      provision in Bible that little wine is good, still let every JW abstain from it for
      the name of Jehovah and see the respect that you get and people listening to
      you I don’t know how they view in your country but here in North
      Karnataka they view a teetotaler as Jesus or Basavanna. Taking a prescribed
      drug is for disease or to suppress some psychosomatic diseases. So is drinking alcohol
      is for some disease? So I support that drinking alcohol in Jehovah’s worship
      place must be strictly restricted and the person who takes drugs like Temazepam
      under prescription must stay in the house during the treatment if it stumbles
      others. Brother Basavaraj will never support a person who comes to kingdom hall
      under the influence of alcohol he must be thrown out because the Name of
      Jehovah is put to shame by that person.

      • Srecko Sostar

        Hi Basavaraj! I can agree with your looking on matter. We need to act in dignity not only in worshiping place but elsewhere. Some and various human activity are doing with more or less grade of nobility. Some are so profane and in some we are acting like other creations

        • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

          To Respected Srecko Sostar,

          Nice to see you once again I was little busy sorry for the late reply. I don’t know whether you are a brother or sister as I cannot make out by your name. First of all before replying to you. I like to follow my dad’s words (Modhalu Maanavanaagu = First become human). Modhalu Maanavanaagu is a word in our Kannada language that indicates to be like Christ in a nut shell. So first whenever we meet a new person I must ask his well-being that is what is North Karnataka (that is what it means Modhalu Maanavanaagu). First of all I respect you though your viewpoints may differ, then only I will be a true JW. Therefore I extend my love and affection from my heart to you in spite of whatever the difference of opinion exists among us. Even if you don’t agree with me still I want to tell that I love you because you are my fellow worshiper of Jehovah God. I am from North Karnataka. Well where are you from? and how are you? How did you come to know this site?

          Your point and observation is right and I appreciate you for that. Yes you said: And if you take in consideration too, that JWorg have some vision of New World, as it can be seen in magazines and books illustrations and video lessons, that new JW humankind will eating only vegetables and fruits after “basement” surviving of Armageddon. In this looks like Paul mistakenly named those who eating meat as “strong” :)).

          Well this is what I understand and I want to tell you whether you accept it or reject it. It’s your choice still we will be friends ( because Modhalu Maanavanaagu). The Bible at Isaiah 11:5-10 says that in paradise the wolf will reside for a while with the lamb, And with the young goat the leopard will lie down, And the calf and the lion and the fattened animal will all be together;…………….. The lion will eat straw like the bull……. The nursing child will play over the lair of a cobra. And a weaned child will put his hand over the den of a poisonous snake. They will not cause any harm. Or any ruin in all my holy mountain, Because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah .
          Also see Isiah:65: 25: The wolf and the lamb will feed together, The lion will eat straw just like the bull, And the serpent’s food will be dust. They will do no harm nor cause any ruin in all my holy mountain,” says Jehovah.

          Just think in paradise if wolf eats the meat,will wolf will reside with the lamb?
          Just think in paradise if leopard eats the meat, how can leopard will lie down with young goat?
          Just think in paradise if lion eats the meat, how can calf and the lion and the fattened animal will all be together?
          Oh further it says directly that The lion will eat straw like the bull.

          So in paradise if an animal kills another animal for food then it is not at all a paradise. If so then how can Isaiah: 11:9: says They will not cause any harm. Or any ruin in all my holy mountain… will become true? Here Holy Mountain represents kingdom of Christ.

          You may even argue that Isa: 11th chapter is actually not telling the literal conditions in paradise. For example if we consider the Isa: 11:1-4, it actually represents parousia of Jesus so you may even say that here animal represents animalistic character like people within the congregation for example you may take this verse as the young goat the leopard will lie down = young goat represents (small child) and leopard =a person having metal attitude of sexually abusing a child. Or a lion may represent (the elders who dominate in the congregation and calf represents weak people (publishers).

          Well as you said you are actually considering Romans 14th chapter verse 2: well it may be taken in spiritual sense also just as you can take Isa 11th chapter. Here meat may represent the difficult things of God’s word such as understanding and interpretations of prophecies and vegetables may represent the basic truth so those who are well versed in the understanding and interpretations of prophecies (eaters of meat) should not look down those who know only the basic truth(eaters of vegetables). But finally at Romans: 14:21 clearly states: It is best not to eat meat is actually the physical thing.
          Well whatever it may be at Rev:21:5: And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.

          So the eating of meat is an old law given to Noah. So why God wants to make all things new? Because what was original was lost in Garden of Eden. So making new means reversing back to original. So when man was created his original food was: Gen: 1:29: Then God said: “Here I have given to you every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for you. ………………I have given all green vegetation for food.” So originally man was herbivores. But after the flood I suppose that some species of plants were destroyed that would have produced vitamin B12 that may be one of the reasons GOD allowed man to consume meat. Because here in north Karnataka I have seen those who are purely vegetarians are having vitamin B12 deficiency it causes lot of problems (especially neurological and defect in neural tubal development in human fetus which will cause mentally retarded child). So many vegans here are taking Vitamin B12 injection every 2 months. If again the same old things are there in paradise then Rev: 21:5 has no meaning. So in this WTS stand and its illustration in its magazines, books and video lessons in respect to diet is correct and I support it because there is some validity to it scripturally. Thanks a lot!! Love and affection form Brother Basavaraj (born JW) of North Karanataka, Hubali Congregation South India.

          • Srecko Sostar

            Hello! I put my picture that people see real me :)))) from out side, hahaha.
            You said interesting about Isaiah prophecies. I do not know did God want, that animals live forever or not. In both case, this or that explanation we would bring out have faced us with some other, new questions.
            In other hand, WT recently came in the changing, different “waters” about type and archetype method of interpretations on Bible reports. So, if we put ourselves in their shoes, perhaps we should looking on “future fairy pictures” with other eyes. They, GB, makes changing inside them, as collective and personally, and not announcing that, revealing that in the public promptly.
            In fact, it look like they alone do not know nothing, and are not sure what they want to believe. But in meantime they let some issues on personal level of perceptions and imaginations until that global, collective view will be, would be some doctrinal problem. In that case they will blame rank and file members for lack of spirituality or for personal unfounded expectations and childish hopes.
            In some “faith issues”, like with what sort of food to eat, WT, and members too under their influence, like to mix some scientific knowledge together with religious knowledge and than for the purpose of “truth” and truthfulness and rightness of JW faith making amalgame with all those “knowledge” to support this or that teachings, explanations, standpoints and so. An by time passing changes are necessity because many reasons. And what than? One part or all of “generation” are believed in false or, to put in softly way, in some unproved “facts”.
            All societies are in changing process, and WT organization have to face that also. How different are they now than before 100 years when their ruling started. Or, to be preciously little more, from Rutherford’s “political and corporate takeover” on society soon after Russell dead.
            I left JW last year. In one of my comments on this blog is my Letter. So if you have wish to read it, please look at it.
            Greetings 🙂

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              I mean that only on certain points the WTS is correct. I know ll the societies scandals, and the 1914 is a operation error by the man of lawlessness. i9 also know their changes about type and archetype method of interpretations on Bible reports. Their interpretation of generation” and Daniel and Revelation prophecies is waste. But still only certain things are correct. So I meant its illustration in its magazines, books and video lessons in respect to diet in paradise is correct. You said I do not know did God want, that animals live forever or not? Animals do not have law where as man need law. Just think why? Only man was made in the image of God not animals so animals are not meant to live forever. God lives forever since we are in his image we are also meant top live forever that’s the logic. If you say we are made just like animals then you are supporting evolution indirectly. Yeah anatomically and physiologically all biological systems including are made exactly same, but man is different in thinking just like God that is why only man invented things where as animals did not. Just think this. I Suggest you better take this matter to Brother Robert King.

          • DA

            humm thanks for the b12 input.

            reversing back to original and plus a new creation. i like how Robert put it, ‘last time Jehovah said very good but this time he will say very very good’.
            Gen 1:31

            • Beverly kenyon

              I absolutely agree with you DA on Basavaraj’s post mentioning Vitamin B12…it was so interesting, for days, I couldn’t stop thinking about the points he brought out especially pre-flood. It was a really good essay and the consequences of being a strict vegetarian or vegan. Here in Manchester sunshine can be a bit scarce so I make sure I’m topped up with a Fish Oil,1,2,&3 and Vitamin D3…sunshine in a bottle and a half hour sprint or Power walk…it really does lift the spirit!

            • DA

              yeah theres probably more but three things always come to mind that was a radical change after the flood. sun rays, diet and bloodline procreation that have made mankind less effective. Jehovah said his spirit wouldnt be with man the same, so how that works i dont know. he knew after eating from the tree of knowledge they would die and the tree of life was taken away. how exactly both trees work i dont know either. but their choosing to live without Jehovah ruined things. i dont know if they could have changed their minds and apologized to Jehovah but nothing like that is recorded. so what they were thinking in relation to Jehovah and life all the years they lived we dont know either.
              for sure i do know this life is a bunch of bull and i just hope i get to live my dreams in Jehovah’s new arrangement. i can dream some pretty far-out awesome dreams

            • Beverly kenyon

              Yeah DA, after flood those three things you mentioned did make life for humans less effective. We started going down hill faster. And you’re dead right this life is a bunch of bull. Awww DA, I hope you get your dream life in Jehovah’s new world, that would be the best and I bet you do have some far out dreams…that’s so lovely…it’s good to dream, it makes you feel nice and just think DA, if you make it through then you’ll be able to ask people like Abel questions about his parents. You’ll be fine DA.

            • DA

              i heard someone say once that when Jehovah asked Adam an Eve “Have you eaten from the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?” and “What is this you have done?”, he wasnt looking for an answer but a confession. well i see them getting around to telling Jehovah the truth but no apology

            • Beverly kenyon

              That’s insightful DA. It was brought out at my KH in a talk about the tree being in the middle of the Garden so the first pair would’ve seen that tree constantly as they went about their business and I’d forgotten about that little point. I suppose it’s like as a parent your child has done something wrong and you know they have but so you bring it up, drawing them out to confess the truth and you’re so happy when they fess up, you feel so proud of them doing the right thing. A work colleague of mine who’s triple gay brought up the Adam and Eve account so I told him what we believe the Bible says on the matter…he finds my religion interesting…so I’ll do a follow up witness with that point DA. I can only guess that Jehovah did tell Abel of his new arrangement for the future of sinful mankind because isn’t it recorded in Heb11:4 that Abel was a man of faith and he would’ve been taught about Jehovah by his parents. Yeah, DA, research it and if you find a gem about it let us know because most people still have questions about the Adam & Eve account and they’re always surprised when you tell them those interesting facts, like my work colleague…I called him triple gay as he’s very much gay yet he tells me he used to date girls and will notice an attractive woman! Strange and confusing..but he’s the loveliest guy with a big heart!

      • Srecko Sostar

        Hi Basavaraj! I can agree with some of your looking on matter. We need to act in dignity not only in worshiping place but elsewhere. Some and various human activity are doing with more or less grade of nobility. Some are so profane and in some of human primary needs we are acting like other creatures, as flesh and blood.
        You mentioned Romans. I know that some JW are vegetarians. But have never asked some of them how they feel about others brothers who eating meat. Who is who in this matter. Is one who eating meat stronger (spiritually or in some other way) than one who eating vegetables? Who in this things will need to change his way of life “to please” another man, and to do that now in this very moment, not waiting some future time?
        And if you take in consideration too, that JWorg have some vision of New World, as it can be seen in magazines and books illustrations and video lessons, that new JW humankind will eating only vegetables and fruits after “basement” surviving of Armageddon. In this looks like Paul mistakenly named those who eating meat as “strong” :)).
        Things are not so simplified as we people would like to think and would like to resolve “questions” by making this or that rules, and after that more rules, and more rules. Remember that the “best” and “everlasting” Law ever with similar rules was fall after few centuries.
        Because, what is more important, rule or human? (Blood as symbol of life or life itself?)

    • Burt Reynolds

      Surely you would be disfellowshipped for drinking Heineken? That’s a criminal offence in anyone’s language!!!

      • Srecko Sostar

        hahaha, Burt if it is so, than i will buy some cheaper sort of beer to avoid such hard penalty ))))

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        Drinking Heineken is not a criminal offense in anyone’s language!!! , its the individuals money and individuals wish. But drinking and coming to worship place must be avoided otherwise what respect we show to Jehovah and Jesus? Because even those who go to Hindu temple to worship demons in North Karnataka don’t do this. If anybody do such as thing they are actually degrading Jehovah’s name. Is our Most Supreme God is lesser than a demon? It also shows such a person don’t want even to sacrifice a single thing of his/her enjoyment to Jehovah. But those who take Temazepam are advised to stay at home or avoid taking the pill when coming to KH if Temazepam = Heineken.

        • Burt Reynolds

          It is if you know what Heineken tastes like Basavaraj ! ( it’s simply a comment on a standard English appreciation of the various qualities of beer, or in this case, lager. A joke, humour….much the same as when Jesus turned the water into wine and everyone appreciated the better quality of it….).

          • Why are so many people suffering from a lack of humor in their lives?

            • Burt Reynolds

              Well, yes, I know, but with brother Basavaraj I think it is a cultural misunderstanding of intent or meaning……..at least I hope it is. Surely no one would drink Heineken voluntarily or advocate the drinking thereof? I left a note with my doctor saying under no circumstances was I to be given a Heineken transfusion. He agreed on the spot and said there were real ale and beer fractions I could use instead.

            • Peaceful Waters

              That comment made my day! 😀 lol Thanks Burt.

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              So do you agree with Monday, November 14 Daily text?

            • Burt Reynolds

              What was it? I can’t find it Basavaraj . Thanks.

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              Examining the Scriptures Daily for Monday Nov 14 2016 is Do not drink wine or other alcoholic beverages . . . when you come into the tent of meeting. —Lev. 10:9. I did not meant the scriptures I mean you to see the explanation given by the WTS.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Well no, of course I wouldn’t turn up at the Kingdom Hall in a state of inebriation. i rarely drink as it is and I am far more likely to fall asleep at the hall. I’m not sure which is most disrespectful. I haven’t seen the watchtower article on the matter, but I am sure they are in agreement…..at least I hope they are.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha, So True!!!

  • 学习带来乐趣,谢谢博主!

  • much like the shadows of the empire have caused the drug problem with the illegal drugs, it does also with the ones made legal. -https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=II96QkZaz1E
    can drugs cause people to make better decisions? Gen 8:21

    google search key words – LarouchePAC.com drug herion opium trade US British epidemic




    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a72d30c113ff9f207115fe8453daec21e5b17299e7a37e7c93697ae52323341.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6640a0c3d2f77a3289f1cd65dd17aeaf9eeb599f0cf27229bbf69a293d6a6834.jpg

    • LW

      Yeah, I was going to add the root meaning of the word ‘pharmacy’ but here it is anyhow:

      The word pharmacy is derived from its root word pharma, which had first been used sometime in the 15th–17th centuries. However, the original Greek roots from pharmakos imply sorcery or even poison. … The Greek word Pharmakeia (Greek: φαρμακεία) derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning “drug”, “medicine” (or “poison”).

      • sally

        That is extremely interesting to know about LW, thank you. So many words are showing up as having a twist to them, that have negative or evil connections and here is another one.

    • Daisy

      thanks for your first link D3…the title says it all… “Most shocking” and I’m in tears at the utter disrespect for human life perpetrated by the greedy power behind the pharmaceutical companies.
      They invent/promote mental diseases as a way to sell drugs never considering the suffering effects these drugs have on people.
      We can thank God that soon Jesus will bring about a miracle cure for this cesspit we call life.

      • thanks for watching that. i know not the best narrator but not bad either

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