A few weeks ago someone sent me a screen shot of an illustration from one of the Watchtower’s latest brochures, the one entitled Good News From God. Apparently the subliminal artists are still at it. And why shouldn’t they be? 

The illustration posted here is, of course, rotated 90 degrees so as to stand the “mountain range” vertically on its end. The subliminal image is a bearded Christ with his arms raised overhead, as if hanging on the stake. He appears to be wearing a falcon-head headdress and above that lurks the half head of the obligatory ram’s head. (Rams appear in many of the Watchtower’s subliminals.) And then on Jesus’ chest there appears a hideous mush-faced creature. The birds would seem to be giving Jesus an inverted act of mock obeisance – bowing their tails, not their heads, while bowing to the light – the light radiating is Satan. I suppose the happy family are gleefully free-falling into Sheol without a resurrecting bungee cord, rather than submit themselves to the tyranny of Christ.  (If you can’t see it you probably have some sort of mental, pop-up subliminal blocker on, or something like that.)

Keeping in mind this is the digital age and all, still, the same creatures lurk in the nether that were around thousands of years ago. This sort of demon footprint brings to my mind the accounts in the Bible when the demons tried to become witnesses for Jesus. Recall that on many occasions when Jesus expelled the demons they would try to use their host to declare Jesus to be the Holy one and the Son of God. Sometimes they would blurt it out before Jesus rebuked them, but sometimes Jesus would not allow them to speak at all because they knew he was the Christ.

Years later Paul and Silas encountered a demon-possessed girl who followed them around for several days bellowing: “These men are slaves of the Most High God, who are publishing to you the way of salvation.”

Nothing the girl said was untrue. But what was the point of it? Was it in order to give the demon-possessed girl credibility? Perhaps. Likely the demons were trying to insinuate themselves into the midst of believers, as they were able to successfully accomplish in the case of the Corinthian congregation, which was presided over by those whom Paul chided as “superfine apostles,” whom he revealed were actually satanic agents who had convincingly transformed themselves into ministers of righteousness to such an extent that they were more influential than Paul, who founded the congregation.

The demons covet what belongs to God.

From the very beginning Satan devised a scheme to insert himself as God over mankind in order to receive worship to himself. He was wildly successful.

During the time when God had instituted a system of formal worship centered around a tabernacle and later a temple ministered to by Levitical priests, the demons successfully seduced generations of priests into abandoning the worship of Jehovah and converting God’s temple to worship numerous gods and their idols, which the Bible reveals were merely fronts for the demons.

In the Christian era, after the last of the apostles died off, Christianity was subverted into similar forms of demon worship.

As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses know, virtually everything associated with Christendom originated in demon religion – certainly the entire foundation, including the Trinity, the so-called holy days (holidays), the all-pervasive immortal soul lie, you name it.

The Devil even placed his signature on the whole of Christendom by emblazoning it with the cross, which the demon religions of antiquity revered long before Jesus was impaled on a wooden pole.

And even the Bible Students that grouped around Charles Taze Russell were originally saddled with the Christianized forms of the Feast of Saturnalia and the Easter bacchanalia, not to mention that they also embraced the pagan cross as the symbol of Christianity, which, as is known as the Masonic cross and crown, appeared on every cover of the Watchtower Magazine for decades.

The beauty is, in the end Jehovah is going to let the Devil have the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. ‘You want it? You got it!’

God has no limitations. As Jesus once said, he could cause the very rocks to cry out the message if men failed to do so. Bottom line: Jehovah has other means. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not necessary. It may as well go “poof” tomorrow. And it will.

So, while the demons may mark their turf with silly subliminals, pretending that Christ bows to the king of the demons, Jehovah long ago straightforwardly foretold that he is going to crush Satan under our feet, shortly. Christ’s victory over the Devil has guaranteed the outcome. And there is nothing any demon or Watchtower (con)artist can do about it.

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