QUESTION: If Jesus hasn’t begin ruling as King (since 1914), does he currently hold the 7 congregations (Our Organization) in his hand? The reason I ask, is then what do we call the last 100 years? Obviously, it has served a purpose in bringing forth light to the world about Jehovah’s Grand name and the Kingdom. Can Jesus be controlling and blessing the congregations for the last 100 years while not holding the position as ruling King?” 


ANSWER: There are several aspects of Jesus’ kingship to consider.

Since his baptism and anointing Jesus became the heir to the throne of David. In proof of that one of his original disciples, Nathanael by name, hailed Jesus not only as the Son of God, but also the King of Israel, which Jesus did not deny. Also, Jesus was executed because the Jews complained that Jesus was a king in competition with the Roman emperor.

And since his ascension back to heaven Jesus has retained his right to sit upon the throne of Israel. But, the Israel over which he has ruled is what Paul referred to as “the Israel of God” – also known as the congregation of the Firstborn.

But Jesus is also said to be sitting at the Father’s right hand until all his enemies are made to become his footstool, at which point Jesus’ kingship expands it’s power and scope.

Consider, again, the pattern provided in the case of David. First he was anointed as a mere boy. God’s spirit empowered him to slay Goliath and many other Philistines. But even though he was honored as a national hero he was persecuted by Saul. As a result David was forced to live as a fugitive. But he acted as the commander of a small cadre of hard pressed men who were loyal to him.

This parallels the life of Jesus – he being anointed and immediately persecuted by his fellow countrymen. Yet, Jesus had a small contingent of loyal followers and ultimately he conquered the world, in that, he remained true to God under severe test. 

Eventually David was crowned as the king of Judah and seven years later after the demise of Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, he was finally accepted as the king of all Israel. Immediately upon the consolidation of his kingdom David initiated a war campaign to subdue all of Israel’s enemies including the Jebusites that inhabited Jerusalem and Mount Zion.

This also prefigures the kingship of Christ; how he will eventually become king over all of the Israel of God upon heavenly Mount Zion and subdue all of his enemies in heaven and on earth.

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