Are Jehovah’s Witnesses in spiritual paradise?

//Are Jehovah’s Witnesses in spiritual paradise?

Tuesday, February 7

I will glorify the place for my feet.Isa. 60:13.

The expression “spiritual paradise” has become a part of our theocratic vocabulary. It describes our unique, spiritually rich environment, or condition, which allows us to enjoy peace with God and with our brothers. Of course, we should not conclude that the terms “spiritual paradise” and “spiritual temple” are the same. The spiritual temple is God’s arrangement for true worship. The spiritual paradise serves to identify clearly those who have God’s approval and who are today serving him at his spiritual temple. How exciting it is to know that since 1919, Jehovah has allowed imperfect humans to work with him in cultivating, strengthening, and expanding the spiritual paradise on earth! Do you see yourself playing a part in this marvelous work? Are you moved to continue working with Jehovah in glorifying ‘the place for his feet’?


It is true, the phrase “spiritual paradise” is part of the so-called theocratic language that is peculiar to Jehovah’s Witnesses. But just because the phrase is bandied about and it is periodically asserted that the organization is a spiritual paradise does not make it so.

What exactly is meant by the term, “spiritual paradise”? According to today’s text it is a condition of spiritual health and peace between brothers and with God. And supposedly this blessed condition has come about within the congregations since 1919.

You might have noticed, though, that the Watchtower offers no scriptural support for the notion that God established a spiritual paradise in 1919. Does that mean there is no biblical basis for the idea of a spiritual paradise? No. Not at all. Although the precise term is not used in the Scriptures, the concept is. For example, in the 51st chapter of Isaiah Jehovah speaks to his organization called Zion, saying to it: “For Jehovah will comfort Zion. He will bring comfort to all her ruins, and he will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert plain like the garden of Jehovah. Exultation and rejoicing will be found in her, thanksgiving and melodious song.”

Quite a contrast and a transformation —from wilderness to Eden, from desert plain to like the garden of Jehovah.

As regards the original garden of Jehovah in Eden, what made it such a special place was not the beautiful flowers and trees, or water fountains and crystal rivers, or even the glistening gold that apparently lay about. After all, there are many beautiful places on earth now. The thing that made Eden so special was that God regularly strolled through the garden, as it were. During the breezy part of the day Jehovah would pop around and visit with Adam. True, God is invisible, but in some way he made his presence manifest and spoke with the man he had created from the dust.

There was no evil in the garden. Nothing harmful. No predators. That is, until a certain angel treacherously schemed to deceive Adam’s newly formed wife.

So, the idea of a spiritual paradise —a place like the garden of Jehovah in Eden —is intended to symbolize a condition where no evil persons lurk, no predators. A place where Jehovah can walk among his people, as it were.

This is the spiritual paradise envisioned in prophecy. The 35th chapter of Isaiah similarly depicts the barren wilderness blooming with paradisal beauty and it goes on to describe it this way: “And a highway will be there, yes, a way called the Way of Holiness. The unclean one will not travel on it. It is reserved for the one walking on the way; no one foolish will stray onto it. No lion will be there, and no vicious wild beasts will come on it. They will not be found there; only the repurchased ones will walk there.”

Does this passage fit with the Watchtower’s version of spiritual paradise? Are there really no unclean persons within? Are there no foolish persons? Are there no vicious predators? Obviously, there are thousands of pedophile predators and persons that practice uncleanness of various kinds. Only an uninformed person or a liar would deny it. 

Consider the question: Was first century Christianity a spiritual paradise? The Watchtower says yes. But that is because they do not take into consideration the Bible’s description of spiritual paradise. In his second letter to the Corinthians, the 11th chapter, Paul expressed his concern that the Corinthians might have their minds corrupted away from Christ, just as the serpent had seduced Eve in the garden of Jehovah. Paul went on to reveal that the cause of his concern was the fact that agents of Satan had disguised themselves as ministers of righteousness and had evidently become the most prominent men in the Corinthian congregation, which is why Paul dubbed them “the superfine apostles.”

Of course, the Watchtower claims the superfine apostles find a modern counterpart with the clergy of Christendom. But that is foolish. The phony apostles were undoubtedly elders within the anointed congregation and the congregation was not even aware they had come under the influence of false brothers. That is why Paul exposed the Devil’s scheme.

Interestingly, it was in that context that Paul wrote of a supernatural vision he had concerning the third heaven and his being caught away to paradise and hearing unutterable words which it was not lawful for him to repeat. Apparently, Paul saw a glimpse of spiritual paradise, a paradise that hardly existed in the Corinthian congregation with the presence of the wicked pretenders, whom Satan was using to try to corrupt the called ones.

Just as Eden was created by God himself the spiritual paradise to come is not something that is the product of religious reformers, no matter how theocratic. The predator-free environment portrayed in prophecy can only be created by God —or more correctly, by Christ. And Jesus spoke of this very thing when he explained his harvest illustration, saying that during the harvest he will dispatch his angels and they will remove all persons doing lawlessness and all stumbling blocks out from his Kingdom.

Strangely, the Watchtower claims that the angels have already done their work. For some inexplicable reason the angels have apparently removed lawless persons and stumbling blocks out of Christendom and since 1919 churchgoers have been thrown into the fiery furnace, where they are weeping and gnashing their teeth, somehow, at least that is what is implied by the Watchtower if taken to its conclusion. 

It is perhaps the most bizarre and absurd explanation the Watchtower has ever put to print. Too bad for them, though, when the foolish ones are debarred from traveling the Highway of Holiness no doubt many of the superfine Bethel princes will find themselves abandoned on the side of the road.

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  • Please8834

    How much further can this delusion go unknown to those who say they know the truth? If knowing the truth is suppose to set one free, then why must one be shackled to the lies? Is this the sort of lie being allowed or put in place that will be used to separate the sheep and the goats?

  • Shelley.

    My study sisters were talking about how fortunate they are to be part of this spiritual paradise.I have been attending the Sunday meeting for over a year now and have yet to witness this spiritual paradise.There are some very loving,genuine sisters and brothers there that always make me feel welcomed.I am a bit on the shy side so I observe a lot.I always notice when someone is missing.I noticed that an elderly brother had missed a few meetings so I had asked my Mom about him and she didn’t know anything so she prepared a meal for him and delivered it to him that evening.It turned out that he had injured himself at work and she was the first person to check in on him.It has been about 6 months since I’ve seen him at a meeting and no mention of him.Its like out of sight out of mind.I could list other examples.I wonder if these elderly ones sit home alone and thank Jehovah for this spiritual paradise.It makes me sad and it makes me angry.I am sure that it must break Jehovahs heart.

    • e.v.g

      It doesn’t mean that we are probably anxious and we are not doing the right thing? I feel badly for my own circumstances. Jesús said about not to be anxious, It is not time to take the appropiate time and do the right thing? Starting with our own family and later with our neighbour?

      • Please8834

        Outside? Outside of what? Lies?. The bottom line is ultimately depending on your relationship with Jehovah,
        not your relationship with the organization which by the way will never be able to save your life. Devotion belongs to Jehovah alone, no institution presently on earth will be of any help anyone because they’re all doomed! This system and everything in it will be flattened, smashed to pieces forever..

        • e.v.g

          I’ m referring to the coming spiritual paradise ( if i live until that time) sorry i have some emotional problems.

          • Please8834

            No worries..

          • Please8834

            No worries

          • Joseph Stephan

            Isaiah 35:4 offers this exhortation to the future captives: “Say to those who are anxious at heart: ‘Be strong. Do not be afraid. Look! Your own God will come with vengeance, God will come with retribution. He will come and save you.”

            • e.v.g

              Thanks brother, I have learned too much from this site and from sisters and brothers like you.

    • James

      I think part of that is we don’t like pestering about “attendance”.

      (despite opinions to the contrary)

      • L.H.

        A good friend of me use to say: ” ” They” talk so much about love because it isn’t there. If there was love, people would feel it anyway”.

      • Shelley.

        I was not referring to his actual attendance but that he was injured and shut in.There was no mention of the brother in prayer or any mention that he may need a helping hand by means of a meal or house cleaning ect.I believe he was stumbled from the lack of love and concern.

  • Daisy

    So now . . .”the spiritual temple is God’s ARRANGEMENT for true worship”? Ok. And the “spiritual paradise serves to identify clearly those who have God’s approval and those who today serve him AT his spiritual temple”. The spiritual temple is a place now? Its all such piffle & balderdash especially as the leaders feel that they can utter words which were not lawful for the apostle Paul to repeat. Spiritual paradise since 1919? They’re having a laugh! And its far from funny knowing that the 1914-ers in my family, five of them are so trustingly blind.

  • Beverly kenyon

    Wow, and here I was thinking that the spiritual temple was made up of anointed ones, Jesus Christ being the Cornerstone and High Priest of that Spiritual Temple. 1Cor3:16,17. The apostle Paul could honestly say he experienced a Spiritual Paradise when he spoke of the third heaven (1st heaven being the sky, atmosphere, 2nd heaven being space and 3rd heaven being Heaven itself), he spoke of it happening 14years earlier which was maybe when he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus and he spoke of this event in relation to these ‘Superfine Apostles’ fakers who were misleading anointed ones in the Corinthian congregation. 2Cor12:2

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Where is the spiritual paradise? Some guys take money from the congregation contribution box. This is just an example to add to the list.

  • Kjetil Stokka

    In the governing body you see people die and new people come, and they never talk truth ? They make new idea all time and name it truth. And today the truth they name truth they not know is it truth, because they know they will change it later again. This they do because they are fake ?

    Matthew 24:5World English Bible (WEB)

    5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will lead many astray.

  • Kjetil Stokka

    1 John 2:21New King James Version (NKJV)

    21 I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

  • Kjetil Stokka

    1 John 2:26-27New King James Version (NKJV)

    26 These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. 27 But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.

  • Kjetil Stokka

    Give me your money and go to paradise ??

  • Beverly kenyon

    How can Jehovah’s Witnesses be in a spiritual paradise when Satan is still in control of this world. His influence permeates everthing in this world.

  • Simpletruth

    I wonder why none of the friends ever stop to think how, since 1919 was almost 100 years ago and the individuals who had been cleansed are no longer alive, they are STILL living in Spiritual Paradise. Oh, I know… The cleansing process must be ongoing and it keeps starting over as new people continue to pour in. The congregations are unable to be corrupted because God’s spirit remains over it like a tent shielding it from predators. Yes, that has to be it…:-)

  • Arvid Fløysand

    Have anyone checked out the latest tweet from Robert? about the dumbest democrat ever?
    I just wonder if Satans wicked plan with the last 8 king is to collect a whole bunch of politicians like that…then im afraid that i wont have a chance to make it tru it alive…it will most surly make me crack up and made me die of hard laughter attack 🙂

  • Arvid Fløysand

    With a clean face and teeth i am ready to log out and make my last prayer for this day…tomorrow will be one day closer to the wonderful new everlasting Paradise Kingdom…dear brothers and sisters,all of you where ever you are all over the world,please stay close to Jehova and our King Jesus…and more than ever lets hold on to and take care of each other in the same love that Jesus have to us…we are so small and fragile when we stand alone,and easy to brake…Satan know this and hate it when we glue together in the pure love from Jehova and Jesus…in that way,nothing can brake us…if someone read this and got this bad feeling of being alone ore forgotten…you are not..Jehovah know all about you.(Matt.5:3-12)…my love to all of you who i have the great honour to walk together with on this narrow way towards new Paradise World

  • Joseph Stephan

    Not so spiritual paradise….

  • Tropical Breeze

    Need a good spiritual paradise laugh?

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