Jehovah’s Witnesses deny rumors UK headquarters move to Chelmsford could collapse

//Jehovah’s Witnesses deny rumors UK headquarters move to Chelmsford could collapse

JEHOVAH’S Witnesses have quashed rumours that the bid to bring their headquarters to Chelmsford could collapse due to financial turmoil.

The International Bible Students’ Association (IBSA), the organisation which circulates the Christian group’s literature, said on Monday that the construction in Temple Farm in West Hanningfield will continue.

An anonymous source contacted the Chronicle on Friday claiming a woman in the IBSA’s construction department confirmed the project would terminate.

The man, a current Jehovah’s Witness member, said: “Something major is going on with the organisation financially.”

The IBSA did however confirm it was pulling the plug on other construction projects worldwide.

Stephen Morris, IBSA’s personnel support manager at its branch relocation department, said: “In order to make best use of contributed funds, some construction projects worldwide will be delayed or cancelled.

“However, we are pleased to confirm that the Temple Farm project will continue. We still have a very active

workforce on site, and we have no intention or directive to close down or sell the site at Temple Farm.”

Mr Morris added that all the old buildings, which included car breakers garages, have been demolished at the 50-acre site off Stock Road.

He added that workers are preparing for utility firms to enter the site to get ready pave the way for building work.

The Chronicle exclusively revealed in January 2014 how the IBSA is relocating the headquarters from Mill Hill in north London and build a printing plant producing up to 184,000 religious magazines an hour, accommodation for up to 1,200 Witnesses, parking for 1,040 vehicles and a hospital and playing fields.

Source Essex Chronicle


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  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Brother Robert King, Does It mean that this is beginning of the collapse of the WTS as you predicted in your book?

    • ewatchman

      No. I don’t think the Watchtower is on the verge of collapse, not yet anyway. But apparently they are having some serious financial problems. No doubt donations have dried up in recent years as the economy has contracted. And the WT is facing an increasing cost on the litigation side of things warring against child abuse victims. And they evidently over-extended themselves by being overly ambitious on construction projects.

      Curtailing all projects though is a huge humiliation for them. After all, Jesus spoke about this very thing in an illustration, where he said: “For example, who of you wanting to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, he might lay its foundation but not be able to finish it, and all the onlookers would start to ridicule him, saying: ‘This man started to build but was not able to finish.'”

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