Jehovah’s Witnesses apparently banned in Russia

//Jehovah’s Witnesses apparently banned in Russia

COMMENTARY: Although the just signed in-to-law prohibits all religious groups from preaching, obviously it will impact Jehovah’s Witnesses most directly since Jehovah’s Witnesses are all about witnessing about the truth. Most people probably don’t realize that Jehovah’s Witnesses were illegal in Russia until quite recently, after the fall of the USSR. All during the Soviet era Jehovah’s Witnesses were hauled off to gulags in Siberia for preaching. While the new law does not strictly ban Jehovah’s Witnesses from meeting together, will the current generation of Witnesses defy Caesar and obey Christ’s command to go make disciples, even if fined or imprisoned? It will be interesting to see.


RNS) Several U.S.-based religious denominations remain defiant in the face of new laws that would ban them from proselytizing in Russia.

The so-called “Yarovaya laws” make it illegal to preach, proselytize or hand out religious materials outside of specially designated places. The laws also give the Russian government wide scope to monitor and record electronic messages and phone calls.

The package of laws, billed as anti-terrorism measures, was passed by the Russian Duma, or parliament, on June 24 and signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 7.

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  • Burt Reynolds

    Well if the current generation of witnesses are going to defy Caesar and obey Christ we should have at least 170 years to find out, assuming you mean the generation that saw the beginning of this ban…..

    • Sam

      that’s not counting the overlapping generation to come 😛

    • i think Caesar is one salad dressing dude

  • Sam

    The timing is pretty spot on after just watching the part in this months broadcast of the brothers in USSR. That question regarding will this generation show the same faith is very appropriate. The thing is though, the majority of our brothers don’t realize this is coming for our entire brotherhood. It’s just a big if to them

    • LW

      What I wonder is how the brothers that have already gone through brutal persecution will deal with the intense wave of demonic persecution in the tribulation, something tells me they may be more used to it…as opposed to places where there has not been as intense in various countries, such as the United States.. I think most of us know it is coming here eventually. But, there is nothing like having already gone through such trials.

      As much as we may pray for the brothers facing direct physical persecution in other countries, so they too are praying even more fervently for us here in the U.S. Because while we are not directly physically persecuted now, there is a relentless war on our mind being waged by TPTB, on behalf of Satan.

      Some will not be truly ready for the reality of that kind of persecution and will cave in

      • i hate to say Brother, its true what you said but used to it or not, it sucks for both just the same. i pray till i fall asleep. since you daid that “fervently”, im going to tonight.

        who here already eats, sleeps and prays to Jehovah throughout the day.

  • Beverly kenyon

    That’s a real blow to the Russian witnesses having their work interupted after enjoying relative freedom to go from door to door in the ministry. Doing this sort of thing, Putin can’t complain about the West pushing and shoving him. He’s took his country back years now. The Witnesses will now have to adapt and go back to how they conducted the ministry when they were suppressed before the fall of the USSR. Even facing being sent to the prisons in Siberia and should count it as a badge of honour to suffer for the sake of the Good News about the Kingdom. Over two thousand Kingdom Halls in Russia goes to show the witnesses over there have been successful in the preaching work so really can’t see them letting that oppressive law hold them back…more determined than ever now that they had a taste of freedom!

    • that Siberia is horrifying.

      its their own stupid WTs fault that its getting put on ban and yet they still prazz it. the temple of Jehovah, the temple of Jehovah! sad

      • Beverly kenyon

        Hiya DA, I’ve seen prisons in Siberia on a documentary once and it was beyond grim. Just hope the religious intolerance isn’t meted out with violence because the two normally go hand in hand, like Burt mentioned about the Malawi witnesses. Hope the GB handle the matter better than they did when they were speaking up on behalf of the witnesses to that vile despot Banda who was leader of Malawi at that time. That person was truly an agent of the Devil. Ugh!

  • LW

    Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m pretty sure a significant number will hold fast to the faith. In fact at this year’s convention, it specifically mentioned the brothers in Russia and that they said that this ban will NOT stop them from preaching…so there’s the answer

    • Burt Reynolds

      I agree, but this is one of the problems for the witnesses in Russia. The society is making the decision of faith for them, robbing them of where caution could used, as with the doves, and thus the psychology of the witnesses in many many cases, is to view persecution as desirable to support that which they have been taught. It’s akin to the Stockholm syndrome experienced by Patti Hurst. One sees the instigation of this thinking mostly from the governing body who are not enduring it!! and they make mileage out of it. Examples? Malawi and Mexico. Ask the survivors of Malawi how they felt about the stand the watchtower made on their behalf, and to those of Mexico. Those poor brothers in Russia…what are they to expect? They are going to have their faith tested to the limit whilst the watchtower bask in their suffering. I pray they look through the mire and see the truth from Jehovah. We all need to do that. Sadly I do not see genuine concern for them from the watchtower wrapped up cozily in Warwick, only a publicity stunt, even obliquely engineered through their greed and paid for in the suffering of the meek. I just pray for this all to be over. I groan at the filth of it all, the child abuse, the politics, the deceit, the falseness of their expressed love,…just pray for it to be over.

      • Song of Hannah

        Amen Brother Burt! I feel the same! I can only imagine it would be like watching the Titanic as it travels through the iceburg patch. You just know and can see what’s gonna happen but the whole process is excrutiating! And then, terrifying!

      • LW

        I understand man….as we all know by now, this can only end one way..

  • Burt Reynolds

    I was thinking on my walk this morning if we should be doing something practical for the brothers and sisters in Russia, if that is possible? Do we have an address where we could email so that perhaps one of these articles can be posted? How do we expect the Brothers and sisters to get spiritual sustenance to strengthen them having been fed so long on a debilitating purgative laxative of lies to ease the conscience of the watchtower? Do we know what resources the brothers have in Russia? Would the watchtower give us information that we can use to contact? I note that perhaps incoming electronic mail or phones may be intercepted and perhaps help may be interference. Any ideas anyone?

    • 1914for100Alex

      Maybe the WT Society needs to read this before they give out any advice on how to handle this developing situation:

      Sadly, even if they did, they’d probably say “see, this is how it’s supposed to be!”.

      I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a WT article in the near future reading something like this: “Happy are those willing to suffer the frigid temperatures of Siberia while we sit in our Ivory Watchtowers…”

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thank you 1914, I have read it as suggested and can only concur. The last shall be first but on this occasion it appears that the blind shall remain blind.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Let Jehovah look into the matter

  • Cocheta

    update on the situation in Russia, Russian Appellate Court dismisses appeal against warning;

    Original warning of March 2 2016

    I think we all need to pray that Jehovah protects our brothers & sisters there!

    • Southern ShaSha

      Dear Cocheta, thank you for the update!

  • Joseph Stephan
  • Mika Nieminen

    Thanks to semitic ideologies Europe is in its death throes!

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