Jehovah Will By No Means Give Exemption from Punishment

//Jehovah Will By No Means Give Exemption from Punishment

Monday, August 22

If errors were what you watch . . . who, O Jehovah, could stand?Ps. 130:3.

Had you been there with Moses when Aaron made a statue of a golden calf, how would you have felt about Aaron’s weak excuses? Or how would you have considered Aaron’s attitude when he criticized Moses for marrying a foreign woman?  How would you have reacted when Aaron and Moses failed to honor Jehovah at the time He miraculously provided water at Meribah? In each of these situations, Jehovah could have punished Aaron on the spot. But He discerned that Aaron was not a bad person or gravely at fault. And when he was confronted with his own mistakes, he readily admitted them and supported Jehovah’s judgments. Jehovah chose to focus on Aaron’s faith and repentant attitude. Centuries later, Aaron and his descendants were still remembered as fearers of Jehovah.—


It is not as though there were not consequences resulting from Aaron’s foolishness in making the golden calf. Moses had 3,000 idolators killed on that very day. But it didn’t end there.

Jehovah was so disgusted with the people that he refused to be in their midst following the golden calf incident. The following day Jehovah told Moses to set up his tent outside the Israelite camp. God said to him: “Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go in the midst of you, for you are an obstinate people, and I might exterminate you on the way.”

Then God commanded Moses to go back up the mountain to receive the Law again. It was on that occasion that Jehovah declared himself to be a God merciful and compassionate, pardoning error but by no means will he leave the guilty unpunished, or as the old NWT worded it: “by no means will he give exemption from punishment…”

The Watchtower implies that God simply let Aaron off the hook, so-to-speak. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On the occasion when Aaron spoke against Moses Jehovah sternly rebuked him and struck his sister with leprosy. And when Moses and Aaron failed to give God the glory for providing water Jehovah had Aaron put to death. Neither he nor his brother were allowed to enter the Promised Land for the explicit reason that they sinned against Jehovah at Meriba. (Numbers 20) Jehovah did not consent to give Moses nor Aaron exemption from punishment.

But, Aaron did set a good example for the leadership of the Watchtower. When Jehovah struck Miriam with leprosy Aaron at least admitted that he had behaved foolishly in questioning Moses’ authority.

Contrary to Aaron the Governing Body has never, ever admitted to an error of any kind. When they make “adjustments” to their interpretations there is never any sort of acknowledgment of error. They simply say God has revealed new truth to them. Then the old truth is discarded. 

When their changes and flip-flops stumble untold thousands of believers and interested persons the Watchtower never takes responsibility. Instead, they blame their followers for not keeping up with Jehovah’s chariot. Most outrageous, the Governing Body actually teaches that Jehovah’s angels are actively involved in removing persons from the organization, who in reality have been stumbled by the Watchtower. 

Although a Governing Body member under oath suggested to the Royal Commission in Australia that the Watchtower may make compensation to the victims of child abuse in that nation, the leadership have never, ever taken any responsibility for the thousands of children that have been sexually abused. But if there is no culpability why make compensation using money devoted to Kingdom interests? If there is a recognition of responsibility why hasn’t the Watchtower humbly asked for abuse victims to forgive their error?

Presently the leadership of the Watchtower has the luxury of passing judgment upon itself. Not surprisingly they have jiggered the Scriptures so as to pronounce themselves righteous in the sight of God.

Like Aaron with his golden calf, the Governing Body has turned the organization into an idol. Like Muslims going to Mecca, Jehovah’s Witnesses trek to New York to tour the sacred facilities that are the centerpiece of Jehovah’s earthly organization. Those making the pilgrimage are even provided instructions on proper dress and grooming. Jehovah’s Witnesses speak of the faithful and discreet slave in reverential tones. Indeed, the Watchtower demands their loyalty and obedience. Never has Bethel ever cautioned Jehovah’s Witnesses about attaching undue importance to the Watchtower or the Governing Body or “the faithful slave.” Quite the contrary, persons who are baptized are even required to declare that they belong to “God’s spirit-directed organization.” 

As an example of the sort of worship given the organization, if one of Jehovah’s Witnesses were to confess having doubts about the inspiration of the Bible or perhaps even doubts about God’s existence, in all likelihood they would be dealt with moderately. Perhaps the elders might offer to study the Bible with them. But let one of Jehovah’s Witnesses voice their concern that the Watchtower has not been straight, such as their admitted 10 year partnership with the United Nations, or the fact that the Watchtower’s lawyers have argued in court that elders have no duty to protect the children in the congregations from sexual predators, or the outright falsity of the 1914 doctrine, quite likely that person would be accused of apostasy and dealt with accordingly.

But Jehovah does not change. He will not give exemption from punishment. That is why Jesus spoke of the punishment that will be meted out upon even the faithful slave, the one put in charge. In the 12th chapter of Luke Jesus spoke of his coming as a thief in the night to make a surprise inspection of his household. Some slaves will be held guilty of mistreating their fellow slaves and of associating with drunkards. Other slaves though, even the ones judged to have been true to their commission, will be chastised for their ignorance. Here is what Christ said:  “Then that slave who understood the will of his master but did not get ready or do what he asked will be beaten with many strokes. But the one who did not understand and yet did things deserving of strokes will be beaten with few. Indeed, everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him, and the one who was put in charge of much will have more than usual demanded of him.”

Although the Watchtower has adroitly shifted the judgment of the house of God to the past, their words cannot prevent Christ from calling them to account in the future. That is why the question is posed in Malachi: “But who will endure the day of his coming, and who will be able to stand when he appears? For he will be like the fire of a refiner and like the lye of laundrymen. And he will sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver and will cleanse the sons of Levi; and he will clarify them like gold and like silver…”

As an example of the scheme the Watchtower has used to glorify itself, the prophecy of Malachi is applied to 1914. Supposedly Christ refined the organization then and gave it his approval. But according to the 48th chapter of Isaiah the refining comes about so that Jehovah may prevent his name from being profaned by the idolatry of his people, whose idol speaks great mysteries of truth. “Look! I have refined you, but not in the form of silver. I have tested you in the smelting furnace of affliction. For my own sake, for my own sake I will act, for how could I let myself be profaned? I give my glory to no one else.”

There is a price to pay for disrespecting Jehovah —for bringing reproach upon his name. And God will not give Bethel an exemption from punishment. It has been my unhappy duty this past decade to announce Jehovah’s coming judgment. The reality of a judgment day is easily discernible from the prophecy of Jeremiah, where in the 30th chapter, which is specifically earmarked for the final part of the days, God states: “For I am with you,” declares Jehovah, “to save you. But I will make an extermination among all the nations to which I scattered you; however, you I will not exterminate. I will discipline you to the proper degree, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.”

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  • Burt Reynolds

    That is a clear explanation. One of the many facets of Jehovah that I enjoy reading about is his loyalty, not just to his people, but to himself also. I look forward so much to a clean earth and the desolation of the lie.

    • Joel

      Another slam duck commentary Brother King!

      I remember some years ago, one Watchtower article even stated in a proudful glory-filled way that ‘there is more of Jehovah’s spirit at Brooklyn Bethel because there resides more anointed brothers than in any one place on the earth.’ Remember that statement (or something like it)?

      That mindset ties in beautifully with what Bro. King stated above in his commentary:

      “Like Muslims going to Mecca, Jehovah’s Witnesses trek to New York to tour the sacred facilities that are the center piece of Jehovah’s earthly Organization.”

      How very much true! I myself did it! Let me tell you, when I walked the halls of not just Brooklyn Bethel, but also Walkill, and just recently, Patterson, I literally felt like I was walking on “sacred” ground. Like I was in Solomon’s gold-laden Temple. . .worshipping before Jehovah! No jive! I really felt as close to God ad humanly possible!

      In truth, the Watchtower world headquarters in New York is viewed by JWs no differently, yes, in the SAME WAY that Catholics view the Vatican in Rome. Such reverential awe should be reserved only for the actual person of Jesus Christ himself. . . not his “Ambassadors substituting for Christ.”

      The Watchtower Society has indeed become a “golden calf,” yes, an IDOL to itself, and to its none-the-wiser, duped followers. How sad.

      • ewatchman

        Ironically, in the Watchtower study for this past Sunday paragraph 12 of the article stated that ‘idolatry can take many forms, some of which are hard to recognize.’ How true!

        • Joel

          So true Brother King.
          How sad that an Organization that has done so much good for many (at least in reviving/restoring basic Christian doctrine) can itself fall victim to the very idolatry it warns against.

          • that’s why that SOB satan the Devil needs to be bound and the key lost.
            He has ruined everything since the beginning. Self glorifying BASTARD.
            OH I think my volcano erupted, sorry…….

            • Bklyn Kevin

              I know you were probably very angry when you made this statement but nonetheless your statement is implying that Jehovah is female dog.

            • Yup,sorry, fixed
              Thanks BK

        • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

          Yes brother I and my wife was thinking about you and my wife whispered your name in my ears as they were reading the 12th paragraph.

        • LW

          I had the same thought cross my mind. Maybe they are insinuating said object.

        • Peter Zuccerberg

          Please see this link that I just sent also to Volcanic, it is:

          I think the meteororic rise of the Watchtower has served to be a 2 edged sword i.e. bible and other literature translated into hundreds of languages and preaching in all countries etc… makes the average Jehovah’s witness turn a blind eye to the Watchtowers frauds/crimes. The thought is too horrible to imagine to blame the Governing Body as: Where else are we going to find the truth? Where are we going to go if we hold the Watchtower responsible? And, this must be the truth because look at how great the Watchtowers past preaching work achievements have been, so it must have Jehovah’s hand, so just don’t ask questions and do what the Watchtower says… Just follow the program, right?

          Well, the above YouTube arrival proves (amazingly) that the Watchtower always was and is financed by Chase Manhattan/Morgan Guarantee Trust out of England, supported futher by a photograph of Russell with (a) Lord Rothschild in the then called “Zion” magazine now Watchtower… They were sailing to England together with other Jewish bankers.

          Each year the Watchtower is given a blank check that will not bounce, so as to cover all their expenses.

          So the question arrises: Why?

          Thus, the Watchtower does not need your donations, unless you enjoy funding pedophillia. They are feigning being broke…

          Let the Rothchilds pay that Bill!!!

          You are so correct in many many things brother King.

          Maybe ift more of the harsher truths came out without sugar coating it, it just might snap a few people out of this Watchtower Trance Idol Worship Syndrome.

          But on the other hand, Jehovah knows how to use the wicked and their schemes to his advantage, Ashe has showed over and over again in the Bible.

  • 1914for100Alex

    James 2:13 –

    For the one who does not practice mercy will have his judgment without mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

    • ewatchman

      Right. I think Jehovah will demonstrate mercy by not exterminating everyone.

      • i dont know if thats the best example if you think about it. at least the way you put it. but yeah true. mercy by letting us live.

        • ewatchman

          I was alluding to the Scripture I quoted in Jeremiah.

        • Leonard k

          Jehovah certainly will show mercy to his people but let us keep in mind these scriptures as well. we are deserving of nothing from our heavenly father and yet he loves and forgives us so let us in return show the same undeserved mercy love and kindness to all.

          John 13:34

          34 I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also love one another.

          Matthew 25:40 Romans

          40 In reply the King will say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

          Romans 9:15

          15 For he says to Moses: “I will show mercy to whomever I will show mercy, and I will show compassion to whomever I will show compassion.”

          Jeremiah 42:12

          12 And I will show you mercy, and he will have mercy on you and return you to your own land.

          Isaiah 30:18

          18 But Jehovah is waiting patiently to show you favor, And he will rise up to show you mercy. For Jehovah is a God of justice. Happy are all those keeping in expectation of him.

          Psalm 103:13

          13 As a father shows mercy to his sons, Jehovah has shown mercy to those who fear him

          • i was just thinking the way it was put. the way i read it. Jehovah being merciful by killing someone; apart from the One let alive

            • Burt Reynolds

              I agree with your mood D34. Sometimes even the truth seems overwhelming and we wish for it all to be over, to be allowed to live and be rid of the evil about us…of which I suppose, we are also a part, and thus condemn ourselves , and worse, know that we do. I remember that mood standing outside the headmasters office at boarding school, waiting to be thrashed with a split end cane, for, guess what…..running away from school because it was unbearable! Beaten for running away from beatings! And it seems like that now, does it not? We are awaiting the thrashing of our lives, even as we have tried to endure and be righteous. It is not surprising that such gets us down at times and we rail against Jehovah. I too just want it all to stop, but we have to gird ourselves, buckle up the sword of righteousness and go out once more unto the breach dear friend. Once more…..but, thank Jehovah, only once more….then we will be free. It gives me strength.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Who has been sharpening their scribing scythe…? Love it. Instruction and fact in eleven words. Concise too!

    • Burt Reynolds

      Yes and no 1917. The pathway to mercy can only be walked if the heart is right, the intention true, and the outworking of such evidenced. Otherwise why sort the sheep from the goats? Jehovah is merciful to those (trying) to do his will. The haters of Jehovah, well, ….you know that story….

      • 1914for100Alex

        Yeah. Maybe it wasn’t the best scripture to go with without explaining why I posted it. I was actually looking for a different scripture for comparisons sake (in relation to Robert’s commentary). James 1:13

        “When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.”

        I couldn’t remember exactly how it went, but I thought of it when Robert mentioned Aaron’s punishment for speaking against Moses. Upon reading it I realized there’s a difference between punishment and being tried by Jehovah.

        What led me to the scripture I posted was that after finding 1:13, I kept reading! James 2:13 made me think of how the WTS sometimes treats people that don’t believe or do things exactly the way they want. Admittedly, they have shown some mercy by allowing disfellowshipped members back in, but it’s under their set of rules. They act as though they alone hold the keys to the Kingdom. Hope that clears up any confusion, and feel free to question what I post at any time. I’m here to learn 🙂

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Waw this is another great article by Robert King to be appreciated. I got the tasty stuff from this article

  • Song of Hannah

    Does it say somewhere that this “idol speaks great mysteries of truth” or is this an implied thought? Thanks!

    • ewatchman

      That is what is implied in the 48th chapter. God withholds revealing the deeper things, calling them “guarded secrets,” so that they cannot say “My idol did this; my carved image and my metal image commanded this.” In effect the Watchtower claims to know all of God’s guarded secrets.

      • Song of Hannah

        Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something cool! ?

  • Sharon

    thank-you brother Robert, if that was read by any witness surely it would make them think twice,and then some. speaking about headquarters,what if anything do you know about watchtower basically buying up an entire town in shiwanugunk? I was also reading a very disturbing article,which will for sure effect our future,it says your church places the government over god if it is a 501-C-3 church.what do you know?HELP

    • Daisy explains 501 c 3 is a tax-exemption code for religious organisations, brought in about fifty years ago…

      • Sharon

        thank-you so much daisy,what a great site,i guess my next question would be,why on earth would the watchtower want to be under government authority?when they were already exempt under the first amendement?

        • Daisy

          The WT are under government authority …Caesar..unless the government contradicts Christian beliefs. That’s it. And I’m very sorry but I know absolutely nothing about the first amendment, american law, so I’m not able to comment /help you much.

          • 1914for100Alex

            If you were American, you’d have all the qualifications to be a politician here! Just kidding. They know exactly what the laws are. They just like twisting them in their favor!

          • Leonard k

            The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

            The Bill of Rights was originally proposed as a measure to assuage Anti-Federalist opposition to Constitutional ratification. Initially, the First Amendment applied only to laws enacted by the Congress, and many of its provisions were interpreted more narrowly than they are today. Beginning with Gitlow v. New York (1925), the Supreme Court applied the First Amendment to states—a process known as incorporation—through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

            In Everson v. Board of Education (1947), the Court drew on Thomas Jefferson’s correspondence to call for “a wall of separation between church and State”, though the precise boundary of this separation remains in dispute. Speech rights were expanded significantly in a series of 20th and 21st-century court decisions which protected various forms of political speech, anonymous speech, campaign financing, pornography, and school speech; these rulings also defined a series of exceptions to First Amendment protections. The Supreme Court overturned English common law precedent to increase the burden of proof for defamation and libel suits, most notably in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964). Commercial speech, however, is less protected by the First Amendment than political speech, and is therefore subject to greater regulation.

            The Free Press Clause protects publication of information and opinions, and applies to a wide variety of media. In Near v. Minnesota (1931) and New York Times v. United States (1971), the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected against prior restraint—pre-publication censorship—in almost all cases. The Petition Clause protects the right to petition all branches and agencies of government for action. In addition to the right of assembly guaranteed by this clause, the Court has also ruled that the amendment implicitly protects freedom of association.

            • Daisy

              …still know absolutely nothing Leonard lol but thanks for your time… Can’t help but feel that all the above is not worth the paper its written on…

            • Leonard k

              yes you are right about that.

        • Leonard k

          maybe there’s more going on behind the closed doors then we realize

        • Bklyn Kevin

          When the eighth king comes on the scene he will do away with the constitutional bill of rights and that will include the first amendment as well and the watchtower would no longer have any protection and that would mean that the watchtower would have to consort with the eighth king in order to survive thus becoming an antichrist.

          Daniel 7:25
          He will speak words against the Most High, and he will continually harass the holy ones of the Supreme One.
          {He will intend to change times and law}, and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time

        • Daisy

          Wondering if you’ve come across Mike&Kim’s nearly three hour expose of the org’s involvement with 501 c 3? If you have time its very interesting to check out…
          Oh what a wicked web we weave….2cor 6:15-17…

    • Volcanic

      gosh, Sharon, if you do a quick search there is quite a bit of fodder out there regarding the WTS & its new land acquisition

      This one is interesting;

      Love this quote from that article “Watchtower doctrine leads to short-term thinking. Each Witness, for more than a century, has been directed to the belief that they will shortly survive Armageddon and enter a world where God will miraculously remove all of mankind’s problems, including the pollution that they contribute to. There is little incentive to care for a world that is going to/should recover from such a cataclysm.”…………ouch!!!!

      A similar story here;

      What I do find damning is this statement “Watchtower, a particularly litigious organization according to Zaino, is better positioned to go to court than are small towns, in part because of the money it has.”………I wonder if this will be the start of rumblings from the local community!

  • Man from the lions pit

    Thanks again Robert for this clear and strait forward article ! As I wrote you before to your email I was shocked couple years ago when I found your web how similar is your thoughts,vocabulary and analogy to my.”Aron golden calf” etc….Years ago I said once to one brother.”We reach the point in our Org. when if you would blaspheme to God you will be forgiven if you would blaspheme to Org. you will be killed “

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