Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud

//Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud

For those not living in the United States it may be hard to appreciate the round-the-clock media propaganda campaign that the American public has been subjected since the election of Donald Trump. It has been almost surreal. For the past six months the so-called mainstream media has hardly covered anything except how Trump colluded with Putin to steal the presidency.

But then, suddenly, a couple of weeks ago it all stopped. Now, a new hysteria is being whipped up. Forget Trump the Putin puppet, Donald Trump is a white supremacist and a supporter of the infamous Ku Klux Klan.

What happened to Russia-gate? Apparently, the story came completely unraveled after some retired intelligence professionals know as the VIPS published their findings —revealing that the Democratic National Committee computers could not have been hacked; rather, the emails were a deliberate leak to Wikileaks, which is what Julian Assange said all along. The entire Russia/Trump collusion was exposed as pure fiction.

Knowing that they were riding a dead horse the media have evidently been given a new script by their secret intelligence managers —to go after the president on the grounds that he is racist.

Just as the Russian hack was spun by British Intelligence , the same anti-America agents have apparently been deployed among both white supremacists and the recently formed, Soros-funded Antifa (anti-fascists) anarchists, in order to goad the extremists elements of both sides into a clash in order to ignite a broader confrontation —even a civil war. It is an old strategy of the empire known as gang/countergang.

Evidently, the staged confrontation in Charlottesville was intended to be the modern Fort Sumpter, which was the first battle in what became known as the American Civil War. At least, that appears to be the intent.

What does any of this have to do with Bible prophecy though?

About 20 years ago I came to the realization that Egypt in prophecy is a symbol for America. That ought not be such a stretch for Jehovah’s Witnesses to manage since Egypt and America are part of the same symbolic, composite beast —Egypt being the first world power in prophecy and America being the last; not including the actual last king, the eighth, which springs from the seven.

The prophecy of Daniel helps establish this pattern, referring to the king of the south during the time of the end as “Egypt.” Since the literal nation of Egypt was the original king of the south it depicts the king of the south in the last scene as “Egypt.” Even the Watchtower accepts this.

Likewise, the 11th chapter of Revelation states that the two witnesses are killed and their corpses were exposed on the broadway of the great city known as Sodom and Egypt in a spiritual sense, where Jesus was also killed.

Obviously Jesus was not killed in Egypt. But he was killed by the Roman authorities. And like America now, Rome was a continuation of the same imperial system that began with Egypt. So, “Egypt” may symbolize various successors of the original empire. While Ezekiel devotes three entire chapters to the judgment upon Egypt, which are considered in detail in the chapter called Downfall of America, the prophecy of Isaiah adds details not found in Ezekiel.

The 19th chapter of Isaiah begins with the following: “A pronouncement against Egypt: Look! Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and is coming into Egypt. The worthless gods of Egypt will tremble before him, and the heart of Egypt will melt within it. ‘I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight one another, each against his brother and his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.’”

The prophecy of Ezekiel reveals that the judgment against Egypt is part of the day belonging to Jehovah. In fact, the prophecy states that not just Egypt, but all nations come under God’s judgment. Ezekiel 30:2-3 states: “Wail, ‘Alas, the day is coming!’ For the day is near, yes, a day of Jehovah is near. It will be a day of clouds, an appointed time of nations.”

That being the case, the imagery of Jehovah riding on a swift cloud and coming into Egypt must coincide with the second coming of Christ, which as the 2nd Psalm indicates throws the nations into tumult.

But as regards current events and the sudden drive to ignite a civil war, which even the United Nations has issued an early warning over what it views as one-sided racism, the prophecy of Isaiah indicates that Jehovah is the one inciting Egyptian against Egyptian. What that means is, that, God sets things into motion and does not prevent an evil outcome as the result of his coming.

In an article published in 2011 entitled Doom of the American Republic, I suggested that civil war was coming. That was six years ago. Now talk of a second civil war is a common op-ed subject. There is little question the stage is being set for a violent clash. Among other things, we may expect civil war to erupt when Jehovah comes riding into America on a swift cloud.

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  • Prodigal One

    When you first wrote of these matters, they seemed so far removed from what was the status quo at the time. Now it seems that each day we wake up to the headlines, is like turning another page of “Jehovah becomes King”.

  • J.M.J.

    It is also showing the they will throw truth to the wind prophesy . Here in the United Kingdom ot has been the same with Jeremy Corbin .If he said anything .It was wrong .If he said nothing ,that also was wrong . Very much the same as Trump .

  • Easach of Coimbatore

    Jehovah is riding on a swift clouds. See cloud means gloom it will not be light but darkness as per Amos 5: 20. When Jesus was transfigured a dark cloud covered them. So cloud refers to great tribulation that will be associated with the parousia of
    Jesus Christ. So Jehovah will ride on a swift clouds means the actual thing is coming of Jesus will accompany great tribulation that is why the word cloud is mentioned when Jehovah rides on the clouds. Anyway thank brother Robert your words are coming true. What a shame to GB of WTS!!!

  • seems like this article should be in the Updates section. js

  • Joseph Stephan

    The reason for the violence in the streets.

    • more martial law. what NDAA the Obama puppet put in place Robert discerned before 2012

      • I came upon the writings of the JBS back in the early 90’s. I read tons of their stuff, including Creature from Jekyll Island. But having also started reading LaRouche’s EIR I noticed that the John Birch Society made the conspiracy out to be some sort of home grown thing, centered around Rockefeller and other NY bankers. They never mention the machinations of the British Crown or the City of London. And neither does Alex Jones, who is a Bircher. But the American bankers are merely tentacles of the London-centered octopus. So, that is pretty telling for the JBS to neglect the London connection seeing that since the American Revolution the British Empire has been trying to subdue its wayward colony.

        • Joseph Stephan

          True! There’s pieces of the puzzle out there, it’s up to us to hunt them down and spread them out on the table. To see the BIG picture, unfortunately no one has all the pieces………

        • well i’ll never forget that Alex did say ‘the redcoats aint coming, they’re already here!’ at least he does talk to Lyndon LaRouche as you know, so ive heard him talk about it with him. idk how long its been since he last invited him on his show.
          something right about that man doing what he has in this world. hope Jehovah keeps that guys heart from becoming corrupt and he finds the truth he’s always trying to find and stick-up for.

          last seconds at the end of the video –

        • The Raven

          Creature from Jekyll Island was very informative. I agree about the Birchers. Quite a few of the “truthers” seem to skim over some details concerning the international bankers and the role they play in the Empire’s agenda. I remember the tweet we discussed a few days ago about Soros and his activities funding the mayhem and he makes no secret of it. A closer look at the man. I’m sure you’re familiar with this:

        • Please8834

          Not sure if you’ve read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations it’s a bit of a read, but is literally the tearing down of Nations the dismantling of its infrastructure, its people and our whole system has basically been set up on this the book. “The Wealth of Nations”.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Generally speaking, why do you think it is that no one can perceive the British ‘octopus’? The collusion to make this work must be massive and the over-arching purpose, of unspeakable evil, given the aim of obscene wealth for the few, total control for the few, and the reduction by billions, of the population, should be clearly visible, but it’s not. And how would they expect to survive the nuclear holocaust and still have a workable society in which they can enjoy their wealth? It makes no sense. What is the evidence upon these issue that point to specific people and their intent?

          • Well, the obvious reason is because Satan is the unseen ruler. And he is the master of disguise. How many know he is the god of this world? Very few. In Revelation, though, he is depicted as a seven-headed dragon who wields great power over the earth. So, he is the master of machinations. Then there are various layers of secret societies that have been set up to infiltrate key organizations and recruit individuals who may be deemed to be useful to the empire. The lower level dupes and drones do not necessarily realize who is pulling the strings.

            As far as expecting to survive the nuclear holocaust, there is an element of insanity, obviously. And that too must be a reflection of the demons, who at some point are going to be driven to great madness in the knowledge that their time is done.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Thanks for that Robert. I did take into account the demons, I was just wondering about the human organisation. I guess it is all demon orientated, a madness as you point out. I was just reading your last article on the prophets. Thanks for that. Do you know off hand, given the precise reflections in each account, the time span between the writings of these prophets? It seems a remarkable unity in writing adding a great deal of weight to the inspiration and authorship of the bible. I noted that you said one of the prophets fell asleep, the other was as dead… did they ‘hear’ the message?

            • i would have answered the same

  • Craig Knight

    I have been keeping a close eye on the economy and all the experts agree that the dollar is taking a nose dive heading towards hyperinflation and we all know from history what that means. All fiat currency ever created has failed and we are on the very brink of that occurring here in the US which of course affects all the world. New currencies like Bitcoin have been developed to try to have a new currency after the death of the dollar which will happen much quicker than the asleep public understand. Just wait and see how people act when they can’t get their money out of the banks. Most experts are agreeing that there will be a reset of the monetary system. Reset sounds simple but it really means anarchy and violent rioting and so forth. The end of this system is really very very close. The 30’s depression was recoverable but this time I don’t think so which is just fine by me. The British empire is behind this as Robert has shown us.

  • Burt Reynolds

    I’m truely sorry if I have offended ANYONE over my comment on the Jewish issues in the bible. I was speaking of cultural attitude for which each and ever nation is identified. There are actually NO races on this planet( I refer you back to your biology lessons) other than the human race and the cultural differences that show in attitude. That is all I referred to. To each man is his brother. We are all one in Christ, and we have no business in who is going to be saved. That is for Jehovah to decide. Again, sorry for any misunderstanding. Every perceived ‘race’ is welcome at my door.

    • Old lady brady

      Sorry Burt, your apology will not cut it. You have already spreaded your abhorrent views to everyone here, just like that anti-semetic hate-driven Raven.

      • Richard Long

        Is there really no room for forgiveness here? None at all?

      • The Raven

        The truth is NOT antisemitic. Hating any race or group is. I do NOT hate Jews. I take issue with people who insist on treating any one as “special” and then call folks names for pointing it out. I will NOT apologize.

    • Craig Knight

      I second that Burt. There always trolls around that try to stir things up. I was out of line myself but as I tried to explain God loves all his children no matter what race. Vitriol is not a good way to try to communicate. I’m a pretty laid back guy most of the time but I get very passionate about the Bible and trying to find gems of truth.

      • Old lady brady

        Someone is speaking double speak. Why was you calling a Christian woman names, like donkey and ass?. Why was you upvoting your Charlottesville Jewish hating friend? Who else do you hate? People like you hate everyone. I’ve come to the conclusion that this site is for JW’s and haters and not for Christians looking to Christ as their saviour. It’s great to see support given to ones being bullied where everyone remains silent, in effect endorsing all thats being said.

        • The Raven

          Really? I was raised with Jews in the Bronx. I knew a number of Hasidic Jews as well. . Most were not rabid zionists in fact they were very nice folks. I sat in on their observances having been invited numerous times. Who do you think I learned the truth about this from? THEM. To disagree with someone prompts you to call them a jew hater and other names when that is nothing but an excuse and a worn out trump card. It has no effect on people who see through this.
          The same hypocrisy is evident in Christians who support Israel to the detriment of not only the US but even the Jews who live there. They have a very low opinion of christians zionists and believe their insane government only puts up with them because they are seen as useful idiots. People like the Rev. Hagee and others who still view jews as having a special role in end times are determined to push nations to war.

          So stop with the stupid accusations about antisemitism when it’s obvious you don’t know the full scope of the problem. Robert has written about this issue as well. He’s NOT antisemitic either.

          • Old lady brady

            What rubbish. How many racists have spouted “I’m not a racist, I have black friends”. Can you stop with the politics, this site is for spiritual discussion not for your personal political views. You must be very proud targeting a Christian lady like daisy. I think a more fitting name for you would be vulture. Suggestion: take your politics to Charlottesville or to your “friends” in the bronx, the sooner the better.

            • The Raven

              No dice. Spiritual discussions which FAVOR certain ethnic groups over others. THAT is the issue. Not the fact that they are Jews. Take your unfounded and ignorant accusations and get educated about what that belief really means. Religion is one of the main mechanisms for control. That is undeniable.

        • Richard Long

          At it’s very essence this site is a halfway house for those waking from the JW variety of the deluding influence affecting all those who would be footstep followers of Christ. At the beginning of this very year I did not even know I was deluded. I believe I have made a lot of progress, but you yourself very well know what a horse’s ass I can be. This is a really debilitating struggle for many and the “house rules” Robert has set up are fairly relaxed, presumably to encourage discussion that is both wide and deep. Many of us (me) behave abysmally from time to time, and ,not to excuse it, desperately need our companions to overlook our errors. What I saw yesterday was two people I care very much for tearing at each other I regret my inability to intervene effectively. Can we not find the love of Christ in the aftermath and let some time pass before making final decisions on forgiveness?

          • The Raven

            Don’t worry about this. I’m sure Robert has been flooded with emails demanding my head. lol. I figure it’s just a matter of time anyway before he has to act if for nothing than to keep the peace. I’ve had many interesting conversations here and I have learned a lot. I will not kowtow to anyone however and I am careful about who I trust. As always, examine everything and don’t fret bucking the system. The majority are usually wrong. You know that. I’ll say my goodbyes now while I still can. Take care, Richard.

      • Daisy

        Trolls are quickly dispensed with here usually, as they are arrogant, proud, attention-seeking, know- it-all who look for adulation, glory and compliments of men.
        Unfortunately, the “professional pest” here (by his own admission that he’s been on other forums in the past) has been tolerated.
        He’s only been visiting e watchman, a gruelling 3 months ( gruelling for me at least, spending hours bullying on his soap-box, flattering and complimenting RK by copying and pasting his essays) yet he’s amassed over 1100 comments! Amazing! A spiritual giant, not at all humble, who deems his attention on whomever he equates with his own particular “spiritual pedigree”.
        His accusations that Nigel, Beverly and myself have “an agenda” makes him stupid, as he himself is not even baptised, yet he admits he was going to the kh meetings in the past and the fact that he must know Jesus’ command that His disciples are to be baptised, but choosing to remain un- baptised knowing Jehovah for 40+ years says “lack of faith” surely…or he joins forums just for “sport” …..just saying.
        There was a time here when we referred to ourselves as a “family” but the black bird has messed our nest now and needs to search for another one, miles away, hopefully.

        • The Raven

          Oh please! A quick scan of the behavior here and the cliquish groups is all anyone needs to see. Not to mention the “private” discussions which folks allude to frequently.
          I stated facts and that’s all there is to it. Much of what I said can also be found in Robert’s pages. I suppose you all take issue with that as well?
          I tried being njice, but to some of you that means agreeing with everything you say and knocking around those who disagree. Well, I don’t play that way. Never have. I am not here for sport but it has turned into a mess of a place given the recent nasty behavior of certain folks and thento top itn off, false accusations when confronted over it.
          I will not go along to get along with anyone who badgers folks into their point of view.

          • Daisy

            Suggestion….change your name to “parrot”…

          • Cathii D’Anthonii

            You know, Raven, it appears that you learned the truth on your own, and found this site…that’s Really impressive…A lot of people choke on Jehovahs name , and the Trinity doctrine, and you accepted the truth.. And found it by yourself with Jehovahs help , of course.. I truly know He hears All sincere prayers..
            Going from door to door for so many years, the two issues that seem to separate the sincere ones are the Trinity and Jehovahs name…Some you meet always struggle and ending up falling away…

            • what separates people who defend faults teachings out of naivety is, like many trinitarians they will lie to defend their faults doctrine.

              “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace, but a sword.” ~ Matthew 10:34

        • Craig Knight

          I will not respond to you or Beverly’s comments from now on for the following reason. Matthew 7:6 “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.

          • Daisy

            Very holy!

      • your comments were excellent

        • Craig Knight

          Thank you good sir! 🙂

  • Burt Reynolds

    Your tweet on the mayor of Venice ordering police to shoot terrorists if they begin their martyrs prayer is very interesting. The madness seems to be spreading outside of America and into Europe, not that such is unexpected. I wonder how long it will take to come to Britain.

  • Sharon

    this is a reply to craig,sorry i dont know how to do it the right way.if the covenent jehovah made with abraham is null and void jehovah is a liar,thats all there is to that.i am well aware of the new covenent christ made with his diciples,who were jews by the way.and my second thought is you should not have to ask robert if jesus is our mediator,we are not part of the wbts any more we are quite capable of reading what the scriptues say for ourselves.and then we can all reach our own thoughts until jehovah sets us all straight.

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