QUESTION: Could it be that the disgusting thing standing in a holy place is the group of men being lawless, the Governing Body? So we should flee? Now? Judgment day is here, I think.

ANSWER: Jesus foretold that when the disgusting things stands where it ought not that it would occur during the world’s worst time of trouble in history, otherwise known as the great tribulation. In the first century, the disgusting thing took the form of the Roman armies that obliterated Jerusalem and slaughtered approximately one-million Jews and proselytes that had jammed the city for the Passover. 

So too, Jehovah’s judgments will be expressed in the future via the same symbolic wild beast that existed then. No doubt the future expression of judgment day will occur in the context of world war, financial collapse, martial law, and global genocide, caused by the beast going on a frenzied rampage. Ultimately, only those under Jehovah’s protective umbrella will survive it.



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