QUESTION: Luke 11:18,  Jesus: “If Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?” If all of the world’s kingdoms are Satan’s, and, if the Anglo-American world power is to be the last before the Kingdom stone not cut by hands strikes the feet of the Daniel image; and, if Great Britain and America became a joint world power during WW1, how can it also be that since WW1 —with the set up the Fed Reserve in 1913, and other plots, there is/has been a force that has sought to re-enslave/ruin America with crushing debt, drugs(medical and illicit), destruction of family, morality, etc, etc… Is this not evidence that Satan is divided? 

As it turns out, Satan is not as strong as we might imagine. Jehovah is infinitely more powerful. God’s power is manifest in a multitude of ways. There is the power of nature —big stuff like hurricanes and volcanos and super novas; but also God’s power is reflected through man, who was, of course, originally created in God’s image.

And although sin has blunted and dulled the full expression of God in man, there is still a divine spark, which is expressed through human kindness and a sense of fairness and justice. Even though Satan may attempt to rule by sheer tyranny the longing for justice is formidable. Hence, as imperfect as human schemes are, some men earnestly seek to make a better world. The fact is, no society can exist for long that is ruled over by unrestrained wickedness. Either the tyrants will eventually be overthrown or people will find a way to escape their clutches.

But that is what is expressed in the iron and clay symbolism, which is embodied in the Anglo-American system. The iron represents the iron-fisted rule of the Empire. As the scripture says, the iron mixed with the soft clay depicts the people being mingled with the oligarchy. So, Satan’s empire is divided against itself naturally —due to the two antagonistic forms of government that have been fused together in the Anglo-American dyad; namely, monarchial imperialism and republicanism. The ruling monarchies view mankind as beasts, over which they are the masters. The founders of America believed that man is made in the image of God and possessed certain inalienable rights. The American system was originally intended to help mankind break free from the tyranny of the British and other colonial powers.

Again, Satan is not divided against himself. He just isn’t allowed to bludgeon mankind into total submission through his beastly apparatus —not yet anyway.

Although, as Jesus revealed, the Devil is the ruler of the world, Jehovah God has not given the demons carte blanche to rule the world uncontested. God’s will shall be done. For example, Jesus said the good news would be preached in all the world and then the end will come. Satan can’t stop it, not as long as Christ supports it.

The prophecy of Daniel sheds light on what goes on behind the scene, in the spirit realm. An angel who had been sent to minister to Daniel said he was opposed for 21 days by the prince of the royal realm of Persia, until Michael, the great prince came to his aid. Obviously, no mere human prince could successfully oppose a mighty angel of Jehovah. The opposing prince had to have been a superhuman demon —the unseen power behind whatever men happen to be ruling.

Furthermore, the angel informed Daniel that he had previously stood up as a strengthener and fortress for Darius. That was so that God’s will could be done. Although the demons pulled the strings of power over the vast Persian realm Jehovah’s angel over-rode that and used the Persian kings to benefit Daniel’s people —even letting them return to their homeland and rebuild Jerusalem.

We should not suppose that the angelic intervention in Satan’s system was a one off thing. Excepting for periodic spasms of wars, given the great freedom and ease of movement that Jehovah’s Witnesses have enjoyed over the course of their existence, throughout the realm of Christendom at least, it seems reasonable that the soft clay aspect of the composite iron and clay feet of the image has had Jehovah’s blessing. The war in heaven is expressed politically in the iron and clay fusion. Again, only until his will is accomplished. Once the preaching and teaching phase is completed then the civil institutions and legal foundations that served to support Christ’s work are no longer needed and then the final phase commences. That will involve the image of a boot stamping on a human face, as George Orwell described the future from a mere human perspective.

Already, the lights of freedom are beginning to ominously flicker.

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