Modesty is good. It is important to recognize our limitations both in our abilities and in our authority. True modesty comes from recognizing divine supremacy and authority.

In his presentation, Mark Sanderson noted a couple of Bible examples. One of modesty and one of presumptuousness. David displayed modesty by not taking vengeance on Saul, who was seeking to kill him. It was unthinkable for David to harm Jehovah’s anointed king. David knew it was God’s prerogative. And David was wise for not lifting his own hand against the wicked king. Eventually, Jehovah did take him out —causing him to fall in battle with the Philistines.

And Uzziah is an example of a king who once relied on Jehovah but who became presumptuous and tried to take on the role of a priest. As a result, Jehovah struck him with leprosy.

Those are certainly powerful lessons from God’s word.

But why is a member of the Governing Body so sternly counseling his fellow Bethelites at morning worship? What is up with that? Could it be that some of the brothers at Bethel are not buying into the shutdown?

Or perhaps the GB are receiving reports from the field that circuit overseers are not cooperating with the instructions from the “faithful and discreet slave” to suspend all public preaching? Can you imagine a Christian being so immodest, so presumptuous, so as to defy the dictates of the Lord’s mouthpiece and push ahead to preach the good news?

When it comes to Christian modesty, I cannot think of anything more presumptuous than what we are seeing now with the Governing Body countermanding Christ and ordering all of Jehovah’s Witnesses to suspend their public preaching.

If Uzziah has a modern counterpart it is the Governing Body, who are not content to live as kings in their granite palace —no! Now they must take the place of Jesus Christ in the spiritual temple. It is as if the GB is saying: ‘Forget Jesus’ command to “go make disciples.” It is far too risky and reckless. We are ordering you to stay at home and phone. And watch us on JW Broadcast. Cursed be the presumptuous ones who do not obey the instructions of the wise and faithful slave.’

I may be wrong in surmising the reason for Sanderson’s rebuke. I hope I am. But if I am right it is most immodest of the Governing Body to imply that anyone who seeks to obey Christ is being presumptuous. It is what we might expect from the man of lawlessness.

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