Imagining Paradise

//Imagining Paradise

It is not uncommon for persons to suppose that living forever in paradise would be boring. This is an edited reprint of a previous Mailbag question from the week of April 20th, 2003, discussing the topic.

I feel really depressed and mixed up because I have this feeling that maybe the New World after Armageddon will not live up to expectations. I know it’s just because I could not imagine everlasting life in this system without getting bored or tired of it. I know we are told that we will be happy, but I need some form of reassurance. Please help.

Okay. Let’s do a little exercise here, just for fun. While you are on the computer, open up your word processor and start a document called: “Things I would like to do.” Now, start listing all the things you would like to do. Be as imaginative as you want, but be realistic. This is your wish list for this system.

To start you off, maybe you would like to go to the movies with some friends today and then go out for some pizza afterwards. Okay then, write that down. How about tomorrow? What do you want to do? How about a year from now or ten years from now?

Right off the bat, you probably recognize that there are some serious limitations here. More than likely you are going to have to do things today and tomorrow that you wish you didn’t have to do. You know your situation.
bored office workerLike everyone else, your choices and options are somewhat limited because of your present circumstance. Maybe you don’t have very much money to go places and do the things you want to do. Maybe you don’t have a car to get where you want to go. Maybe you don’t have so many friends that you like to be around all that much anyway. Maybe you just don’t feel very good about yourself and so your relationships with other people are not the best. Maybe, after you do the things you have to do, you just don’t have the time or energy to do the things you really want to do—so you just end up on the couch in front of the television—or worse. No doubt, you can see that what you want to do is very limited by what you can do because of circumstances beyond your control. That’s what breeds boredom and frustration.

Okay, now I am going to ask you to use something that everyone possesses that is one of the most powerful forces in the universe—your imagination! Think about this: Everything in the world, both good and bad, originated in someone’s imagination first before it became real. So, unleash your imagination!

Now make a list of all the things you want to do without the limitations you are presently faced with. Don’t worry about not having the time or money or energy. Imagine: No limitations!

Think about it. Spend some time lost in a daydream. Realize that in your imagination you can go anywhere and do anything.

paradise-awake-dec-22-2005Forget the Watchtower’s crude drawings of people sitting around on blankets with huge picnic baskets of fruit and vegetables, while the children are petting lions. That’s merely one aspect of an artist’s impression of paradise. The real paradise is much more than that and your imagination has the power to make it much more vivid. Besides, this is your list—your version of paradise. What do you want to do?

Now do you get the picture?

Paradise means that you can stay up as late as you want partying with friends and drinking cappuccino!—If that’s what you want. It means that you can sleep until noon every day—if that’s what you want. It means that you can go anywhere, anytime, without any worries or hassles from anyone. 

Do you wish to live in a home on a cliff overlooking the sea? Why not have another home in the mountains and one in the valley or desert too? You can do a time-share with your many friends from all over the world when you aren’t living there. Are we getting the imaginative juices flowing yet?

By the way, how many friends do you have now? How many do you want to have? How many friends do you have that are from a different race or nationality? How many languages do you speak? Why not learn them all? Impossible you say? Can you imagine using 100% of your mental capacity? Probably not, since we currently use only a very small percentage of our brain’s capacity—even when imagining.

Okay, maybe you just would like to live free and unencumbered without any possessions—just living in the open like Adam and Eve—if that’s what you desire. Or, you can live like the wealthiest person in the world—because you will be—everyone will be, because you will not be lacking anything that you desire. Remember: Jehovah has immense wealth, beyond our ability to even comprehend, and he is going to share it with all of his children.

Can you imagine the joy and deep satisfaction of having meaningful human relationships? No more people-problems caused by jealousy, greed, anger and stupidity! Just think: No more mean people!

Paradise means that you can have a perfect family. It means your children will never be snotty-nosed, bawling brats. Children will always be a joy to be around. They will continually amaze you with their genius, creativity and loveliness. How many children do you want to have? And just imagine seeing your children’s children for who knows how many generations?
girl dreaming Do you wanna sing and dance? What’s stopping you?

Do you want to play beautiful music? Or perhaps you yearn to compose music like a Beethoven? Forget it. By the time Wolfgang Amadeus is resurrected into paradise you will be giving him music lessons!

There are yet-unheard new songs waiting to be sung and new music to be discovered and composed, and you are going to have the opportunity to do it all—if that’s what you desire.

Do you wish to paint or sculpt or make beautiful works of glass or ceramic? Would you like to design landscapes that make the gardens of Versailles look like an unkempt lot? Do you want to write classic novels and stories that inspire and captivate others?

Remember, no limitations!

What do you want to do? No two snowflakes are exactly the same—or so they say. The same goes for people. And you will have forever to discover your own uniqueness and potential, as well as the uniqueness of others.

What about travel? Have you ever been to Tahiti? How about Tibet or Tangiers? 

Have you ever explored an underground cave? Why not? Have you ever dug an emerald or ruby out of the earth? How many unpolished precious gems are waiting to be unearthed and transformed into breathtaking ornaments by you? 

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Have you ever stood on a frosty peak and looked out over the world? Have you ever slept under a canopy of stars in the middle of the vast ocean, in a sail boat, as giant whales sing their serene serenade in the distance? Have you ever gone snorkeling in tropical blue waters? Have you ever frolicked with a pod of killer whales or dolphins?

ship on the oceanHave you ever traveled to the beautiful winter wonderland of the Arctic and hung out with penguins or fed the polar bears in the glow of the Northern lights? It is going to become your planet. What do you want to do with it? 

Where do you want to go?

Have you ever been to a resurrection party?

We have all been to weddings and funerals and we know the emotions involved. But you have never been to a resurrection ceremony. Can you imagine being at a gathering of friends and family as they await the pre-announced materialization of the next resurrectee? What kind of reception do you suppose would take place afterwards? Do you think you would become bored sharing in the ecstasy of such occasions? For example, can you imagine the astonished look on, say, your grandmother’s face when you walk over to her and give her a kiss and welcome her to paradise? Then, a few weeks later you and your newly resurrected grandmother go to her mother’s resurrection reception to welcome your great grandma back from the dead. Do you think you would ever become bored participating in welcoming each generation back from the grave? Is there anyone who has died whom you would like to host at a resurrection party? If so, add their names to your list.

Enjoying the sunRomance you ask? Listen, Jehovah invented wine and roses, exotic music, and everything that is beautiful, lovely and sensuous. Have you ever sipped 50-year old Armagnac? You are missing something! Its sweet vapors evaporate in your throat without ever reaching the bottom! And just think, Jehovah promises to roll out the barrel of the finest wines for everyone to enjoy—if that’s what you want.  Paradise means that your lover writes you poetry and brings you flowers everyday! Do you think you will become bored basking in the glow of the “flame of Jah,” burning like a torch in your lover’s eyes? We were made to thrive on love and that’s all there is going to be in paradise—even more love than you can handle! Is that hard to imagine? If so, you need to crank up your imagination.

God created the human face to reflect his own joy and glory. How could he possibly allow even one of his children to go around sad-faced in his new world?

What must Jehovah have intended when he created Adam and Eve? They were his own children. Can you imagine being a true son or daughter of a loving Father like Jehovah? We are so far removed from Eden it doesn’t seem real sometimes. But that is where your imagination comes in; not in imagining some Elysian fantasy, but imagining what is real—what is to come. Knowledge-based faith allows us to do that.

Paradise offers you the opportunity to find out what it really means to be made in the image of God and to be part of God’s universal family. It offers you the privilege of personally experiencing what it is like to have Jehovah’s power and personality in a scaled down version of God himself.

Best of all, the real reason God created us is so that we might have a relationship with him. Not a relationship where we do all the talking and we hope he hears us. Paradise means that Jehovah comes looking for you—just like he did in Eden with the first man! Can you imagine what Jehovah might say if you could casually converse with him? Can you imagine how thrilling it will be to speak with the Creator of the universe on a daily basis and ask him any question on your mind and he will answer it?

You could even ask the Creator to solve the age-old riddle, once and for all, about which came first, the chicken or the egg? Surely He knows. And who knows, he might just astonish or amuse you with his answer? Or do you suppose that Jehovah has no sense of humor? He created the chimpanzee didn’t he?

I imagine that once we get our relationship with God repaired, Jehovah could tell you a private joke that would leave you laughing for weeks. What do you want to say to Jehovah when you talk to him in person?

Do you think Jehovah ever gets bored?

How could he?

Look at his vast universe and this fantastic earth he created and all of its many marvels. We don’t enjoy a fraction of it. Do you honestly think God is going to allow his sons and daughters to be bored living in paradise? Whereas, it seems that if the Devil can’t fool us into destroying ourselves outrightly, he seems intent on boring us to death with his futile system of things we are forced to live under presently; but in Jehovah’s world-to-come it will be a thrill to simply be alive—to breathe the clean and sweetly perfumed air of paradise. 

When Jehovah promises to give the entire earth to the meek ones as an inheritance, what does that mean? Well, what does it mean to inherit something from a parent? It means that you own it—you take possession of your share, right? Well, then, can you imagine owning the earth? Give it a try—use your limitless imagination to envision what you are going to do with your inheritance of planet earth. Inheriting the earth means total freedom to do whatever you want as long as you do not break God’s law of love. Isn’t that awesome? 

Jehovah words it something like this: “But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” 

And your name is penciled-in in Jehovah’s legal Will. As long as you have faith in him and appreciate what Jesus did to make it possible—it is yours. That’s your inheritance from your heavenly Father. 

So, please don’t let the Devil trick you into thinking that the New World will be a bore. Start dreaming and thinking about all the wonderful possibilities that await you in the paradise of Jehovah’s promise. I am sure that once you open up your imagination you will not be able to stop thinking about all the wonderful possibilities that come with everlasting life in a new world.


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  • Jonah Peter Paul

    We excitingly anticipate your daily commentary. The first thing we do every morning when we wake up is to check the news and your website and your tweets as well. And that is the last thing we do as well before we go to bed. You know it shocked me when you mentioned the brother who was disfellowshipped for sharing this article to others in his congregation. I mean what could be so bad or spiritually harmful about this magnificently written article that is so encouraging? It doesn’t even contradict the doctrines of the Watchtower so what’s their problem? I feel really sorry for the brother but I wouldn’t have regrets if I were him.

    Let me say that personally for me this is your best article to date. You really no doubt have helped the person who asked you for help to visualize how beautiful and happy life in paradise would be. You spoke and explained things like no other person has. You have put so much information in here that it actually makes the reader think, “hey have you already been to paradise?” Yes of course that is impossible but the things you said are so so beautiful and it was great that unlike most hypocritical elders who seem to be so strict and prohibits fun and pleasure, you did not put limitations as to what kind of life paradise may be like. That is exactly what we love about you. And that is how God Jehovah and his son Jesus are. I remember teaching my daughter that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. I pointed out that it shows that Jesus, like his father are not kill-joy kind of persons. It was so nice how you pointed out that God wants us to be happy, to have fun and to have pleasure. How great life in paradise would really be. — If only we could make it there.

    Anyway I have so much that I want to say, so many plans, so many ideas of ours I want to share here. You know sometimes what keeps me up at night are my plans for paradise. I have so many plans for our family, so many things I want to do with my husband and daughter, so many people I want to meet and parties that I want to throw but I’d comment another time.

    And oh about the commentary, I have read a lot of negative feedback when the Watchtower changed their rules and suddenly allowed fractions of blood while according to others, many have died for refusing blood prior to the Watchtower allowing blood fractions and so others ask, what does their deaths mean? They think that it is so unfair for those who have died trying to stand for their faith and obey God when the Watchtower would allow accepting portions of blood eventually.

    And like I don’t know how true those stories you cited were… We were able to meet a couple who were disfellowshipped for simply asking their elders about the child abuse cases the Watchtower are involved in. They were considered as apostates because of that. These people are my fellow countrymen and it only proves how organized the organization really is even when it comes to their crookedness and tyranny. Thankfully they found your website and the whole truth about the organization. How about our situation? I was simply a child abuse victim in good standing in the congregation and now overnight I am an enemy of the organization. They may have not disfellowshipped me but how do most of my congregation members view me? It’s worst than simply being disfellowshipped. I was an instant apostate, enemy of God. And don’t I deserve compensation for being abused instead of punishment?

    This is our comment to your daily commentary for Nov13 which we cannot post directly to the commentary page again.

    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      To Br Jonah Peter Paul.
      Brother Some fellows are there who think that Jehovah speaks only through WTS Bethel, so such people will go and do such acts while overlooking the worst sins committed in the congregation such as the congregation which I am right now attending. Well I don’t know where I got boldness because right now I am sharing Br Roberts article with an elder in my congregation. But that elder himself said that I have more knowledge than he is. But I did not tell the source where I am getting. But it would be sin if don’t acknowledge where I got the knowledge, so I will give that elder’s email address to Robert king so that the elder may know the truth. What about dis-fellowshipping of me after knowing the source by that elder. Well I have a photo of that elder drunken along with his friends, so I am going to tell him hey man dis-fellowship me and see the results. They will dis-fellowship me for doing good oh I am happy for that because I will not dis-fellowshipped based on adultery, drugs,child abuse/pornography, drunken or wife abuse. But one thing is true they are afraid of dis-fellowshipping me because every body knew that I will be dis-fellowshipped not based on worst sins but because of difference of opinion with elders and WTS.

  • Robert if you ever get a moment could you be as so kind to record this . When your broken , down hearted or depressed this would be very uplifting to have on a personal device ! Your love for Jehovah and his son is very heartwarming and encouraging !

    • Jonah Peter Paul

      Exactly! An audio version of this article would be a very effective anti-depressant 🙂

    • Sam

      I agree!!

    • ewatchman

      Alrighty, then. By popular demand, your wish is my command! Give me a couple of days and I’ll get it recorded

      • Mr King, did you forget to record this juicy morsel ?

        • ewatchman

          Actually, no. I didn’t forget. But Satan cut across my path, again.

      • Thank you Robert for getting this recorded !


        Robert have you had the opportunity to see the beautiful video of Imagining Paradise sister Rosa made? !

        • Song of Hannah

          Rosa that was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! It must have taken you hours if not weeks to put such an amazing presentation together, really reaches the heart!

  • E.O.K

    Beautiful, and absolutely inspirational piece! I always had problem with Watchtower Society portrayal of paradise- kind of limiting human potential and creativity+imagination.This essay let me expand my vision of what could be in such a satisfying measure I’m in awe! Thank you! You are captivating writer Robert.(English is not my native language; please bear with me:-)

  • Baruq

    Thank you Robert. Tears came to my eyes while I was reading your article.
    I want to be in the paradise with my family. I want to serve Jehovah forever.
    I always imagined the paradise like the Watchtower’s illustrations, as you said picnic, children and lions. Now for me the paradise is another thing, a beautiful place when Jehovah’s love will be plainly manifested.
    I’d appreciate you example with the chimpanzee. When I was young, more than 40 years ago, I heard my father speaking with brothers telling that when we see some of strange animals of the creation we can be sure that Jehovah has the sense of humor.
    Thank you and thank you again.

  • Baruq

    Thank you Robert. Tears came to my eyes while I was reading your article.
    I want to be in the paradise with my family. I want to serve Jehovah forever.
    I always imagined the paradise like the Watchtower’s illustrations, as you said picnic, children and lions. Now for me the paradise is another thing, a beautiful place when Jehovah’s love will be plainly manifested.
    I’d appreciate you example with the chimpanzee. When I was young, more than 40 years ago, I heard my father speaking with brothers telling that when we see some of strange animals of the creation we can be sure that Jehovah has the sense of humor.
    Thank you and thank you again.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    This article is fantastic. It gives me more encouragement. The way you are encouraging all of us towards Jehovah’s way is really good and I appreciate you Br Robert King.

  • D34D 4L!3N

    im happy that i gave this page to a girl a couple months ago an she read the whole articel an said she liked reading it

    • Joe Dman

      I posted it on my Facebook. I only have a couple witness friends on there. My daughter’s the only one who “liked” it. Oh well, their loss.

  • Sam

    Absolutely fantastic..thank you for recording this, brother. Shed a few at the prospect of having such intimacy with Jehovah that he could share an amusing joke/observation with us. Humor is something that really shows me what a happy God our father is

  • Luis Meriño Vásquez

    I will translate it to Spanish Robert! 🙂

    • Rose Castro

      Si usted está traduciendo muchas de las enseñanzas de Robert King al español y se las está comunicando a los hermanos que hablan nuestro idioma, ¿qué reacción tienen ellos al oírle? ¿Positiva o negativa?

  • Luis Meriño Vásquez

    And I will share it with everyone I can.

  • Luis Meriño Vásquez
    • ewatchman

      That is awesome. Thanks Luis, I’ll post a permanent link above

    • Baruq

      You have made a good job, Luis. I’ve tried to translate it in Spanish with google translate for my website, but I though that the original text was so beautiful that it would have been a pity to ruin it. (I have tried to translate some Robert’s texts in Spanish because from end of the year I’ve seen on my site statistics that I have visitors from Cile, Panama, Peru and someone from Mexico – but a single page ask me 3 hours or more!)
      I never thought to put the links here for Italian and French, so here they are:

  • Merton

    I remember reading this a few months ago and just feeling completely energised and refreshed after reading it.

    Thanks Robert. I know the bible says Jehovah will wipe out every tear, but I think there’ll be plenty of tears of pure joy from the great crowd and those resurrected from the grave when people see the new paradise on earth.

  • Thank you Robert for getting this recorded with the use of your new microphone ! It is so emotional to put some headphones on, close your eyes and finding yourself removed from this struggle we call life, I found myself lost in paradise ! You have a great gift of story telling and teaching and I have been a fan since 2005. I will share this with the weak and downhearted and listen to it a million more times myself ! I speak for everyone here and say we love and appreciate all you do brother King.

  • Song of Hannah

    This indeed was beautiful writing. Interestingly my husband and I always pictured Paradise more like an RBC project. It is hard and grueling work, but oh how very rewarding! Working side by side with our brothers in purpose, teaching newly resurrected ones and building beautiful houses for them all. And then sharing meals, wine, music, arts & poetry, drawing ever closer in love, as a reward for our hard week’s work. We also imagine that some will not be happy with this, i.e., ‘I was expecting watermelons and leeks!”‘, which will culminate in the last rebellion at the very end of the 1000 years. Then after that, God’s loyal ones will be rewarded with a true sabbatical of ‘watermelons and leeks’ – after which, they (and hopefully us) will get hard at work again, perhaps populating other planets. 🙂

    • Volcanic

      Some people will never be happy, funnily enough I know of a lady, years ago, who stopped studying because she learned that there would be animals in the paradise! She said she didn’t want to be there because of that. Unbelievable but True!
      With regard to populating other planets I suppose the ladies will go off to Venus while the men go to Mars. LOL…….I actually find that part of it so fascinating, I know other planets at the moment are not fit for life, but earth probably never was before Jehovah decided to make it so……… fascinating it will all be, journeying to the farthest known galaxies & starting mankind off there again 🙂 Imagine leaving a note on your front door saying ‘Sorry, gone off to Saturn, back in 2 million years – please don’t leave perishable foods on the doorstep’

      • Kevin b

        Quite the imagination, I love it.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Don’t know who you are guest but your comments are SO fantastic, wish you were still around commenting now! Lol.

        • Cocheta

          hahahahaaaa, there is just no getting away from me is there Beverly 🙂

          • Beverly kenyon

            Cocheta I’ve sent the post to myself! Duh! Hope you get to read my reply. Still in shock at that. Mega lol.

        • Beverly kenyon

          Whaaaat! Get out!!! Laughing soooo much at that!! Cocheta, you are such a dark horse!! Wow! Beyond funny! X

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    Comment on today’s commentary:

    You are very right brother when you said this: “Sadly, more and more of
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are apparently giving up on the future too. They are
    seduced by the glitter or comforts of this world and can’t muster the
    faith to wait for a tomorrow that never comes.”

    Some of the of the people who spent decades as Witnesses have seemingly become bored and lost excitement in God’s promise of a paradise Earth. Some of these Witnesses have experienced several seemingly delays of the coming end due to the WT’s wrong assumptions and lies as regards to when the end will come- one of the most famous is the 1975 belief. My inlaws are sadly one of them. They have stopped keeping on the watch, they have stopped anticipating the end of this system of things and the coming of a new one and now that they have aged their advice to the younger generation is to not follow the simple life that they chose to live as Witnesses rather they want us to dream big and try to have a luxurious life in this wicked and crooked world.

    Now we are the odd ones out, the loonies for keeping in expectation of Christ’s coming and of the end. I once told my sister inlaw that we no longer try to build a career in this world because we prefer to wait for paradise and pursue our dreams there but when I said that she gave me a really creepy stare like I said something weird or inappropriate.

    It is depressing to see the Witnesses now deteriorate spiritually. Their perception of what it means to be a Witness has changed dramatically for the worse. Serving God is merely a part of a routine they have been doing for years. They look up to people with privileges and treat them like celebrities. If one member of the congregation is accused of child abuse, most especially if that person has privileges in the congregation, they automatically pick the side of the accused without even so much as asking a question, like people with privileges could never do any wrong. They even think that their children taking pictures at Bethels with Caleb and Sophia mean a good thing. They now listen to seemingly worldly based songs released by the Watchtower saying that they are living “The Best Life Ever”- totally forgetting what it means to be a true follower of Christ and servant of Jehovah (to suffer, Acts 14:22). They have been trained by the organization that being a true Christian means to focus on how much time they spend on the ministry instead of primarily helping the ailing ones and the needy ones in the congregation, (love, sign of true Christianity John 13:34,35). The conventions have long served as a fashion show event for those brothers and sisters to dress up and show off their new clothes to everyone instead of pay attention to the so called spiritual food that they are going to receive from the talks (1 Tim 2:9). The Witnesses have been encouraged to donate big percentage of their incomes to the Society and by doing this they are made to believe that they are very pleasing to God when the poorest among God’s people have been neglected and abandoned in the congregations (Lev 19: 9, 10 Prov 14:31) The Watchtower have always encouraged the thinking that a person should hold a privilege in the congregation to be considered spiritually mature and pleasing to God when most of the time the truth is that these privileges are mere titles “given to men by men” and sometimes even become the mere weapons that are used to rule God’s people with harshness and tyranny and to cover up the mistakes of the leading men in the congregation. Achieving privileges in the congregation seem like a competition where young guys race for who will achieve what at what age and those who do not get very far are considered inferior and spiritually weak(Gal 6:4, take for example the talk of GB member Anthony Morris that there probably is a problem with a 23 year old brother who is not yet a MS and therefore a spiritually mature sister should not marry a brother like that). Even the very serious decision of going through baptism is being pushed to younger and younger children, totally disregarding the consequences that the young children might face in the long run. In other words, most Witnesses have lost their eyes on the prize and have settled for the futile pleasures that this world can offer.

    Thinking about these things terrify me the most. I tell myself what if the unfortunate things that happened to us in the congregation didn’t happen? Will I fall for the Caleb and Sophia idolatry in the congregation? Will I be one of those who worship the JWorg logo and bow to the every word of the Governing Body? Will I neglect those ailing and needy ones in the congregation because the organization have put so much focus on getting more hours in the ministry instead of helping our needy brothers and sisters? In the long run will I also lose faith and instead treat the meetings and the preaching work as mere routines and do nothing more to improve myself and please God? Will I also live thinking that going to the Bible Character Costume Part Contest and Caleb and Sophia themed parties is what it means to live the “Best Life Ever?” Will I wholeheartedly obey the Watchtower’s orders when they say that we should not listen nor believe any news that might say anything against our brothers or the organization and add to the suffering of those who may have been abused?

    I wouldn’t know the answer but I am thankful that at least through our suffering We were awoken and given understanding as to what God really expects of us.

    • ewatchman

      You have quite a knack for writing. Maybe you should start your own blog and tell your story. ;~)

      • Jonah Peter Paul

        I don’t have the courage and confidence that you do. But if that will help some be enlightened and know the truth, I guess I should. Thank you.

    • Damm that was good, bases loaded hit the ball out the park……home run type of comment !!!!!!

    • Volcanic

      I know this is a very late comment, but I have only been here a couple of weeks & I am catching up, but, boy oh boy, yours is an amazing comment!

    • LW

      As sad and true as that is, based on the precedent that has been demonstrated repeatedly by God’s people in the past, the succumbing of the Israelites to Satan’s incessant efforts to corrupt them, the subversion of the Christian congregation, are things to be be any different? On the eve of nothing less than the end of an age, why would we expect things to be any different?

      The noose is tightening my friends and we should not be the least bit surprised, if we see or even we ourselves are occasionally subverted by our imperfections, perhaps more often than we may prefer to admit. All that matters is we choose the correct side when it is time.

  • Isn’t it amazing what you can come up with when you have time and a imagination………..

    • ewatchman

      It looks like he found all the marbles that people have lost over the years and put them to some use.

  • Thank you Rosa for making this beautiful video of Imagining Paradise !

    • My Paradise

      Teaching the resurrected about our grand creator.
      Seeing my dad Resurrected.
      Mastering the saxophone.
      Building my mother a home.
      Learning about plants and soils.
      Planting trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables.
      Building relationships with all nationalities.
      Having a home by the shore or an island.
      Exploring every inch of this beautiful planet.
      Mastering the art of hundred-year-old trees.
      Helping others everyday.

      Share your list

      • Share with us all of your I.P. list’s

        • Joe Dman

          I was wanting to ask Robert to put up a section where we could put our thoughts about the kingdom, then I came here to re-read this article. His last line was: “once you open up your imagination you will not be able to stop thinking about all the wonderful possibilities that come with everlasting life in a new world.” and over the past few years I’ve been thinking of all the possibilities. Somehow I’ve missed reading the comments on this article but it appears this is the venue for giving your thoughts of the kingdom. IMO this should be the most positive and active area of the site. So Joseph, I’ll take you up on your suggesting to share my I.P. thoughts occasionally and I hope others continue to do as well because I really enjoy the diversity in our thinking.

  • Jim

    Wow. Amazing. I would love to share this with others. But the reference to the Watchtower’s “Crude Drawings” will be just enough to shut them down. So sad. The Watch Tower is a sacred cow, NEVER to be questioned.

    • ewatchman

      Yeah, back when I first posted that a brother in New Zealand shared it with a downhearted sister in his congregation, intending to encourage her. Instead, she ran to her elders. The were greatly offended that the Wt’s drawings were described as crude. They convened a judicial committee and promptly disfellowshipped him for apostasy.

      It is unbelievable, but I have no reason to doubt his story. I suppose I could delete that phrase, but what for?

      But you are absolutely right – the WT is a sacred cow. Or is it a holy cow?

      • Does everyone remember the Watchtower’s crude drawings of Paradise with houses spread out in the background with a mountain range and a couple of diesel-powered Earthmovers, ha ha ha it was so funny.

        • Song of Hannah

          Well many may find them crude, but they had a huge impact on me, and in fact, they still do.

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          I just couldn’t accept that the WT seemed that paradise was all about picnics and it seemed as if the whole world would be nothing but a giant park with a petting zoo with tame animals. I myself felt like the questionnaire. In this life we have civilization, there are pinterest worthy houses, fashion and different places to go and unlimited hobbies to do but I just felt that the WT never went beyond picnics in the garden. Too many things were lacking and it seemed like they have made the paradise look limited when supposedly that would be the only time where we humans could enjoy life to the fullest and do the things we always wanted to do but couldn’t do because of our limitations. I don’t want a world that’s too modern either (the ones we see in movies with flying trains and stuff) that would just be too weird. I’m thinking modern looking eco-friendly houses, a nice neighborhood like the high end neighborhoods in the US, where each house has a big garden and a pool. Some could decide to have victorian inspired houses or live in the mountain in a bungalow. Variation is cool, at least not the whole world would look the same and traveling wouldn’t be boring cause we get to see different places.

          I’m looking forward to having a career there, one of the things I sacrificed in this world. I want to style sisters and assist in weddings and probably design fascinator hats and jewelry. I’ll have my own boutique and maybe a fashion club or be a teacher of fashion, something like that. My husband and daughter could also pursue their own passions without the competitive attitude of this world nor the pressure of having to work for very long hours. Everyone could pursue their desires without losing time for family and for God and for their friends.

          • Joe Dman

            So true about not being able to pursue a career. A while back before I got reinstated, my wife and I were waiting at a restaurant for a table and a couple, her inactive but making meetings and him df’d, stopped to talk and I mentioned that in the kingdom I want to have a restaurant of sorts, where people could gather from the neighborhood or travelers could stop by and tell all of us their stories, where they’re going or where they’ve been. He cocked his head back and said “its not gonna be like that”. Oh well.

  • Jim

    My Paradise…

    Seeing my son again, in perfect health.
    Seeing my son again, in perfect health.
    Being able to thank Jehovah, in person (well, kinda) for giving his son for us.
    Thanking Jesus, personally, for the unimaginable suffering he endured.
    Communicating, on some level, with other intelligent (animal) life on this planet.
    Meeting faithful historic biblical characters.
    Meeting other historic and possibly even horrible infamous ones, and see them accept Jehovah.
    Seeing Jehovah smile (in my minds eye) when all has been restored to perfection.

    • he will wipe every tear from our eyes.

      Revelation 21:3-5

      3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
      5 And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also he says: “Write, for these words are faithful and true.”
      Revelation 7:17

      17 because the Lamb, who is in the midst of the throne, will shepherd them and will guide them to springs of waters of life. And God will wipe out every tear from their eyes.”

      Revelation 21:4

      4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

      we should be over joyed with a glad heart for these are the things he has promised his people and Jehovah always keeps his promises so let us become his people and glorify his holy name.
      prays Jehovah all mighty for he is the one and only living god and his living word exerts power over all.

  • Paradise means that you can have a perfect family. It means your children will never be snotty-nosed, bawling brats. Children will always be a joy to be around. They will continually amaze you with their genius, creativity and loveliness. How many children do you want to have?

    • Volcanic

      hahahaaa, “snotty-nosed, bawling brats” Well! My granddaughter, 20 months old, isn’t. In fact, she is almost perfection! I know many people think their grandchildren are the perfect ones, but I know for a fact that my baby girl IS! Amazing how your perception of children changes when they actually become your grandchildren. I look after my lovely one during the week while Mama is working & I constantly marvel at the way she is designed. Jehovah has an absolutely beautiful way of creating things to perfection, little feet, little hands, little brains that are constantly working & learning. In fact the more I see of her, the more I want a dozen more of my own one day – I know at age 64 that I can’t in this system, but one day………
      I love my daughter to bits, but feelings for your children develop or change into deeper feelings as they get older & become your friend. Just seeing baby every day & the things she does, I never realised how their little brain works things out, or indeed, how on earth, at 20 months, can they even reason out how to unlock the cupboard door locks for an example, then manage to lock them up again! Tiny things, but on finally having grannie time to appreciate babies makes me even more certain that Jehovah is the best sort of Father to have & I long for the days to come in paradise when we can finally learn all about Jehovah. This site has finally brought my never actually envisioned paradise to a true hope & true vision of the future, for once now I can finally see that there IS actually going to be a paradise for me as long as I stay under Jehovahs protection & stay faithful. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of it now.

      • Hahaha hahaha, that is funny. I have three precious kids, your right children are amazing and I would love to have a bunch more in paradise. Where you wouldn’t have to worry about them all the time. The “snotty-nosed, bawling brats” was Robert’s quote. I’m guessing that he doesn’t have precious little gems!!!

        • Joe Dman

          When he calls them that it’s probably because he just came from a restaurant where he encountered one. Parents of children like that have gotten so use to their kids acting out that they ignore it but others of us are painfully aware. It seems it’s getting that way in the kingdom halls too. My wife has two boys. They were 3 and 5 when we got married. I could feel the support in the air the first time I grabbed the youngest one up and took him outside. He went out kicking and screaming, he came back a little angel. It only took one good beating that would surely get me thrown in jail today.

  • Maybe you just would like to live free and unencumbered without any possessions—just living in the open like Adam and Eve—if that’s what you desire.

  • Paradise means that your lover writes you poetry and brings you flowers everyday! Do you think you will become bored basking in the glow of the “flame of Jah,” burning like a torch in your lover’s eyes? We were made to thrive on love and that’s all there is going to be in paradise—even more love than you can handle!

  • Song of Hannah

    Paradise means no one we love will ever be depressed again!

  • Jesus taught that someday “all those in the memorial tombs” will be resurrected. (John 5:28) Jehovah is the Creator of all life. Should it be hard to believe that he can re-create life? Of course, much would depend on Jehovah’s memory. Can he remember our dead loved ones? Countless trillions of stars fill the universe, yet God knows the name of each one! (Isaiah 40:26) So Jehovah God can remember our dead loved ones in every detail, and he is ready to restore them to life.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
      But just as it is written: “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him.”

  • In Psalm 139, David praises Jehovah for His awe-inspiring creation !

  • How I imagine Paradise ?

  • Bklyn Kevin
    “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people.It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever Daniel 2:44.

    Genesis 49:10
    The scepter will not depart from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet, until Shiʹloh comes, and to him the obedience of the peoples will belong. …

    Psalm 2:6
    Saying: “I myself have installed my king

    On Zion, my holy mountain.”

    Matthew 6:10
    Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.

    Luke 22:29
    and I make a covenant with you, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom,

    John 18:36
    Jesus answered: “My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my Kingdom is not from this source.”

    Revelation 11:15
    he seventh angel blew his trumpet. And there were loud voices in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

    Revelation 20:6
    Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ, and they will rule as kings with him for the 1,000 years.

  • LW
  • Joseph Stephan
  • Joseph Stephan

    Imagine paradise 2017

    • Joseph Stephan

      We should all take a moment and pray for our dear sweet Daisy tonight, thanks

      • Beverly kenyon

        Will do that Joseph…I still think of Daisy and wondering how she’s still coping with that cruel disease.

        • sally

          Oh so do I 🙁 I will say a little prayer for Daisy to.

          • Beverly kenyon

            It all helps Sally..Jehovah is watching and listening. Bet It puts a smile on Daisy’s face when she hears how we’re rooting for her. Hope you’re alright Sally.

        • Joseph Stephan

          She just finished up a month long of chemo treatment Wednesday, she’s worn out, weak and tired. But with all our prayers and her strong will she’s going to bounce back!

          • ewatchman

            Thanks for the update, Joseph

          • Beverly kenyon

            Blimey, Joseph, she has really been through the mill lately! And feeling weak, tired and worn out makes you feel mentally down so I hope she’s trying to keep some of her spirits up by resting up, trying to eat good food, laughing, speaking with family who cheer her up, watching comedy films or programmes and the big booster for her whole well being…keeping topped up on spiritual things, i.e Bible reading or reading articles and everyone’s comments which she might find a real morale booster, also I read a while back that people who have a faith tend to recover a lot better than those who don’t. I for one will keep mentioning Daisy in my prayers.

        • Cocheta

          I had an e-mail from Daisy today, Beverly. She is weak as JS said & nauseous from the chemo (poison) in her system, but our darling Daisy is still fighting & I can still ‘hear’ a smile in her voice. What an incredible lady she is, slightly embarrassed that we are voicing our concerns for her (as usual, always thinking of others instead of herself!) I love her to bits, although I’m not a terribly good friend really to her, I never have time to mail her much, in fact very late last night I got out of bed & typed a message to her in the dark of my bedroom so as to avoid waking my two heiresses, what a task that was, but I was able to sleep better without worrying about not keeping in contact with her. She is mostly able to keep up with all the goings on here, so she knows we all care so much for her & will be thrilled when she comes back to us. I pray every night for her, indeed I normally mention most of you & just presume that Jehovah knows who is who here 😉 I long for the day when we can all be together in Paradise, even though I probably won’t make it though the GT, too old & getting frail & too tired to fight these days *groans* My days of thinking I can run up the volcano are pipe dreams now, hah! But the pictures here & everyones dreams for the new world are so inspiring, I can’t wait xoxoxo

          • Beverly kenyon

            Wow, Cocheta, I just jumped on EWatchman and your post pinged through straight away. My broadband connection has been down from last night until now…the connection where I live is really bobbins and annoying! Was filling up reading about Daisy…I can’t begin to imagine how she feels, her innermost thoughts about what’s happening to her body and how she copes with the bile side effects of her medication and most probably the endless trips to hospitals and the doctor’s…it must seem like it’s never ending. She’s a proper fighter and battler…she’s setting the standard for anyone who might be facing the same battle with that cruel disease!! I know you love her to bits Cocheta and you are a good friend from the very first time you both met up here on EWatchman…you’re loyal and you’re shoulder to shoulder with her by always keeping in touch…Daisey would not be happy hearing you say such a thing…she has a big heart! Thank you Cocheta for mentioning us ones here on this site in your prayers, that means a lot. Daisey would’ve loved getting that late message from you and you felt good acting on your gut instinct and you didn’t wake up your two heiresses! Phew! Hopefully, we all will make it through to Paradise but there’s no way you’re old and frail Cocheta…that’s all in the mind and in Satan’s world…it’s a temporary state..and even if we go to Hades during the GT keeping our faith and integrity to Jehovah God and his Son, Jesus, we will wake up in God’s New World…in the twinkling if an eye! The former things have passed away! Just keep going Cocheta and keep being the beautiful, human, real, loving, mother, friend, humerous, Christian classy lady you are! I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you and a lot of others here on EWatchman. X & hug.

          • 1914for100Alex

            Is Joe Dman still the email gatekeeper? I remembered his post a while back where he listed his email so others could get in touch and was able to find it. I haven’t emailed him yet, but I’ve been thinking about it although I haven’t seen him here lately. I don’t check mine often, but I’m not on FB or any of those other things and keeping in touch via email, if you guys use it often, would be an alternative to always posting here. Anyone use it a lot, or do you mainly just post on e-Watchman?

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya 1914, I hope you get through to Joe Dman, really miss him here on EWatchman. His comments were so real and straight from the heart. Have you read Arvid’s amazing story about him and his Mum and the history of his family. I think you’ll love it. It’s just so brilliant! I was reading an article on Perimeno and he mentioned how even though he’s read the Bible several times he was surprised at himself how little he retained when he tried to remember where scriptures were…so don’t despair, it looks like we’re in good company as I’m hopeless but I try. Thank goodness we have the ‘Scriptanator’ here to help us along with other Bible knowledgeable ones. Burt is gonna love Arvid’s story!

            • 1914for100Alex

              I did read Arvid’s story. He and his mom have to be so happy to have finally found some answers. It has to be especially hard on the older generations with all they’ve been told. How many times have they gotten their hopes up based on what the WTS said, just to have something changed? I was there for the “well maybe it could mean people that were actually born in 1914” and was gone before the “overlapping generations” nonsense, but someone that is 80 has seen and been through a lot more than that. And she still has her faith. That is great to hear. So many people have been stumbled, and I think the longer you’re in, the more likely it probably is. You’re going to pick up on a lot more things that just aren’t right. It’s a true test of faith, that’s for sure. So glad she didn’t give up.

              Thanks for pointing out that even Perimeno has issues remembering where certain scriptures are. Now I don’t feel like a complete idiot. Just the other day I wanted to comment on something and I had a scripture in mind but couldn’t find it. I couldn’t remember the exact wording, so that made it harder, but I knew there was one out there. Sure enough, someone else came along a little while later and posted it. I tend to remember the overall meaning, or moral of the story rather than the exact wording. I can kind of narrow in on where I may have read something, but because I’m often remembering via interpretation it’s not always easy. Actually it can be pretty frustrating lol. You know you know something, but for the life of you you can’t find it!

            • Beverly kenyon

              Yeah, tell me about it 1914, I could be posting a comment and I think there’s a scripture that sums up the point I’m trying to make but can I find it? No! Arvid’s story has got to be one of the best!! His family, being the first witnesses in Norway recognised the truth as they were told then but when presented with the REAL TRUTH of God’s Word weren’t afraid to change direction and accept it despite Arvid’s Mum’s age…she could’ve been set in her ways. They are real truth lovers! Arvid was a breath of clean fresh Nordic air when he swept in here…him and his lovely Mum! I love how all of us swept in here to this site 1914!

            • Cocheta

              I have his e-mail address, Alex, but I’m not sure I should give it out publicly without new permission from him, so if you want to mail me at I’ll pass it on to you.
              Sorry about the delay but I’ve only just seen your question

            • 1914for100Alex

              Hi Cocheta, I sent you an email. And did you see who popped up? It’s Joe Dman! He’s still lurking!

            • Joe Dman

              Huh, did someone mention my name?
              Hey 1914, I’ve become just a lurker of late. Daisy mentioned your post to me in an email. I’ve got a few email addresses of others and of course, fyi and others, I’ll contact the person to make sure they are cool with the exchange.
              My email is dmaninspection@gmail. I’ve noticed a few new ones joining in on the site, that’s encouraging. I’ve been visiting other sites and reading other articles from ones claiming to be invited. Most are united in large part by ttatt, but they don’t all agree on everything. I just wonder how many of the self proclaimed fds in bethel actually agree. But one thing is for sure, there won’t be any ambiguity when Christ returns and clears all these matters up. So knowing all this, I tend to be a little more reserved I my opinions these days. It’s good to see you and the others still kicking.

            • 1914for100Alex

              Hey Joe, good to see you’re still around. I had asked if you were still the email gatekeeper because I remembered your offer a while back. I didn’t want to just email you out of the blue if that wasn’t the case anymore. I don’t email a lot, but thought it would be cool to talk outside of this format from time to time if that’s what you guys do. Cocheta responded to my question by giving me her email, and I told her to go ahead and share mine with the regulars if anyone wanted to talk, or if she was sending out a group email it was ok to include me.

              It is interesting to read other people’s interpretations of things. Especially if they claim to be invited. I believe it was Peremino that had said that all the invited should basically be on the same page regarding their understanding, but I couldn’t disagree more. He and Robert agree on some things, but are at odds on others. And it’s pretty important stuff too, like do we stay or run to the hills at some point? It makes a lot more sense to me that there is going to be confusion right up until Jesus fills them in himself. Just look at the Apostles. Even they didn’t understand everything until they got the full measure of the holy spirit poured out on them.

            • Joseph Stephan

              Joe Joe, where did you go go! Miss your spin buddy!

          • Arvid Fløysand

            Between the lines of your warm comment is just what makes us strong …our love to Jehova,Jesus and our brothers and sisters…that is the glue that keep us together until the time when Jehova decide to pour out plenty of his spirit to all of his people as told us in the prophet of Joel…if Jehova could make the old prophet Elia run faster than a better prepare for a world-record run for the top of the vulcanotop 😉

            • Cocheta

              hahahaaaaa, you are such a sweetie, our very own Viking! I tell you I will need plenty of that spirit that Jehovah is giving away free if I’m to run up any volcanoes at the moment, Arvid…hic, I’ll take 3 shots & if you’re buying I’ll have a bag of cheese & onion crisps to go with them!! There is snow on our volcano today 🙂

            • Arvid Fløysand

              Hehe…(i got snow on my doorstep)…what a beautiful party there will bee when we all can one day come together…

            • Cocheta

              God morgen, Arvid. Jeg håper denne dagen finner du også. Vennligst send min respekt til din mor

              I found this on Facebook, Arvid & I thought of you. It is a thought from a sister about the Paradise & how she thinks of it.

              “One Day in the Real Life”
              Nowadays I like getting up with the sun
              and starting my day when it’s fresh and new. No more hitting the snooze button until the very last minute and dreading the workday ahead of me! I am feeling better and better each day, and I can’t help but notice I look better, too. I have several jobs, and today I am privileged to be doing my favorite task. Besides studying with newly resurrected ones, I have been granted the privilege of using my home as a sort of “New System Bed and Breakfast.” While the Resurrection Center was being constructed, I had a full house – two couples and two single sisters who lived here with me temporarily. Now that the work is over, families who live far away from the Resurrection Center come and stay with me, sometimes for a few nights, often a week or so, while their newly resurrected loved ones acclimate to this beautiful new world. This house has seen so much joy already!
              I have company arriving today – two fleshly brothers whose parents died in a car accident and are going to be resurrected this week. I want to make something special for tonight, so I head out to the raspberry patch to gather some to add to the pie I’m planning for dessert. The family of foxes that lives among the bushes come out to greet me, the mother elegantly gliding towards me to have her chin scratched, her three cubs tumbling over each other in their play. My chickens aren’t a bit alarmed as the foxes dash by; they
              go on scratching around the yard, clucking contentedly at one another.
              I’m nearly finished gathering berries when I notice two people coming along the path at the top of the hill. My mother and her sister, Joanne,often come over for a cup of tea early in the morning. Their home is only a 15-minute walk through a wildflower garden, around the little pond, then through the woods and down the grassy hill to my house. They are halfway down the hill when a tall blond boy emerges from woods, running as fast as his long legs will carry him to catch up with them.
              Whatever Mom tells him is apparently what he was hoping to hear, because he hugs her so hard he lifts her right off the ground, then dashes backup the path towards the barn. I smile knowingly. My favorite mare just had a baby foal, so I know right where my brother is heading.He notices me as he runs by; he waves but doesn’t slow down. Even after all this time, I still get tears in my eyes sometimes at the sight of him. Dougie had died in the old world when he was only a baby, and the day he was resurrected was one of the happiest days of all our lives. My dear mother had kept so much of the pain of his death to herself, but when they placed her baby boy in her arms, she cried tears of joy for days afterwards. She and Joanne have really enjoyed raising him, from a chubby blond baby boy to an enthusiastic teenager now as tall as me – and sure to keep growing! I’m glad that Dougie – no,wait, it’s “Doug” now, he thinks it sounds so much more grown up – went to the barn. I know he’ll put out fresh food and water for the animals. What a joy it’s been to watch him grow up in this new world, with no worries of
              sickness or any other harm coming to him. I go into the house to put the tea kettle on to boil. Soon Mom and Aunt Joanne come in, full of happiness and good health. They both look radiant from their walk, and so beautiful. No more gray hair – in fact, Mom’s hair is thicker and shinier than it was in her youth. Their wrinkles have faded away from their faces – they look younger each time I see them! Mom has a package with her. As she unwraps it, she tells me it came yesterday from the message service with a long letter from my daughter Bethany. She and her husband are far away in the Reconstruction Work, but somehow she managed to find time to paint a portrait of her newest granddaughter, Elizabeth. The picture is beautifully done, a sleeping infant perhaps only a few weeks old. Bethany always had artistic talent, but in the new world now, growing towards perfection, she has really surpassed herself. Of course, being busy with construction projects, Bethany isn’t
              spending a lot of time working on art – she knows she has forever to develop her talent! This painting she did especially for her
              grandmother, and it warms my heart to see how happy Mom is.
              While I make the pie crust and cut up the berries, we exchange news of friends and family, many of them far away in different assignments. Doug runs in to ask if I mind if he rides Henrietta, the llama, then dashes out again to get her saddled up. Then I hear him calling out a greeting, and I see in the shade at the end of the garden two men sitting on the wooden bench – they must be my new guests! We all hurry out to meet them. They seem vaguely familiar but I can’t think of who they might be.
              One walks up to me with a twinkle in his eye and says, “Anne, don’t you recognize me? I’m Arly, and this is my brother Verne!” For a second we were speechless, and then everyone seemed to be hugging each other and speaking all at once. It’s not surprising that we didn’t recognize them, with their wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes. Verne had died when he was 92 years old – the last time I saw him, he was barely able to talk and was confined to a wheelchair. Arly was blind due to cataracts and had to walk with a cane. Yet here they were, looking like they had never seen forty years of age! Verne was one of the original special pioneers
              who opened up the work in our area long before I was born, and Arly had been a most beloved elder in our congregation. What an unspeakable joy to have them as guests in my house!
              We show them around the farm, and after lunch Verne volunteers to go riding with Doug. Mom and Joanne have Bible studies to conduct this afternoon, but we arrange to have a get-together soon and invite many of our friends who know Verne and Arly. After many hours spent talking, reminiscing, and catching up on news of our friends near and far, Verne and Arly head up to their rooms
              to unpack. I go down to the garden to pick some fresh vegetables for dinner. What a great day this has been! I’m so full of joy, I can barely hold it all in – so I don’t even try. I drop to my knees in the rich garden soil and thank my heavenly Father, Jehovah, once more for all his bounteous blessings. Today was just one more memorable, joyful day, one of an infinite number of days filled with joy ahead of us all – an eternity!

            • Arvid Fløysand

              Thank you..this is beautiful..i hope everyone on this site read this

  • Beverly kenyon

    It’s wonderful to read everyone’s comments on this fantastic article…knew I would find Joseph here, it’s his favourite….just wish some of them were still commenting on EWatchman!

  • Southern ShaSha

    I wish this for myself, I wish and pray this for my children and grandchildren. Our gift from our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son, CHRIST JESUS. I should think ALL would be running the race for life in order to recieve the prize. To be able to praise freely, the very One who will do all good for mankind! That picture truly brings such joy, praying ALL will come to appreciate and stop turning backs on the greatest hope for mankind. I feel JEHOVAH is smiling toward all those praying for His Kingdom to come!!!

  • Arvid Fløysand

    A old man once said:” if you have decided in your mind that you wanna move to another place…then your mind is already there…so you better take your body and go to that place”…Thats what we really longing for.Our mind is already in the new paradise-world…we do not belong in this world anymore…Jehova help us…send Your son our King Jesus to bring us safely out of here

    • Beverly kenyon

      Arvid, I showed my workmate this post of yours and we both liked it! So true! A real gem of wisdom.

  • Joseph Stephan

    Paradise found, with all the rain in southern California and Arizona. This spring there experiencing a unprecedented Super Bloom!

  • Marisa Gomez

    You made me laugh,,you made me mourn,,,and you made me feel so moved. …you made me dream of paradise.

  • Joseph S.

    Our Gift from Jehovah!

    • Arvid Fløysand

      Home sweet home 🙂

  • Joseph S.

    Thought of the day, Imagine paradise!

    • Daisy

      It’s where Arvid lives with Mary…x

      • Joseph S.

        Haha, true! Arvid has his own little paradise already!!

    • Southern ShaSha

      Love this! Thank you Joseph!

  • The Raven

    I needed this. It’s going at the top of my bookmarks. Thank you, Robert.

    • The Raven

      Thanks for posting that, DA. Especially on this article. One fine day…?

  • Jim


  • Jim

    I wish the Watchtower would paint such pictures…

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Hello Jim and welcome,
      The spiritual paradise to come.
      The Watchtower has literally written volumes of commentary on the Bible books of prophecy. In recent years —not so much, which is also noteworthy. But if you boil it all down, so-to-speak, there is one overriding theme, the message being: Christ has come. The Kingdom reigns and all is well in spiritual paradise. To that end the article from which the Daily Text is taken is entitled, Work to Enhance the Spiritual Paradise.

      The unacquainted may wonder, what is spiritual paradise? Actually, that is a very good question. It is a question that Jehovah’s Witnesses ought to consider themselves. But here is what the Watchtower says in regards to spiritual paradise: Read more>

      Read a lot more >Search results for: Paradise.

      • BK, Jim has been around for many years. Good to see him commenting again!

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