How Much Longer?

//How Much Longer?

Sunday, January 24

They collected the fine ones into containers, but the unsuitable they threw away.Matt. 13:48.

Understanding the lesson of this illustration helps us to avoid being overly distraught or disappointed if a Bible student or one of our children does not make the truth his own. This may happen despite all our best efforts. Agreeing to have a Bible study or being raised around the truth does not automatically mean that a person will develop a strong personal relationship with Jehovah. Those unwilling to submit to Jehovah’s rulership will eventually be separated from God’s people. Does this mean that those who have left the truth will never be allowed to return to the congregation? Or if someone fails to dedicate his life to Jehovah, will he be forever classified as someone “unsuitable”? No. There is still a window of opportunity for such ones before the outbreak of the great tribulation. It is as if Jehovah calls out to them: “Return to me, and I will return to you.”


It is astonishing that the Governing Body and its teaching and writing committees are so blind and unreasoning. And more disheartening, apparently of the millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses who read this material, such as published in today’s text, not one has the spiritual depth to see through this nonsense. What the Watchtower is requiring Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe is that the angels are actively involved in tossing “unsuitable” persons away. 

Although the yearbooks and convention programs relate countless experiences that indicate that the angels are actively involved in searching out persons of goodwill, according to the Watchtower they are also working behind the scenes against such individuals – throwing them away as unsuitable, prompting the question: Are the angels killing your Bible studies?

But consider the absolute injustice of what the Watchtower teaches. Although the angels are supposedly responsible for removing persons from associating with Jehovah’s Witnesses for no apparent reason, it is well known that there are several thousand pedophiles within the organization. And although the Watchtower is thoroughly committed to protecting them from prosecution and persecuting their victims, evidently the angels are also supportive of the Watchtower’s policy and do not view men who sexually abuse children as “unsuitable.” 

What blasphemy the Watchtower promotes!

Imagine the scene though. Fishermen with a full catch haul their dragnet up on the beach. They begin separating the suitable fishes from the unsuitable. However, even though the unsuitable fish had been thrown away, these are no ordinary fish. No, indeed, these fish have the uncanny ability to flop their way into the containers where the suitable fish have been collected! Amazing!

Of course, this is silly. And so is the Watchtower’s suggestion that once the angels have tossed the unsuitable away that somehow they can return and be re-collected and saved as suitable. 

But, the reason the Watchtower is compelled to teach such blasphemy is because they are totally committed to the delusion that Jesus began ruling the world in 1914. And supposedly that is when the conclusion of the system began. And because in his illustration of the wheat and the weeds and the dragnet Jesus specifically noted that such will occur during the conclusion, the Watchtower is compelled to concoct this sort of cockamamie nonsense. And any who dare question them can expect reprisals. 

Unfortunately for them, when the conclusion actually commences and Christ dispatches his powerful angels to cause a separation many of those who push this sort of foolish drivel will find themselves thrown out as unsuitable! “There is where their weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be.”

Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!


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  • Bklyn Kevin

    The truth is many have left the watchtower organization because the watchtower has been collecting the fish that are willing to conform to their made unbiblical policies and apparently the organization / dragnet has gaping holes of man made rules that allow these unsuitable fish to grow / mingle with the suitable fish / weeds until the harvest / conclusion of this system.

    If the harvest began in 1914 than how come we still have unsuitable finish in the organization such as rapist and pedophiles?
    And the answer is, ’cause the harvest has not yet begun and is still a future event.
    He presented another illustration to them, saying: “The Kingdom of the heavens may be likened to a man who sowed fine seed in his field While men were sleeping, his enemy came and oversowed weeds in among the wheat and left. When the stalk sprouted and produced fruit, then the weeds also appeared. So the slaves of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow fine seed in your field? How, then, does it have weeds? He said to them, ‘An enemy, a man, did this. The slaves said to him, ‘Do you want us, then, to go out and collect them? He said, ‘No, for fear that while collecting the weeds, you uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and in the harvest season, I will tell the reapers: First collect the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them up; then gather the wheat into my storehouse. Matthew 13:24-30

    • Brian

      I have always viewed this separation of being exclusively for the chosen, and ultimately anointed sons of God. Even all of the others that put faith in Jesus and the coming Kingdom are all considered “dead” and therefore unsuitable for the Kingdom of the heavens as these parables tell us. So when the great crowd appears after the separation, as a result of all of those that have washed their robes they will be separated from the other “dead”.
      To me, this still leaves the ability for all to still reach out to be chosen as suitable to be collected. If you aren’t selected you have the opportunity to be gathered together as the great crowd ( if you manage to live through the tribulation).
      As far as when it will come, it will come when everything falls into place at the right time.
      The harvest never began in 1914 and it still has not begun, it will not begin until the Kingdom arrives and this is going to be obvious to all on the Earth after it arrives.
      This 1914 so called presence has altered much more than people realise, it is more “deluding’ than you may imagine.

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