Tuesday, October 6

If . . . it produces fruit in the future, well and good; but if not, you shall cut it down.Luke 13:9.

Jesus used the approximately six months he had remaining to intensify his preaching activity in Judea and Perea. In view of how deep we are in the time of the end, is it not vital to intensify our preaching efforts? What a wonderful privilege it is to be Jehovah’s Witnesses! We are the only people on earth who offer hope of real solutions to mankind’s problems. A newspaper columnist recently described as unanswerable the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” It is our Christian duty and privilege to share the Bible’s answers to such questions with all those willing to listen. We have every reason to be “aglow with the spirit” as we carry out our divine commission. With God’s blessing, our zealous evangelizing can help others come to know and love Jehovah.


I don’t know exactly when it came into use, but it is probably something on the order of 40-50 years ago that the Watchtower began using the modified term “deep in the time of the end.” That is because the stand-alone phrase “the time of the end” has lost any relevance. And for that matter, being “deep in the time of the end” has become meaningless as well. 

But the fact is, the time of the end has not begun yet. When it commences the Watchtower will be cut down, like the fruitless tree in Christ’s illustration. Then Jehovah’s Witnesses will have to pass through the fire. Ultimately, though, Christ will pour out God’s spirit on the faithful as never before. Then the final witness will be given to a doomed world. 

But how long is the time of the end? The prophecy of Daniel has the answer: “And from the time that the constant feature has been removed and the disgusting thing that causes desolation has been put in place, there will be 1,290 days. Happy is the one who keeps

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