Vaccination is a very controversial issue. Obviously, no one wants to fall ill to Covid. However, there are numerous reasons why people may be hesitant to take the vaccines. For one thing, usually, new drugs and vaccines are tested over a long period to ensure their safety and efficacy, but because of the pandemic all of the typical safeguards were set aside. Another worrisome factor is that mRNA is a new technology. No one knows the long-term effect it may have. And another inconvenient fact is this: The vaccines do not provide full immunity. Many who are falling victim to Covid have been vaccinated. 

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the Governing Body had made it clear that vaccination is a personal choice. Suddenly, the Watchtower has a new policy. Not only are all full-time servants required to declare their status, but apparently unless there is a valid medical reason all will be required to take the injections or leave the full-time service. 

Although no such demand has been placed upon Jehovah’s Witnesses, as of Update #7 the Governing Body has wholeheartedly endorsed vaccination. It is being presented as if Jehovah God himself has given the controversial injections His approval. As stated in the Update Jehovah’s Witnesses will be blessed if they follow the guidance of Jehovah’s channel.    

The reason given is so that Jehovah’s Witnesses may enjoy precious unity. The implication is if you do not follow the guidance of the channel you are causing disunity—even promoting divisions in the congregation. 

It is very disconcerting that the Watchtower has not even acknowledged that there are risks associated with the experimental mRNA injections. Thousands have already died. Hundreds of thousands have had adverse reactions. And yet the Governing Body presents this as coming down from heaven through the channel!

Of course, the Watchtower is also using a gaslighting technique. Simultaneous with the #7 Update features an article posing the question Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Opposed to Vaccination? The question is answered in the opening sentence: 

No. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not opposed to vaccination. We view vaccination as a personal decision for each Christian to make. Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses choose to get vaccinated.

Okay, it is a personal decision, but the implication is unless you want to be marked as one who is sowing division you will humble yourself and make the right decision by following Jehovah’s channel. If you do you will be blessed. If not…

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