“They Have Grown Fat and Smooth”

//“They Have Grown Fat and Smooth”

Friday, November 25

We are overturning reasonings and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God.2 Cor. 10:5.

We need to be vigilant in guarding against attacks on our spirituality. Has the world’s view of material pursuits made inroads into our lives? The things we love are usually evident by our thoughts and actions. Jesus said: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” To determine where our heart is leading us, it is good to examine ourselves from time to time. Ask yourself: ‘How much time do I spend thinking about money matters? Do concerns over business prospects, investments, or reaching out for a more comfortable lifestyle occupy large blocks of my time? Or do I strive to maintain an eye that is focused on spiritual matters?’ Jesus indicated that those who place primary emphasis on ‘storing up treasures on the earth’ put themselves in grave spiritual danger.


The original Christians did not hold religious services in temples or cathedrals. They met in private homes. The apostles and older men did not have a grand headquarters complex where they convened. Neither did they operate book publishing factories.

In that respect the original Bible Students started out in much the same way. They met in private homes and rented upper rooms and storefronts. Russell financed the publication of the Watchtower and his sermons with his own personal resources, outsourcing the actual printing to various printing companies and newspapers. His motto was, since he believed Jehovah was backing the Watchtower the publishers would never solicit or petition for donations. If the funds for such operations run out, then they would consider that as an indication that it was time to suspend publication. 

Over the ensuing decades things have changed. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has grown to become a very large corporation with publishing facilities and branch offices around the world —being listed as one of the most prosperous corporations in New York City. It has a stable of lawyers and accountants and public relations men, just like every large company.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have long since stopped meeting in homes, as least in the so-called developed nations, as tens of thousands of modest kingdom halls have been constructed, along with much larger and more expensive assembly halls. Most recently the Watchtower has sold off its iconic Brooklyn complex and constructed a brand new headquarters in Warwick, New York.

And to make it all happen, over the years the Watchtower has devised more sophisticated schemes to raise money -going far beyond the humble contribution box arrangement. For the past few years the Watchtower has sponsored an annual November plea for year-end, tax exempt donations of real estate and various financial instruments such as annuities, insurance and wills, and to that end the Society’s lawyers have even published a pamphlet called Charitable Planning that walks Jehovah’s Witnesses through the various ways they can give large amounts of money to the Watchtower. (This post’s featured image is taken from the pamphlet.)

The Watchtower has also gotten in on electronic money, setting up card terminals at conventions and assemblies. Here is a letter from the U.K. branch informing Jehovah’s Witnesses how to use JW.org for credit card donations and bank transfers. Also, the appeal is made to self-interest: “Donations made via jw.org can be made tax effective by checking the Gift Aid declaration during the payment process.”

The keepers of the treasury have even set up a way for JW’s to donate reward points and gift cards from airlines and hotels, etc.

Back in 2014 Bethel implemented a new scheme that requires congregations to pledge a certain amount every month —what amounts to tithing. The Society instructed elders to keep the plan confidential, as only one page of a four page letter was read to the congregations —to the actual donors who are required to fund the program.

Too bad for them, the Watchtower organization has become a victim of its own success. While hypocritically warning Jehovah’s Witnesses about the snares of materialism, the leadership have allowed themselves to become completely absorbed in money matters and investments, apparently even venturing into the hedge fund world —carving out for themselves a comfortable lifestyle. To be sure, though, the Governing Body actually has no legal say over how the corporation is run, since they no longer even sit on the Society’s board of directors. Accountants and lawyers are calling the shots. And it shows.

The organization has become prosperous and self-reliant —cocksure of God’s continued blessing. They have become like the clergy whom they despise, fleecing their flock in the name of Jehovah. Tragically, the organization that boasts of itself as being the embodiment of “pure worship” has gone down the very same path as the leaders of God’s people in the ancient past. The end of the matter will surely be the same too. 

Like those wicked men in the past, the Watchtower refuses to take up the legal case of the sexually abused. The situation now is exactly as described in the 5th chapter of Jeremiah: “For among my people there are wicked men. They keep peering, as when birdcatchers crouch down. They set a deadly trap. It is men whom they catch. Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of deception. That is why they have become powerful and rich. They have grown fat and smooth; they overflow with evil. They do not plead the legal case of the fatherless, that they may gain success; and they deny justice to the poor.”

God then presents a rhetorical question: “Should I not call them to account for these things?” The answer should be obvious.

Which brings us to the next question Jehovah poses in context: “Something appalling and horrible has occurred in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, and the priests dominate by their own authority. And my own people love it that way. But what will you do when the end comes?”

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  • Joseph Stephan

    What a way a billion dollar corporation can add to its wealth, while you can add to your debt. What a loving provision from the WTBTS.

    • Burt Reynolds

      I had not thought of that. Yes the brothers are undoubtably adding to their debt to support the watchtower. Just as certain is that these monies are going to fight court cases that will deprive those abused children if restitution. By dint of that assumption, the brothers are actually donating money to rob children of justice and so share in the guilt. This is like some spiritual disease spreading to every part of the organisation.

  • Beverly kenyon

    CT Russel said that himself said if they had to start begging for funds to help towards the preaching work then that’s the day they shut up shop…or words to that effect. Yeah, they had some weird and wacky ideas back then but their intentions were honest hearted and they had faith that Jehovah would bless their work and support them and they grew! Now, Jehovah’s people are being fleeched for every last penny..but in a twisted way it looks like his people like it that way and a person dare to bring up the issue you’re looked at with suspicion…Jehovah’s people are scared of their own shadow!

    • Southern ShaSha

      Dear Beverly, agree the organization has truly become unrecognizable! Love of money, power and STUFF! Are we loving what we see and content with the activities being carried on in the name of JEHOVAH by Watchtower and the horiffic greed carried on by the men who claim to be caring for the flock??? If we are, time for a reality check of ourselves. The only way many can feel justified in the feelings we have is to remember “JEHOVAH” says to be hating what is bad. The changes over the past forty years are mind blowing. Not being judgemental in anyway, I hope. But must wonder how JEHOVAH is feeling at what He sees. The Truth of JEHOVAH and CHRIST JESUS should be about but one thing, declaring the good news of His Kingdom Message to all willing to listen, not passing the plate to enrich the lives of a few. They, the GB, have blinded so many to that message. “Wait on JEHOVAH to bring an end to the evil being perpetrated in His Name!!! I thank our God everyday for allowing my eyes to be open and to help me to not judge but to feel compassion for the crimes committed on many! Hoping and praying and building faith, that JEHOVAH will provide the much needed direction to remain vigilant in keeping our hearts and our minds open to His Truth. And to avail ourselves in helping others in anyway He sees fit!

      • Southern ShaSha

        In speaking about the society/GB, not all, but those who have taken the wrong turn and in doing so have lead many to go along for the ride. That is a ride in the wrong direction according to JEHOVAH, a huge correction will be needed at some point to turn it all back.

      • Southern ShaSha

        wow! This article reminds me of a conversation my husband and I had many years ago. A guy he worked with, a deacon in his church, the requirement of each member of the church to bring in a copy of their yearly earnings. Each was expected to give 15% of their gross earnings. Not only was it a requirement but the need to provide proof, to prevent cheating or lying! We knew from having the truth that we were to give secretly from the heart. It won’t surprise me at all when the hierarchy requires records to be kept on each member in the congregations donations. They are leading lives of shame but most don’t see it because they continue to give, believing it is being used for spreading the message of JEHOVAH. Not realizing it is mostly lining a few pockets of men to live in luxury, far beyond their own means. Living in their little man made paradise! One day soon, I’m sure they will become destitute both spiritually and physically.

        • Southern ShaSha

          Well, my final, personal thought on the Watchtower delima, is for me personally not get so caught up in what I believe to be wrong. Try and recognize it as a protection but at the same time to understand the slippery slope of it all.
          Proverbs 3:7, is a reminder to me to never become wise in my own eyes but to fear JEHOVAH and for me to try to turn away from what He knows to be bad, at my own personal level. I do hate bad mouthing the society. At some point it creates anger issues for me but on the other hand who’s to say, parts of that body could also be fighting back against the evil that resides among them, I am just a person trying to do my best. But some among them may be doing the best they can do. Only JEHOVAH knows each of us!

      • Simpletruth

        Well stated!

      • Beverly kenyon

        You’re a bigger and better person than me Southern Shasha not to judge. I really try to rise above it but it’s really beyond the pale! I just feel myself bubbling when I read about the things that’s being done whilst they’re putting on this facade of righteousness and basically pulling a fast one over Jehovah’s people and totally taking the mick..which I find so insulting! I really appreciate some of the points you’ve made Southern Shasha and will think on that but what shines through is your amazing faith and love for our Heavenly Father. So happy you found your way here on this site and Perimeno as he’s another Anointed one feeding Jehovah’s Flock with Real Bible Truth’s. Sometimes I can’t believe how I found my way here because I thought Jehovah didn’t really think much of me as I deserted him for all those years I was gone…but I never forgot him…I just knew I had disappointed him…not a good feeling at all.

        • Southern ShaSha

          Oh, trust me Beverly, I have also been judge mental and hateful in my feelings. But the thing I’m so grateful for is JEHOVAH always seems to slap me upside the head and redirect my ugly ways. I love HIM for HIS written word, always providing the balance and reasoning and answers. Quite often setting me straight, telling me to rethink and look completely from his standpoint, which is of course the only way. I try to remember he is allowing what is taking place, He has a plan that is none of my business. He only reveals what He cares for us to know! So after I open my mouth or type on this machine, I realize I am only guessing His thoughts and that does bubble up guilt feelings on my part. I wish I could just exercise tunnel vision toward HIM and HIS SON, then I could feel I am making some progress toward doing HIS will!!!! So we are all in that same boat so to speak! Trying!

        • Southern ShaSha

          P.S. I’m not new to the site. Considering going back after many years! Want to be able to go back at least for the time being in good standing! Have made a few rash comments, never knowing who may be observing.

          • Cocheta

            SSS, I love your new name, it is more sensible to be incognito really, awful but sensible!!

            • Kevin b

              If it wasn’t for your anonymity we would all be in the back room dealing with drama. I don’t need extra drama. We need to fly under the radar.

            • Anderiega

              Yep. Several of us can attest to that. Be like Nicodemus…..for now. ?

          • Burt Reynolds

            Aaarrgghhh! I can’t recall your old name and I get to know people by their name and comments! I hope your sojourn back to the congregation goes well.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Oh, Southern Shasha, reading your words is so reassuring because your burning love for Jehovah and his Son really shines through, you have a real passion. That’s amazing that you’re thinking of going back to your KH. If you feel that at this time it’s something you want to do, then go for it. Also, if you have family that’s brilliant as its good to have that support and you won’t feel uncomfortable or awkward being there. When I went back…with the reassuring words of ones on this site ringing in my ears…my plan was to attend the Sunday meetings only for a while until I settled in and when I was asked about myself, I told them flat out that I fell away for many years but Thanks to some Witness friends that I know, persuaded me to go back and no elders were involved in my decision, for me, I’m not attending the Thursday meeting as I will NOT study the 1914 article also I have to change my Thursday shift which is my next goal but my ultimate goal is to actually go on the ministry…that’s if I’m not chucked out before then, but at the moment I’m just trying to fit in, fortunate for me, my Congregation isn’t that bad…there’s a nice spirit there. But the Major Factor for me is knowing all the real Bible truths I’ve been taught here on this site so I’m very relaxed in my attitude and my feelings, happy really and feeling like that is playing a major part in my ‘re-establishment’ and also the help of my loyal and loving witness friend and her husband. Oh, And a lot of praying and pleading to Jehovah. Southern Shasha, if you want to do it, you will but that’s your personal decision.

            • Jane Dymond

              I’m a bit confused, doesn’t the bible say when we see the disgusting thing standing in a holy place, flee.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya Jane Dymond, I really don’t see the disgusting thing standing in a holy place so for me I’m not fleeing at this moment in time. Some have already fled the ‘city’ but that’s their personal decision and they’re doing what’s best for them and their family and I’m sure it taking that step wasn’t done lightly and good for them as they have faith. Brother King has covered this subject. Also, for me, I like to visit the Mailbag Archives that you will find in the Main Menu. Every imaginable question asked is found there! Also, there’s knowledgeable ones on here like Bklyn Kevin, Joseph, DA, LW, Patrick Langat, Basavaraj, Song of Hannah..and others..sorry my memory is shot, if there’s anything on that subject you want help with, they would gladly help you with the information. I’m sure sometime in the future it will blatantly clear when a discerning person will think to themselves..uh, Oh! I think it’s time to get out of her! Flee, run for the hills! Just like those Jewish Christians when they saw the first assault on the City, Jerusalem…they took off for the mountainous region of Pella where they were cut off and completely safe…then I think, was it four years later when the Roman Soldiers under that General came back and totally cut off the City where there was no escape for anyone! They were locked in..a million people died in that small area..apparently there has never been that amount of loss of life in one area in human history…and the rest taken off into captivity to Rome. So I think there’s lessons to learn from that account for us today. Lovely to meet you Jane and I hope you get an answer to your question.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hello and welcome Jane nice to have you visited. To answer your immediate question yes. Here’s the quote from the bible.
              Matthew 24:
              15 “Therefore, when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,)
              16 then let those in Ju·de′a begin fleeing to the mountains.

              Here is another link with various topics discussing the “disgusting thing”.
              Search results for: disgusting thing Read more>
              And if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Hello Jane, lovely to meet you here. Welcome. If you read the article suggested by Kevin below, you will have your answer. But if I may just add my own thought, the scripture says The disgusting thing, not A disgusting thing. Therefore referring to an object that should not be there in the holy place, something standing in direct opposition to Jehovah,msomething already prophesied and identifiable to all. If it were A disgusting thing, sadly there have been so many, everyone would have fled long ago. Be assured, when the disgusting thing gets there, it will be clear and obvious to me, you and everyone else! And it is worth bearing in mind, it is what is disgusting primarily to Jehovah, not us, though of course we would echo the same sentiment.

        • Burt Reynolds

          There is a thin line between judging and exposing what is bad and hating what is bad. Judging is to weigh the facts and apportion punnishement, justice. Commenting on what you see awakes others to the bad we are to hate and inhibits others from being decieved. Defending the name of Jehovah by exposing the bad done in his name is worthy. We can only repeat what we see and know, or believe to be so honestly and you have not sentenced anyone or assumed guilt directly! But we do know the intent and we all comment on that. Only Jehovah knows the heart and we leave that to him. But none can deny the presence of the wicked one in the watchtower and those who follow him are seen in their machinations as a group, not an individual. Condemning evil is not a judgement. Feeling anger at the wrong done in Jehovah’s name is worthy. The wrong that they do; this they condemn themselves for. Jehovah will do the judging. This whole site is a condemnation of the wrong that the watchtower does in the name of Jehovah and is far more vociferous about it than you are! For me, I follow the advice brother Franz gave, that these brothers are victims of victims and as such are deserving of our sympathies. But what we are riling against here is not the individual……although I suspect we all have our favourite…..but the collective evil by what must be, some of them…we know not who. Bearing false witness is another matter.

    • sally

      Yes it didn’t take long after I started studying for me to be asked for money. This might sound bad, but I often wonder if the constant pressure put on people to preach, is about getting more people – thus more funds, rather than more people to hear the good news.

      • Bobby 6343

        Your take on the matter is very intriguing! I can see your point.

        • sally

          Well i say this due to my study sister telling me that (when discussing the new headquarters in NY and also the new Bethel in Essex UK, that all this is possible due to the swelling numbers of new witnesses. At the time I was new to studying and very wet behind the ears, I didn’t really take it in at the time.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Hiya Sally, was wondering where you’d got to…hope you’re alright and still growing with knowledge and love for our Heavenly Father. How bad is that asking someone who’s just studying for money…I’m amazed you weren’t stumbled at that! No, it’s not bad to think that thought because you’re gonna think like that considering how they’re going to any lengths to get witnesses to part with their money. When the cash machines are installed in our KH’s just like they’re gonna be in America as Kevin b brought out..they might start literally marching us to the cash machine to get that donation. I can almost hear the gossip about who’s using the machine and who’s not, about who’s giving and who’s not. I love my religion, I’m proud of my beliefs as they’re the truth of God’s Word, I love telling anyone about what Jehovah has in store for the future and his Heavenly Kingdom…I am not shy about what I believe but I feel shame and am embarrassed at what it’s become..a cold money making corporation.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Well Beverly, there is one way around being frogmarched to the cash machine: use an old card that gets rejected. People will see you going through the motions but you will be able to keep your money! If they can play spiritual warfare to justify lies, then surely financial warfare is acceptable…..but come to think of it, financial warfare is probably a disfellowshipping offence. On the other hand, you could act confused and put a few ten pence bits in the card slot and bung the machine up….or, better still, coat an old card generously with superglue and shove that in the slot. That will really bring donations to a halt. For you American brothers and sisters, just put your used chewing gum in the card slot….always dispose of your gum thoughtfully!

          • Beverly kenyon

            Burt, you really crack me up here. Financial warfare…love it! Have you been vandalising cash machines late at night as you seem to be very knowledgeable on how to disable them!! Lol. But Burt, I really can see them resorting to those tactics…frog marching us to the cash machine! The miserable elder…they’ll get him to do it..he’s the man for the job!

          • sally

            Hi Burt! What is this? Cash Machines at the KH?!!! I will not be using one that is absolutely the final say on the matter for me. What is the reason for this? So they can see how much people are donating and how often? That is seriously in the face of everything they claim to be against!

            • Burt Reynolds

              Hello Sally, a comment was made that the watchtower are installing cash machines in the Kingdom Halls in America, and it was thought that they would soon be appearing in England. It’s simply a progression of watchtower policy and from what I read of Roberts articles, it is to be expected. Don’t let it bother you though. We are all watching a dear relative die so to speak, and there is nothing that we can do but stand by and watch it, and prepare to look after the fatherless children, our brothers and sisters. Just keep on here Sally and keep up your studies. If you look at it positively, that you are witnessing the inevitable fall of the watchtower and the end of this system, it truely is inspiring, and you are fortunate enough to be on the inside, witnessing the mighty hand of Jehovah at work. Bear in mind, and I know Robert will agree, the safest place to be when the dam bursts, is right beside it. You have Jehovah’s organisation at your fingertips, the balance of truth right here, Jehovah’s protection as he deals with his errant slave and the assurance of his promise. I actually envy your good fortune! You can keep us on the outside informed too, I for one would appreciate that.

            • Lev

              Hello from Russia, Burt In our country, all the progress of new items appear in a few years.I told about ATMs in the US meetings, but the brothers and sisters did not believe me and said: “This misinformation comes from the kingdom of the enemy!” But then I showed the article with a list of donations (The Watchtower, November 2015), they rounded his eyes as though saw it the first time, and calmly said, “So what Jehovah wants!”

        • sally

          Oh Beverley if you remember I had studied on my own for a good while before starting a real bible study. It was definitely the right thing to do because, by the time I was actually having a study with a witness, I was pretty convinced. Just as well, as with the money request among other things I would of been out of there, there is no doubt.

          • Beverly kenyon

            That’s good to hear Sally that you’re alright and still associating. Considering all the obstacles I’ve got to say I admire your determination and obviously Jehovah saw that quality in you and thought I’m not letting this one go so I’m going to look out for her by sending you here to Brother King’s site via Annie! I always look forward to reading your posts as they’re very real and I can indentify with what you write. You’re very open and honest about your feelings. Do you remember what happened to that guy who was in the Navy and was studying like you? His user name was JW Student..he was very orderly and meticulous…I suppose because of his training..he appeared, asked his question and disappeared…he even had a blog about his progress whilst studying…very interesting as I read some of it and it took right back to when I studied. I’ve learnt with time and of course my new found knowledge Sally, I will NOT do or study anything that I feel will spiritually compromise me…I just won’t do it! Whoever can say or try and intimidate me…I truly don’t care..that’s how confident I feel knowing all the things I’ve learned here on Brother a King’s site and some from Perimeno and Baruq’s site and so very much from the very knowledgeable witnesses here. As a witness I will make my donation but if they mis-spend it, then it’s shame on them..but I’ve done what I should do, that’s how I view it but I will not be mugged off!

      • Burt Reynolds

        You may be right there, from the watchtower point of view. But in other respects, once you are in, you are no more than a good for nothing slave, as I was termed….and one of the crowd that has to tow the line. But thankfully I have not seen brothers preach simply to get support for the society, though just having written that, I have seen an element of it in that they feel they are swelling the ranks for the society. And now I think about it, when I was preaching door to door, I was trying to fit people into the mould of the watchtower, not the bible. I was thoroughly decieved.

      • Shelley.

        I have often wondered the same thing.I have never been directly asked for money but I was shown the donation boxes very early on.

      • Patrick Langat

        I think it is to get more people to hear the good news, if it were only the numbers that were of interest, then we would do open door business like Christendom where the laity continue to be members even after committing gross sin, one is in good standing as long as they tithe and give offerings, no questioning ones morals as long as one turns in a stuffed envelope, this is unlike at the KH where you go through a 6 month bible study program, stop bad habits and behaviour, marry in the lord, go preaching, attend 5 meetings in week and many more hard things to accomplish – this is no recipe for bringing in numbers.

  • LW

    “The clergy cannot possibly make up a composite man of lawlessness who sits down in the midst of Christ’s brothers. It is impossible at this time for the clergy to hold any kind of ecclesiastical authority over the true sons of the Kingdom.”

  • Simpletruth

    This is totally disgusting. I couldn’t get over that picture at the beginning and how detailed it was about signing over such assets.

    I found this youtube video about Trumps son buying the WATCHTOWER HQ

    But I’ didn’t know if it was true so I googled and found this article confirming it…

    What do you all think???
    Disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place??? Hmm…

    • sally

      I have seen a JW video where Jared (the son in law) was interviewed by the Org about the transaction – he was saying how good it was to do business with the witnesses. It is somewhere on the website.

      • Simpletruth


    • Cocheta

      “Kushner Companies paid $340 million for the two-city-block-sized building and three neighboring Columbia Heights properties”
      “He already bought five of their other buildings in 2013 for $373 million”
      “Kushner is also rumored to be purchasing a massive vacant parking lot at Jay and Front streets
      from the religious organization, where he could build a thousand units of new housing.” ……………..

      Yikes & here I am struggling to pay my rent let alone donate to the Rolex Royalty!

      It is staggeringly wrong of them to be making a fortune out of these real estate holdings, they belong to Jehovah & have been paid for by the rank & file ordinary Witnesses who donate out of love for Jehovah

      So, so sad that it has come to this, a multi million corporation instead of Jehovahs Organisation, every night I apologise to Jehovah for what we have become & I pray that at least one of the GB has the sense to read Bro Kings site & tries to fight for the truth. It makes me cry that the Org is hurting Jehovah so badly.

      Once again I feel ashamed because of the GB

      • Cocheta

        ST, you asked about the ‘disgusting thing standing in a Holy place’………. I wonder if you meant the Trump family or the Org?! I am beginning to think that the Trump family are really nice compared with our GB!

        Funnily enough, not so long ago, someone here mentioned about Trump & the WTS cosying up together & questioned whether Mr Trump might just be the one who eventually brings down the WT., I wish I could remember who said it on which article.

        • Simpletruth

          I meant the TRUMP family but I know what you mean about the GB being worse, sadly. And let me just say, I don’t necessarily think that the Trump family is the ‘disgusting thing’ but just the fact that he has purchased the iconic headquarters which has stood with its Watchtower symbol for well over 100 years, seemed interesting. This building has been, at least to witnesses, sort of like the modern day ‘Temple of Jehovah’

          I had read about him purchasing other buildings before but to me this one was more significant. Also, I read in the article I posted that it was unclear whether the words WATCHTOWER would survive the remodeling of the building. I thought it was weird that it said that. I mean, why would he keep that there? So, I guess that is what got me to thinking because we really don’t know what the building will be used for. What if it winds up being some political beacon for the United States–especially since his father is President…

          I know I’m reaching here but it got my wheels turning is all:-)

      • Simpletruth

        I know what you mean. I was born into a witness family in 1978, baptized at the tender age of 9 and left around 2001. My how it has changed within the last several years. Even though I have been inactive in all of these years I still use to feel proud to talk about my upbringing and God’s Org with such esteem. Now, I can’t say that I feel the same. It’s not so much about the brothers and sisters as a whole because obviously they are lost but it is more about the reproach that it all brings upon Jehovah, as you stated. It is ironic, isn’t it, that the very thing the Org has tried NOT to do they have done ten fold.!!! Jehovah must be sick with disgust. But then again…it was prophesied so he knew what would take place…

  • noname

    My opinion based on my understanding of the scriptures, is We should rely on Jehovah; and the organization should only be as big as being ‘below the means’ of the donations, the reserve being used as an equaling among those in need. Just in the way Russel originally had it. But again they want to have a showy display to the world, eating and drinking with CONFIRMED drunkards. I remember the broadcast where they solicited for more donations, saying they will have more going out then coming in, now where is the wisdom and discretion in that? We all know on a personal level that is financial ruin or slavery to debt. I personally pray that they turn around before the master who has entrusted them with some of his belongings arrives!
    And Id let all this slide if they would take the legal case of the abused children and protect them!!!!!! Without that none of it matters!!!
    If we are upset about these works, I can’t even imagine how upset Jehovah is, being infinitely more righteous than ourselves. Robert is right to point to these prophecies, its like the Watchtower says, its like a fingerprint, when the master arrives he will clean up this mess.

  • Burt Reynolds

    Did that picture above actually come from the watchtower?! I thought it was just an example to support the attitude. I’m shocked if that comes from the society, and yet they still maintain that they do not garner for money. I have been looking at some of the videos about the construction of the Warwick palace. They had all their own trucks, machinary, everything one could need, all of it bought at the brothers expense and debt no doubt, to build a factory and accommodation that the society already had and owned in the city. What does this place do that the Brooklyn buildings could not do, or be modified to do at a fraction of the cost of the palace.

    But perhaps someone could help me…I thought that the scripture ‘honouring Jehovah with your valuable things’ applied to spiritual assets, such as ministry, time, learning, love of righteousness, love of each other….using the ‘talent’ you had been given. How can it apply to cash at the sums suggested or any cash at all when the scriptural admonition was that if you could, you should sell your possessions, give to the poor and go and preach the word, and added to that, the parable of the widows mite. Clearly the watchtower are not looking for mites, but $10,000 handouts, but even then, are not adverse to fleecing children of a taste of icecream. I can imagine that if a child was starving and found an ice cream to eat, that would suddenly be a gift from Jehovah, not an unnecessary luxury, the cost of which should be given to the governing body. Sigh….it is difficult enough to keep keep ones faith well stoked, without watching the organisation become so parasitic of all that is good and honourable.

    • Anderiega

      We can keep our faith stoked BECAUSE we see the organization becoming so parasitic! We see the prophetic signs unfolding! It is darkest just before dawn.

    • Tabitha

      That picture comes from the Charitable Planning brochure Burt, Robert put a link to it in his article above. I had the same shocked reaction as you and had to check it for myself, and for sure it is a society brochure that you can request from the Charitable Planning department ( there is even a department dedicated to it… The shock just goes on….it’s mind blowing! ) If all Kingdom halls are funded by their own congregations and the printing side of things has slowed to a trickle, what is all the money needed for?

      • Burt Reynolds

        Hello Tabitha, thanks for your note. It seems a deliberate act; that the have actually taken on the mantle of Christ and are steeping themselves in glory. I can’t understand it myself. Normally someone would stand up and object, or resign like brother Franz did, but they all seem cowed into going along with it. After all, the trial they imposed on brothers and sisters at bethel, to leave, go and find themselves work and a home, often when near retirement age, without reference or support -, this they are unwilling to impose on themselves. Worse, they couch it in terms of serving Jehovah. All though the issue of money is always repugnant (I think we all acknowledge that money is a necessity to support the preaching work), they seem to have surrounded themselves with it, with comfort, and reduced the preaching work to easy, flash television documentaries, where in their smarminess, they tell us that they ‘love you brothers’. They rob the voices of the witnesses by giving them carts to stand away from and hide, and just point the public to a computer to get answers. It’s like the Good Samaritan walking past the injured man, carrying the truth, the means to life in a satchel, thinking ‘well if he wants help he will ask’. Instead of going to people to jolt them into thinking, they passively stand by, thinking people know the way to salvation if they want it. Well the public don’t know where to go for it do they?

        So the watchtower, they have their luxury apartments, their food, their pontification on TV, their retirement home, their health care, their cars, chauffeurs, first class travel, suits, expensive watches and adulation…even staff to wait on them at table. Clearly though, they do not know that they have their reward…..or perhaps they do, and prefer it that way. It’s a madness.

  • Beverly kenyon

    Ask a witness why is the WT selling off its properties for profit and they will say things like so many are coming into the Truth they need the funds for building work across the world and the expansion of the printing side of the organisation. It was reported in the April issue of the Jamaica Gleaner how the Society sold off a large building…no doubt dedicated to Jehovah so it was gifted to him…..for the huge sum of 45 million dollars along with 4 other properties up for grabs. The reason given was because of High Overheads. Jamaica is a dirt poor country and those poor and I mean poor Brothers and Sisters would’ve had to dig deep to help buy those properties and I bet there would’ve been no ‘equaling’ for those poor witnesses, just being asked for more. The Man of Lawlessness has truly got a grip of them by appealing to their avarice, greedy nature. No wonder the King of Kings will say, Get away from me you Workers of Lawlessness. Yeah, Just do one!!

  • ELiJAHx7

    The “Rolex Watch-Tower” has forgotten Jesus words when he said to “Give Caesars things to Caesar and God’s things to God”….The watchtower isn’t giving anything, its all about what it can take and get for itself and its corporate fat cats….sounds like wall street smh…”You cannot slave for God and for riches, you must love one and hate the other”….Jesus will remind them of what he said, soon!

  • Anderiega

    Thank you brother King for the quote of the day. Could you include the specific month and page, only if it doesn’t make more work for you? Thanks. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • ewatchman

      Actually, a brother, an elder who enjoys researcher the old WT’s, sends me these quotes. I thought it would be fun to post them on the site. From now on I will include the page number and link to the PDF, as long as he keeps them coming.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Where are these quotes of the day? Are you referring to the above quote at the beginning of Roberts article, or am I missing something?

      • Anderiega

        Yep. Just that little quote from old watchtowers. November 26 is like a punch to the throat. Whoa!!

  • Burt Reynolds

    I don’t know about fat and smooth…..more like morbidly obese and obtuse!

  • DA

    new rules made with hedgefunds is you dont get any of your money back if you looz

  • DA

    “To be sure, though, the Governing Body actually has no legal say over how the corporation is run, since they no longer even sit on the Society’s board of directors. Accountants and lawyers are calling the shots. And it shows.” – jehovah-is-king.com/judgment




    key phrase – board of directors

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Tragically, the organization
    that boasts of itself as being the embodiment of “pure worship” has gone
    down the very same path as the leaders of God’s people in the ancient
    past. The end of the matter will surely be the same too. The sentence end of the mater is same too is really a sad thing but that is what is truth that is going to befall on God’s people. thanks Robert you have awakened me.

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