Episode #73

//Episode #73

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Question 1: Were/Are the 144,000 Virgins? Question 2: Who were those in “prison” who Jesus preached to during the three days of his death? What about the Gap Theory and dinosaurs? What about the 2013 New World Translation? What is the difference between everlasting life and immortality? And more! 


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  • Just keep swimming!

    What a nice treat…a podcast! Thank you. When listening to the podcasts I often think to myself : “what very interesting, cool questions.” Thank you people who ask your questions…it’s helped me to think in questions and thus dig for answers.

    And anyone who likes to throw around generalities by calling brother King a “governing body basher” will appreciate his comments regarding the 2013 revised edition of the nwt Bible. When I was first “waking up” I was even paranoid about which translation to read (I still enjoy the nwt), but I appreciate how it was stated: “there’s many ways to get across the same point.” Thanks for all your hard work brother King.

  • NWOBS9014

    Satan was conceded with himself long before Jehovah created Adam & Eve, So why would Jehovah assign Satan as oversee’er of the garden and Adam & Eve? Was it to draw out Satan’s intentions?

    • Just keep swimming!

      There is no scriptural record of Satan being conceited “long before Adam and Eve were created.” I think that is a presumption and an assumption. The potential and possibility was within the being now known as Satan, but it wasn’t until he saw Adam serving Jehovah that he became envious.

      • NWOBS9014

        Ezekiel 28:17

        Your heart was proud because of your beauty;

        you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor

        • Just keep swimming!

          Thank you. Good scripture. But this scripture doesn’t specify WHEN Satan became like this. But I think we can agree it’s a warning example for us to not become wise in our own eyes. Plus Jehovah doesn’t tempt us, do why would he have tempted Satan’s ego? James 1:13-15

          • NWOBS9014

            Thank you, My thought Is probably one I need to work on losing.

            • youre thinking though. thats a very good thing and what many in the truth are lacking in some areas. we just want to crosscheck and not let our imagination run wild. its good there is oneanother to remind each other.
              2-Peter 1:12

            • NWOBS9014

              It’s hard for me to imagine Satan came to be filled with pride within himself because of his splendorous beauty only after he was assigned the post to look over the garden and Adams needs.

  • T570

    Question..Something that was brought the up about Jesus being either Michael or Jesus.. If he is Michael the Archangel during the battle in heaven, throwing Satan and the Demons out and down to the earth..When or at what point does he becomes Jesus Christ the king? would this be after the battle?

  • Christian Obadiah

    A nearly hour long podcast! I’m going to LOVE this!

  • Oh okay, this was the comment box. Oops. Accidentally submitted to the other one. Good to see you back, Robert.

  • as far as extinction of animal creatures, i find these scriptures thought provoking – Lev ch11. Deu 14:3-20

    but what makes a fossils a fossil is being preserved by being coverd preserved in the dirt. virtually all evidence are fossiles dug up as if they drown. not all just falling over dead then slowly coverd in time as they rotted on top the ground.

    many called dinosaurs layed eggs but how was Noah to tell male from female by collecting eggs. i doubt all creaturs where saved on the ark. fossil evidence really suggest that. but if they were saved on the ark, what evidence is there that they were eaten?

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