Tuesday, October 7

You are a priest to time indefinite according to the manner of Melchizedek!—Ps.110:4.

During the reign of King David, Jehovah made two sworn promises for the benefit of all who obey him. First, he swore to David that his throne would last forever. (Ps. 89:35, 36; 132:11, 12) Second, Jehovah inspired David to foretell that, in time, a unique King would also serve as mankind’s High Priest. In Israel the kingship and priesthood were completely separate. The priests were from the tribe of Levi, and the kings were from the tribe of Judah. But concerning his illustrious future heir, David foretold that he would be both a king and a priest. In fulfillment of that prophecy, Jesus Christ, the promised Seed, now rules from heaven. Also, he serves as mankind’s High Priest by helping repentant ones to come into an acceptable relationship with God.—Heb. 7:21, 25, 26. w12 10/15 3:13, 14


The Watchtower always takes the opportunity to reinforce their 1914 delusion; hence, they state that Jesus Christ “now rules from heaven” in fulfillment of the prophecy.

But the prophecy being alluded to indicates that Jesus could not possibly have begun ruling 100 years ago. How can that be determined? Because on the occasion when Jehovah gives the kingdom to his Son he places all his enemies as a stool for his feet, meaning they are subjugated by him. But what evidence is there that the nations have been subjugated by Christ? And if the enemies of Jesus were subdued in 1914, why have the nations been allowed to continue to wage wars and plunder the poor and cause ruination on an even greater scale than before Jesus supposedly sat down on his throne? And how reasonable is it to believe that successive generations come and go during the time when all his enemies are made to be at his feet? It is not reasonable at all. It is not reasonable because it is not true. 

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