QUESTION: You have tweeted and had a few update videos about the deadly Ebola disease. Do you think this is part of the sign of  Jesus’ coming or just a continuation of what began in 1914? (Slightly edited)

ANSWER: As it stands presently Ebola is not a pandemic; however, it is spreading rapidly in West Africa. (Ebola spreading at “terrifying rate”) Some epidemiologists fear that the disease has already reached a point of critical mass, whereby it will go viral – global.

Whether or not Ebola becomes a global pestilence along the lines of the horrific Spanish Flu remains to be seen. But one thing is certain, the potential is there for it to do so, particularly among the so-called Third World peoples. 

The fulfillment of the prophecies involving “pestilences” and “deadly plague” has brought about immeasurable fear, misery, and loss of life. And according to the journal Microbes and Infection, “there is no reason to suppose that another pandemic will not occur at some future date. That this will happen, seems inevitable.” Awake 12/22/05

While the Watchtower Society may consider the spread of Ebola to be a continuation of the sign that began 100 years ago, that is simply not possible. In fact, to suppose that the sign of Christ unfolds over multiple generations is simply nonsense. It is easily demonstrable that the Watchtower’s 100-year parousia is nonsense when we consider the simple words of our Lord: “When you see all these things occurring…” 

Preceding this statement Jesus gave an illustration, saying: “Now learn this illustration from the fig tree: Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and sprouts its leaves, you know that summer is near.”

If Jesus’ illustration is to have any meaning at all, those disciples living when the first signs appear, analogous to the first buds of Spring emerging, must also be on hand to personally witness the full bloom of “summer.”

As it stands now, virtually none of Jehovah’s Witnesses were alive in 1914 and consequently, no one living has seen “all these things occurring.”

Of the utmost significance, the presently emerging Ebola pandemic is not occurring as an isolated incident, but is developing in conjunction within a confluence of a multiple developments, such as the maniacal Anglo-American drive to ignite world war, along with the certainty of a global financial crash that will by far dwarf the financial panic of 2008, thereby collapsing the real economy and triggering food shortages.

“All these things” — presently merely standing in the shadows — have the potential to erupt on a scale far exceeding what occurred a century ago. It is in that context that Ebola could be the means by which the apocalyptic horseman of Death contributes to the ghastly toll of a quarter of humankind being laid low in the immediate future.

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