Commentary on the Daily Text of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Saturday, October 28

Do not drink water any longer, but take a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent cases of sickness.—1 Tim. 5:23.

We do not live at a time when a fellow Christian can use “gifts of healing” to cure us. But some well-intentioned brothers give unsolicited health recommendations. Granted, someone might simply offer general, practical suggestions. Paul did so when Timothy was experiencing stomach problems, perhaps because the local water was polluted. That, however, is quite different from trying to persuade a fellow Witness to use some herb, remedy, or diet that may not be effective or in some cases may even be harmful. At times, some have tried to persuade others with an explanation: ‘My relative had a similar disease, and he took . . . Then he got well.’ No matter how sincere the suggestion, we do well to keep in mind that there may be risks even with widely used medications and treatments.

It is amazing that Jehovah’s Witnesses put up with the Governing Body telling them what to do or not to do in areas such as health. It is encouraging that obviously some JW’s do not obey the dictators of Sodom, which is evidenced by the fact that the Masters have to continually train the learners. (By the way, in masonry the masters of the craft refer to the underlings as “learners.”)

As far back as the 80’s the WT has been reprimanding  Jehovah’s Witnesses who may try to help their brothers and sisters by giving them “unsolicited” health advice. It is not enough to allow individuals to decide for themselves. After all, if someone gives advice the person who is being advised can always say ‘no thanks.’ But no. The Masters are compelled to rebuke the well-meaning dispenser of health advice.

While on the one hand the WT says such advice may not help and may even be harmful, are there any instances where someone’s health recommendation has helped? No doubt there have been many instances.

Personally, I have been into health foods, herbs and holistic medicine for many years. And contrary to the dictates of the Masters in the Tower I have freely dispensed advice and it has been well-received. On a couple of occasions back in the early 90’s I helped two brothers who had been diagnosed with cancer. They made dietary changes and took some herbs and became cancer free. But the Watchtower is not interested in that. They want control. It is all about controlling your life and behavior.

The hypocrisy of the WT is staggering, considering the fact that growing numbers of Jehovah’s Witnesses use all sorts of prescription drugs for depression, pain relief and everything else. A large percentage of the general population is on various drugs and Jehovah’s Witnesses are no different. And as we all know, drugs are oftentimes ineffective and come with many unwanted, even dangerous side effects. But would the Watchtower rebuke Jehovah’s Witnesses for advising a brother or sister to go see a doctor and get a script for what ails them? Of course not, but by suppressing alternative health the Watchtower is endorsing the pharmaceutical culture that has come to dominate the Western world. Who knows, maybe Bethel’s hedge fund is invested in big pharma. 

Not only that, but the Golden Age magazine that the Watchtower used to print published all kinds of health advice. They were even in the forefront of pointing out the dangers of aluminum cookware, which some now link to the growing epidemic of Alzheimers; the Golden Age was also opposed to the controversial practice of vaccinations. For a sample, check out this Golden Age magazine from 1930 (PDF) with an article on vaccination.

I am not saying the WT should have been publishing health advice –not at all, just that it is hypocritical for them to deny their past and suppress the very thing they once promoted, thereby endorsing modern medicine as the only alternative. 

The irony is, as this system goes into full blown collapse —as the horses of the Apocalypse are unleashed —bringing with them pestilence and global pandemics, the hospital system may be overwhelmed or shut down altogether. Prescription drugs may not be so freely available either. Or worse, antibiotics may not work. Already there are superbugs that have developed an immunity to virtually all known antibiotics. Then what?

Then, alternative medicines —the cursed herbs that Jehovah provided for the benefit of mankind —may be the only alternative. During the time of the end it is the Watchtower’s suppression of knowledge and their injunction against friends dispensing alternative health advice that may prove to be dangerous, even deadly.

In the spirit of giving out advice in defiance of the Masters, check out the amazing antimicrobial properties of garlic.

Actually, the 2005 AWAKE! ran an article on the amazing benefits of garlic. But apparently they do not consider that they are persuading their readers to use it as an alternative to drugs.

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