You must drink it!

//You must drink it!

Commentary on the Daily Text of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Monday, November 27

The naive person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step.—Prov. 14:15.

Sadly, in this greedy world, there are those who seize on people’s illness as an opportunity to make money. Other individuals or companies stress the use of products that are high-priced in order to make large profits. To a sick person who desperately seeks relief or a way to stay alive longer, these “cures” may seem appealing. “The shrewd one” will be particularly cautious if the “word,” or recommendation, comes from someone whose qualifications are questionable. “The shrewd one” might reason: ‘He says that this vitamin, herb, or diet supposedly helped someone, but are there adequate witnesses to establish the matter? People differ. Is there valid reason to trust that it will help me? Should I do more research or even consult with some who are known to be trained or qualified in this field?’

You would think that having influence over several million people the Watchtower would be content to confine itself to spiritual matters. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Instead, for some reason –probably just because it can –the Governing Body wants to insert itself into the private lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to control their health choices and dissuade them from using or recommending alternative health products.

Apparently the Watchtower wishes that all of those under its influence should subject themselves to the questionable, conventional drug and surgery “cures” of Western medicine, as if there is no alternative. What expertise or special knowledge does the Governing Body or their helpers have in the field of health? None that I am aware of. The shrewd JW will, therefore, be cautious when considering the Watchtower’s medical advice.

The Governing Body, or whoever writes this stuff, is evidently oblivious to the contradiction; but the reason more and more people are seeking out alternative healing modalities is because of the ineffectiveness and the astronomical costs of so-called conventional health care. However, the Watchtower implies that the greedy profit seekers are vitamin and herb companies. What a joke. Evidently Bethel doesn’t keep up with the news about giant pharmaceutical companies reaping billions in profits from selling over-priced drugs to people who are desperate for a cure.

How many millions have died from drug interactions and side effects? How many millions have died after subjecting themselves to conventional chemo and surgery? No doubt many millions. Still, the Watchtower does not wish to see you seek out alternative health remedies. And they simply cannot mind their own business and let you mind yours.

Sadly, there is no therapy of any kind that can heal the Watchtower of its hypocrisy. Jehovah knows. That is why he inspired Jeremiah to record his diagnosis, stating: “There is no cure for your breakdown. Your wound is incurable. There is no one to plead your cause, no means of healing your ulcer. There is no cure for you.” —Jeremiah 30:12-13

The only remedy is drinking Jehovah’s bitter potion. God demands it of them. Jehovah is going to hand them the cup of his rage that is going to make their heads spin until they puke. The 25th chapter of Jeremiah explains: “And you must say to them, ‘This is what Jehovah of armies, the God of Israel, says: “Drink and get drunk and vomit and fall so that you cannot get up because of the sword that I am sending among you.” And if they refuse to take the cup out of your hand to drink, say to them, ‘This is what Jehovah of armies says: “You must drink it! For look! if I am bringing calamity first on the city that bears my name, should you go unpunished?”’

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  • into the light

    Maybe some search for WT owning stocks in big pharma is in order? I believe if this is the case that they might be obliged to promote their ideology in the same way they promoted UN during the period when they were members. Just a thought…

    • Paul H

      If you do a google search on Henrietta M Riley Trust 33B006006 you can download the official Form 990 IRS documents from the Economic Research Institute. All non-profit and religious organizations must fill in this tax form every year in the U.S.

      If you download the pdf form of 2013, you can see on page 29 that the Watchtower in
      2013 owned stocks in many companies such as Monsanto as well as Pfizer Inc. All
      money made with this stock portfolio is directly transferred to the owner and
      only beneficiary of this trust fund: the Watchtower. The former owner of this
      stock portfolio (Henrietta M. Riley) died in 1945 making the WT the only legal
      owner of these stocks.

      • into the light

        I knew of this fund from before. Some stocks listed for 2015 include Lockheed Martin, a company involved in creating weapons, and Lionsgate Entertainment and Netflix, which, if we look at it honestly, can be said to promote spiritism… smh 😒.

        • Nigel

          Unbelievable! Owning stocks in weapons manufacturers & the TV/Movie industry!!?? Wow.

          • Daisy

            Movies involving pornography?

            • into the light

              Um that might be stretching it too far, though. I doubt pornographic companies would be on stock exchange anyway…

            • Daisy

              I don’t know anything about the stock markets ITL nor do I know how much the GB knows about the WtCorp’s top dogs running god’s earthly organisation and their involvement with said stocks and shares.
              I do know, however, that I’ve seen documented evidence of an involvement with a well known film company and actually seen clips of film, whilst not portraying the full Monty, but getting as close as damn it.
              Also know there are a few anti jw nutters out there but what I came across on the net revealed strong evidence that near the knuckle pornography was alive and well and fell within this film company’s remit… If that makes sense…just wish I could remember the name of the site exposing this information…can’t at the moment…sorry.

            • into the light

              It’s fine. I was just saying that I doubt they would own stocks of companies that produce pornography outright. But I know that most Hollywood studios work in promoting this system and majority of movies they produce endorse immorality, spiritism, greed and such.

            • Daisy

              Yes yes! You are absolutely right and I can’t believe that I’ve remembered the film company wtc was ‘involved’ with WAS Lionsgate and included in the film clips were films starring Jason Statham , involving , therefore endorsing , murder, extreme violence, revenge, spiritism and naked ‘love’ scenes. They were ghastly portrayals of the worse humans you could imagine. Unbelievably cruel.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Lockheed are not just involved, they are the world leaders in weaponry.

      • Simpletruth

        The Watchtower owns stocks??? Oh man this is too crazy!!

        • into the light

          Oh and when you see which ones it gets crazier. It just saddens me that they are so entangled in this wicked system’s schemes while at the same time they preach holiness and demand for themselves devotion which belongs to Jehovah

          • Simpletruth

            I am going to have to look that up. Yes it is truly sad. The brothers and sisters are going to be devastated when the truth is finally revealed to them.

        • Island Breeze

          The rabbit hole is very very deep.

          • Simpletruth


      • The WT didn’t go out and buy a stock portfolio. Henrietta Riley set up a trust with the WT as a beneficiary. Still, you would think the faithful and discreet would do something to remove the stumbling block. I guess the dividends are just too tempting.

        • Paul H

          Still i think its kind of suspicious that at some point (long after mrs. Riley died) someone for example decided to sell off the Philip Morris (Marlboro) stocks, right around the period when Philip Morris got a lot of negative media attention from lots of people who sued them because they got lung cancer. Apparently someone thought that it would be better to sell off those stocks before the masses would find out.

          Other than that, the WTS as its only beneficiary, receives an annual financial report which exactly specifies how much money has been made with whatever stocks in whatever companies. The WTS knew for many decades that they received money from Marlboro stocks, while on the other hand disfellowshipping many for smoking cigarettes. One could even be disfellowshipped for occasionally selling cigarettes in a supermarket as a cashier…

        • into the light

          Is It Wise to Invest in the Stock Market? — Awake!, October 8, 2000
          Also see Awake!, February 8, 1962, pages 21-3.

          Here is Henrietta’s grave stone, maybe someone could track down descendants and inquire what’s going on?

    • Simpletruth

      You are so on point here!

    • Nigel

      I was thinking that exact thing just as I read your comment. “Follow the money”…

    • The voice

      I was thinking the same

  • trudy
  • noname

    And doesn’t this harbor animosity between the brothers, “he” is probably many times someones own brother or sister in the congregation. And who better to listen to than someone who really cares for you.

  • Simpletruth

    Wait! What??? Is this taken from the daily text? I have never in my life seen such a ridiculous text in my life!!! They really must be on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies, as you said in a similar article Bro King. I can’t believe they have the audacity to imply that a bro or sister is not shrewd if they take alternative medicines. If they were going to argue for anything (and I’m not saying they should because this is an individual matter) they should be arguing in favor of alt medicine since, in general, natural meds come from the earth (ie: jehovah’s creation) and pharmaceutical drugs are man made straight out of the devil’s wicked system. Ugh! I am so disgusted by this…!

    • quiet down you ‘Learner’ and obey your ‘Masters’. (sarcasm)

      • Simpletruth

        LOL!! Oh don’t get me started on the whole learner thing!!! 🙂

  • maybe the Watchtower oracle will soon have another flash of devine light?

  • e.v.g

    I know a sister who had cancer and was healed with herbal medicine. When I read that sort of advice from the watchtower, something happens with my subconscious or whatever, I can’t understand the mesagge or something like that I don’t know, I mean, there’s no relation with spiritual matters I guess.

    • Eric

      I’ve read quite a bit about people curing cancer naturally. I’ve also read the research and mechanism behind the cure. Sure… there may be some liars in there… but the vast majority aren’t selling anything, but rather giving away knowledge.

  • Replace Dick Cheney with Stephen Lett and this video would be relevant

  • Yuri Fisher

    Hello there.
    You all are so surprised about WT comments. And you forgot who stands behind those bizarre comments. Is it not Man of Lawlessness. This Man operates in full force now within WT organization. Every time I see GB members I see Man of Lawlessness. They all under influence. Do not take too hard those comments. WT is spiritually sick. Just like in 1 century CE. God’s people were spiritually sick. Jesus came to heal sick. And also this time he will come to heal WT too. But we must stay spiritually healthy. By reading Bible and also reading true spiritual food from this site we will overcome this sickness of WT and will enter the promised new world.

    • Isaac of Coimbatore

      Yeah that’s true!

      • Yuri Fisher

        Hello Isaac
        I thank Robert King for opening our spiritual eyes. I love the Truth. And this you can find only in the Bible. But many dishonest persons use Bible to rule others. It was before it is also true now. WT leaders are very dishonest. For many years they use honest people like us to promote their lifestyle. Today WT leaders have nothing in common with the Truth Jesus talked about. I hope soon Jehovah will take action against WT leaders and all who support them. Then we will see true coming of Christ. Until then we all must wait on Jehovah to act. WT leaders will not change. They will be replaced by honest people.

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    In India India Stray Dogs Are a Menace. When a submission was made that such canines should be completely destroyed across the country. However the Supreme Court of India reacted sharply and said.“Stray dogs have a right to live,”
    A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and R Banumathi observed that though culling of stray dogs was permissible, there has to be a balance and a proper method for this. When one of the petitioners told the apex court that he wanted to “totally destroy” stray dogs across India, the bench said “nobody can destroy stray dogs in entirety. They also have a right to live”.
    So who is behind the justice to oppose the culling of stray dogs? It is the animal rights and for them the money is pumped by pharmaceuticals to oppose such petitioners who want to “totally destroy” stray dogs across India, so that they can make more business out of vaccines.

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